Apple Cider Vinegar Fasting Is Amazing (ACV Day 4&5)

my skin is clearer let me explain so I
have a lot of acne scarring and I noticed last night when I was editing
it’s smoothing out I’d my daughter and I did a video last night and it looked
smoother and then when I was putting on these neoprene pants the cellulite and
my thighs is less “rippley” I want you to hit that subscribe button
so you can hang out with me for a while alright I’m finally having breakfast
it’s just before 11:00 I’m doing the soy or not this way the almond yogurt
alternative by silk and then I’ve got my two hard-boiled eggs can you see that so
not gonna lie it’s a little monotonous but I’m glad that I had this because I
was in a super hurry this morning and if I hadn’t have prepped this meal I would
not be eating healthy right now I did do a Chia Bowl so I’ll have that tomorrow
which should give me a little more variety but I think the no prepping is
key and I’m gonna do a little more meal prepping tonight so I’ll have you guys
with me for that but it is what are we on day three so so far so good
all right so it’s a little after lunch I ate lunch late I would have showed you
guys but I was hungry and I forgot but I did tuna so I have I think about a third
pack of just the starkest and the Bausch with the water when I
looked it up on my fitness Pao it should be divided in three those three servings
in here so I tried to do that I added mushrooms and tomato that I brought from
home and I also had roasted broccoli from yesterday leftover so we’ve got to
do meal prep which we’ll do tonight I’m only doing now my second ACV I just
didn’t have time earlier it’s been a crazy day it did not add honey this time
because when I put in all of my calories I’m over on my sugar because of the
honey from this morning and the nan what does it call the yogurt alternative the
almond milk nan yogurt it was pretty high in sugar even though I’m adding the
berries with the fruit already mixed in it’s even higher so I’m still saving on
that I’ve also taken advantage of the stairs and I put turned on my Apple
watch exercise so I’ve been up and down some stairs so I’ve gotten some exercise
I’ll do a full workout tonight but it’s gonna be just a long day by the time we
do meal prep and exercise so trying to get in as much exercise as I can to get
to that 2,000 all right this is Thursday so I am on
day four of my apple cider vinegar challenge and I am up I’m getting
dressed I’m gonna go out and exercise I have on the waist trainer that my
daughter let me use the sweet sweat and then underneath that I have on the thin
neoprene pants which is like a chain ER for my whole lower half I’ve done lemon
water which I’m not gonna do the apple cider vinegar mix until I get back
because of the sugar I don’t want to break my fast I want to take advantage
of that while I’m exercising and hopefully burn more calories so yeah I
am feeling excited about it I definitely have tons more energy this week I’m
usually a high-energy person anyway but I feel super productive yeah and my skin
is clearer let me explain so I have a lot of acne scarring and I noticed last
night when I was editing its smoothing out I’d my daughter and I did a video
last night and it looked smoother and then when I was putting on these
neoprene pants the cellulite and my thighs is less riply if that makes sense
I’ll try to get a picture later I think that’s the apple cider vinegar cuz
that’s really like I’m exercised before I’ve done all this other stuff before
this is like the first time that I’ve done apple cider vinegar for four days
straight so we will see I am looking forward I think I’m gonna weigh in on
Saturday that way I have a full five days of it cuz I was thinking I would do
it tomorrow but that’s Friday morning I wouldn’t have the whole benefit of like
Friday to go work out and weigh in on Saturday and do the pictures and see
like how well it did or if I’m imagining these benefits all right let me get out
of here cuz I have to get this workout in before I go to work all right I’ve
made it out to the pier the Harlem pier so far so good
I’ve been out for 30 minutes and I feel great I actually did a little bit of
Jacque in so yeah it’s great out here I just
wanted to let you know my progress I’m getting it in what have you done today
for your workout let me know down below whoa
what have you done today for your workout let me know down below talk to
you in a bit alright I’m back I’m Jim apple cider
vinegar mix I’ve got my water we do two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a little lemon and a little bit of the
organic honey which I’ve earned every ounce of that
sugar today I just did the water out of the filter because I’m quite wrong so I
don’t need any warm water that honey doesn’t dissolve when someone and then
I’m gonna finish off the what I did for meal prep in my breakfast so I did the chia seeds with the almond
milk sorry how about I’ve been sitting overnight that she is he I pumped up a
lot of almond milk so they’re nice and I’m just going to break up some of the
frozen strawberries my hands tell a lot of adrenaline so there we go so that’s like three
heaping teaspoons there so present they’ll be fired by the time I got to
work because there there was almond milk in there and then I’m going to scoop a
couple of the Barenaked crispy baked granola triple berry flavored across the
top and then put that back in the fridge I learned once I’m at the shower and
dressed for work I work I really have to go which I have that and then I also
have my boiled eggs that will be breakfast all right so I feel like our day is off
to a good start I’ve got all my meal prep to take for the day I’m gonna hop
in the shower get dressed for work and then we are going to ship boogie what a
great way to start the day how’d you start your day today let me know down
below talk to you later chia seed pudding is at the bottom with
the almond milk and chia seeds and then the two eggs that we boiled so I’m out
in Central Park I am in beast mode today like I have so much energy from I think
working out this morning maybe the food I was like I have to go for another walk
I have to go I’m doing a light walk because I was at work and it’s cool out
here I start on my sweater I think if I get warm I couldn’t take that off I
don’t want to go back all sweaty but yeah I’m like and I figured I do
have to weigh in tomorrow tomorrow is today is day five right because we
started actually on Sunday so today is day five so tomorrow’s the weigh-in
maybe that’s driving it – I’ll probably work out again when I get home I have to
be in work tomorrow early so I won’t be doing it then but yeah beast mode
that’s how I give it up y’all hey there all right I have been a busy
busy busy bee today and I am ready to sit down to dinner so I’ve done spinach
chicken apple and walnut with a light raspberry walnut vinaigrette on that so
it’s about 3 cups 3/4 cups of spinach it is 6 ounces of chicken breast a couple I
measure the walnuts but some question that and one small Granny Smith green
apple and then I have some seltzer water on the side so I am looking forward to
dinner it feels like it’s gonna be a lot of food even though I’ve measured it all
out and it’s not but I’m excited the chicken is what I mill prepped when I
did all the mill prep and then I had this vintage and already in the fridge
washed and cut up and then I cut up the Apple tonight so it was pretty easy to
make this I think I’ve done really well the last five days I’m anxious to see
what the scale says tomorrow although I was editing some and I did see my
backside looks a little wide but progress I think I’ve made progress so
we’ll see we’ll see tomorrow what are you guys
having for dinner let me know down below I will talk to you later bye hey you
made it to the expert I hope that you’ll subscribe just click over here and if
you want to catch up on my name is videos simply quicker B’s all right join
me tomorrow for food fitness and something really fabulously

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  1. Ashley Parker

    After the challenge, how do you continue to incorporate the apple cider vinegar?

    You mention a few times about exercising while in fasting. I may have missed this but why is this beneficial?

    Do you avoid the ACV during your fasting time as well?

    You've also mentioned using warm water to help dissolve the honey, do you find it benefits you otherwise?

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