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  1. theodoros zervas

    Hi Rachel. Today I woke up and after a while I made a Greek coffee. After that I got some practice by watching English videos on YouTube. Now I'm watching your videos and after that I'll be watching a series called ' The Sopranos '. 

    Could you please do me a favor? I noticed that you repeat parts of your conversation a lot of times(3 times) in order for us to understand the pronunciation, but for me sometimes I get tired of watching videos that have a lot of repeats. I'm fond of us as you are an excellent English teacher. Thank you for helping us (^_^) . I like your videos, but sometimes I get tired when videos have a lot of repeats.

  2. Richard Jensen

    The subject of shadowing came up recently in our group. I just posted this video as an alternative to shadowing. I think the learners will benefit greatly from your efforts. Thanks so much.. Our group is …

  3. Leandros Parker

    Just hearing isn´t enough to identify the words in the phrases when the speech is too fast unless you speak the language fluently what does not happen to those who are trying to obtain fluency. So, the written text is of great importance.

  4. Alexei Tsapaev

    hey Rachel! may i ask a question? When you said "wait" i heard it as something like "wit"? I am guessing that that was because of uprising intonation. Normally we would hear something like "WAIT" so i believe you kind of left the A part as the voice was rising and gave it anough emphasis on I so i could hear it as WIT. Could you elaborate on it please if you understand my question:)

  5. Leonor Bravo

    Yes why did she say /wit/ for wait /weit/. Is another way to pronounce this word and I didn't know it? or is there something wrong with my hearing?

  6. Braaah

    Rachel i can't concentrate and focus on the exercice you're too cute :). Thanks anyway for your vids you're helping me a lot for improving my english accent.

  7. Al_Oomda98

    . this is very amazing imitation video i have ever seen …….you are amazing and beautiful woman …and i hope to make another one soon ..please

  8. Jamila Chouaib

    Hello teacher I 'm new student in english ,I like learning english and speaking I church a method easyfor contain a learning english please

  9. Yi-Ming Huang

    I am listening an audiobook recently. There's a sentence:"There's hardly an automobile of any sort". I don't hear "an". Would you happen to know why?

  10. ibrahima OUATTARA

    Hi everybody
    if one of you would like to practice english with me , im available on skype : ibrail5
    or whatsApp/Viber :+22509475530

  11. English Teaching code

    hi rachel thank you very much you do such a good effort , it really helps us . but i have a question how did your friend pronounce this " so you just " l hear it like that "sidis" .. am i hear it in aright way ?

  12. deepak sonii

    After getting waking up i am like doing nothing except lying down on my bed, doing just internet, watching ur videos amd fooling around, and i will also go to look around some flats with my friend in a couple of hours, and then by the time it is 9 on the clock ill be get going to my office

  13. Vanessa Santos

    Hi, guys! I make some modified audios to practice with this technique. After making them I listen and repeat while driving, cooking, doing chores at home. That helps me to increase my speaking practice time. I also practice on Hello talk with native speakers and I encourage you to do the same I am looking for people to join me in audio editing and exchange files. Who is interested? Besides English I do it for Spanish, French and Italian. That's why I need help. I work with an audio of 5 to 8 minutes for week. Send me a message on facebook: or Hello Talk ht_vanessasan.97

  14. Daisy Birch

    Thank you!-great practice! I understand they shouldn't read too much, but …Can you redo it so my mom can read the subtitles? Maybe a little brighter color?

  15. Raj Chenreddy

    I woke up early morning and went for running for sometime. Came back to home and took shower and had some breakfast and went to office. In the first place I have looked into my mails and replied for them. I had a team meeting for 1 hour followed by today’s task. I have completed half of my work and went for lunch. After lunch had some coffee and concentrated on my work. I took few interviews for my team around 3 PM and then went for tea. I had a call with onsite team around 5 PM for about 1 hour and I have finished all my work return to home. Took some rest at home and watched few videos to learn English.


    Mam, thanks for your videos, for copying imitation technique, Who makes better performance in american accent in hollywood movies? and name of some movies please. I except your quick reply for your youtube student

  17. Asep Sahroni

    i woke up at 7 am, after that i am praying and berakfast before make an activity, at 9 am i am ready for activity, my firts activity is install wallpapers on my customer homes, it takes around 3 hours, so i were finished at 2 pm, one hour i used for take a rest. after that i get some execercise like a jogging in the jogging park, its look likes 1.5 hours . after that i back to my house to take a bath, and after that prepare for studying english conversation.

  18. Quang Nguyen

    I usually wake up at 4 AM and do exercise 30 minutes. Then I get in church for praying one hour. I study english about one hour before having breakfas. After that I go to my company.

  19. Mr Sharingan

    Today I woke up, ate my breakfast and went to class. I studied mathematics and mechanical engineering for 4 hours in total.Then, I went out to the city to buy some food and to have lunch, which was extremely delicious.After that, I went to pray and head over to school.I studied physics and translation for 4 hours as well and I went to eat my dinner.Then, I went back to my room and took some rest, I revised my physics lesson and did some exercises. After that, when it hit 23:00 , I revised French and now I'm watching some English imitation videos 🙂 .

  20. Marc Crea

    Well today… My day is quite boring i didn't go to work. I spent most of my hours lying on my couch and watching your videos and i really enjoyed it… Hey bdw u'r so cute… Love from India

  21. Mushtaq Furukh

    Great job👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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