Almond Flour Banana Bread, Lower Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Hi my name is Lisa.
Welcome to HomeMade Healthy. Today we’re going to make banana bread
with almond flour. So this is really great for those gluten free diets, low carb diets. It’s a good way to get something sweet without the carbs. So what we’re going to do is we’re gonna break 3 cage-free eggs into the mixer. I gotta tell you, I love my stand mixer. It’s the
best. It makes whipping really easy. Well, you don’t want to do that.
No harm no foul. Okay, now we put our whipping attachment on and you’re just gonna beat these for a
couple minutes to get them frothy. Okay next, turn off the mixer Lisa. Next we’re going to add in are mashed
bananas. So what I like to do is,
as bananas get brown and we don’t eat them all, I take the skin off and put
them in the freezer. Then whenever I’m ready to make a recipe,
I just take about and let them thaw. You just want to mash them up
until they’re kind of soupy. They’ll get mixed in really well.
You poor that right in. Now bananas are naturally sweet.
We won’t need to add a whole lot sweetener with this recipe.
So we’re gonna add the rest of the wet ingredients.
Now coconut oil, as it gets cold hardens. So you wanna make
sure your eggs are at room temperature or you can warm up your coconut oil. My eggs are at room temperature. So we’re gonna add our 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 1 tablespoon of vanilla. 1/8 of a teaspoon of Kal stevia.
This is the stevia I use. It’s really good.
It’s not bitter. People who aren’t on a low carb diet or aren’t on a Paleolithic diet don’t
even know that it doesn’t real sugar. Okay so we’re gonna put all that in and
we’re just gonna, oh, but don’t forget or sour cream.
1/3 of a cup of sour cream. We’re just gonna mix this until its mixed well. Then we’ll just add in the other ingredients. Nothing too fancy with this.
Just make sure it gets nice and incorporated before we start adding in the dry ingredients. That’s pretty good. Okay next we’re going to add a half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt and 1 tablespoon of baking powder. 2 cups of almond flour.
I use Honeyville Farms. So yummy! This 5 pound bag is like thirty five dollars.
Which is much cheaper than if you try to buy at the grocery store or one
of the specialty stores. So we’re just gonna put in
our 2 cups of almond flour. We’re just gonna mix it slow it first to get it all incorporated.
Then we will speed up a little bit. Now I like to scrape down the sides. When you work with a mixer you know you
just don’t have to do that sometimes. Then I’m gonna add in, you can use walnuts, I really like I roasted salted pecans.
So I’ve chopped up some of those. About a half a cup. I’m gonna add those and in.
Then mix it one last time. Then we’ll be ready to go in the oven.
I have an 8 by 4 loaf pan. I find in the smaller size loaf pans
it doesn’t rise as much as traditional bread. So it makes it feel a little bit taller
when it’s a smaller pan. Alright it is ready to go in the oven. Those banana bits wanna stick. They’re pesky. Alright. Here’s what it looks like.
Yum! Smells good! (sing songy) Okay. just gonna pour it in the pan.
This is going to take about 45 minutes to an hour in the oven.
Depending on how fast your oven cooks. Just check on it. When you enter
a toothpick or a knife in the middle of it and it comes
out clean then it’s ready. You wanna preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Alright let’s get the last bit. This stuff is so good you
don’t wanna waste any of it. And the nice thing with
these recipes is that with this one you could use to make
pancakes. Instead of putting it in loaf pan right now you
could could just heat up the griddle. Or heat up a cast iron skillet and
make some pancakes with these. They would be good.
But this is my favorite banana bread recipe. Okay so once you have it in the pan,
you got your oven preheated, you’re gonna put it in for 45 minutes. It’s been about 45 minutes since we
put the banana bread in and it looks beautiful.
I can’t believe that doesn’t have any grain. Awesome. Okay you’re supposed to let it
cool but by now you guys know I’m not very patient.
I can’t wait. Look at that. Oh. I love banana bread. Alright we’re gonna take a little piece off the edge here and blow on it. So I don’t burn my tounge. Mmmm. It’s just like mom made. Slather some butter on that.
Happy camper. Thanks for watching HomeMade Healthy.

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Reader Comments

  1. HomeMade Healthy

    To be fair I changed it to "lower" carb. I also posted the nutrition info. It is 6 grams net carbs per slice. Traditional homemade banana bread is 49 per slice. This may not be appropriate for the induction phase of the Atkins program but one slice shouldn't knock you out of ketosis.
    Thanks for watching and engaging in the conversation!

  2. Molly A. Block

    I like how you stated these are "LOWER CARB" since they are def not low-carb.  My first thought was that bananas, esp very ripe ones, have more sugar in them than most any other fruit!  So then I saw you said LOWER carb and it made me smile.  🙂  Thank you for your great LC videos!  

  3. Stacee Lea A

    I love this recipe.. I am going to make it.. Since I have been on a low carb and gluten free diet, I have missed bananas so much, but this is still lower carbs..

  4. Rick Fernandez

    Did you stop making videos? I just found your channel and tried the biscuits, sausage gravy and the banana bread is in the oven and I see you haven't posted videos in awhile.

  5. Pooey

    I enjoyed watching you, you have a nice calming voice, not overly cheery/peppy, your recipes are practical and I'm going to go gather my ingredients right now. 🙂

  6. Pamela Kelly

    Thanks so much for sharing. Nice to know we can still enjoy a family favorite! Looking at the bread you couldn't tell it had a different flour either… Thanks for all the tips to you add into your videos…. Happy Baking….

  7. Jajang Zamil

    If anyone is interested in paleo diet the best success that ive ever had was by using the Paleo Secret Blueprint (just google it) definately the most helpful paleo resource that I have ever tried.

  8. Paula Uzuka

    Thank you so much for posting these recipes, I have been looking for dessert recipes using almond flour..looks great, hope to make it tonight

  9. Entrepreneurs United Pros

    Too sweeet to call it bread, but… as a cake would be great. Why people think they need to add sugar/stevia to bread? Bread shouldn't be sweet. Lovely recipe otherwise.

  10. aniccadance13

    And since when bananas are low carb.. have a look at the diet doctor website, bananas and grapes are the highest carb fruits..

  11. Jane B

    I made your Almond biscuits today. I didn't have any sour cream so I substituted soda water instead. They came out light and fluffy and wonderfully yummy. So now I will have to try your banana bread but will cook them in a muffin pan instead of a loaf tin.

  12. Susannah Thibodeaux

    OMG are using bananas and when they're really raped their extra sweet that means they have extra carbs I won't be watching your show anymore

  13. Pat Cavanaugh

    Lisa, what is the brand name of your stand mixer? I love kitchen appliances that make the job easier and quicker. Love your videos. You are so good at what you do. Thanks.

  14. Decor & DIY By Denise W

    I thought this was a great recipe to follow. So my bread is currently in the oven but it's not the consistency of yours. We're vegan, so I used flax eggs & vegan sour cream. It was very thick, I triple checked the ingredients. I added some almond milk. Fingers crossed to see how this will turn out.

  15. Aby

    Delicious. Saved and will definitely make it.
    Don’t understand why ingredients are not ready (like the eggs) making the process longer than what it really is… 🙂

  16. Juan Manuel Pintor

    Are there any almond flour substitutes I could use? I live in Argentina and almond flour is so expensive here, about 3 US Dollars per cup (with a min salary of 250US dollars per month that's a lot).

  17. Dee Elo

    Yes I am pretty sure we r to avoid bananas on KETO but maybe we could do this recipe w berries. What do u think???? Would u try that for us? Thank u

  18. Alena Janova

    Hi..I've tried this bread 3x and I bake it for 1 and a half hour and it still comes out wet inside? What am I going wrong? I tried bake and convection luck. I use the same pan as you did. 😕

  19. Rufus Cusack

    Could I substitute out coconut flour instead of the almond flour? I know its very difficult to work with in recipes but, I have a ton of it & trying to find lo-carb recipes to use it. ALSO, I completely understand ur use of bananas. Not everyone in my house is keto/lo carb AND I still buy them 4 them BUT they are lower carb prebiotics when they are still green & that's when I eat them. However, they go super-RIPE within a day so, I freeze mine also! Hopefully, I'll have some success & less wasted bananas, with ur recipe. Thank u for the vid & ideas!

  20. Moet Caccitore

    Thank you for the video ! Made these yesterday. Excellent results. Very tasty and moist. I used 3 very ripe bananas and a table spoon of agave syrup for sweetener. Other than that, I followed the recipe.

  21. Eileen McConnell

    DELICIOUS! 💗 I had about a cup of blueberries I needed to use up so I added them to the batter as well. I love this recipe…and my friends 2 Macaws and 2 cockatiel ate their pieces up. 😊
    I'm going back for seconds 💛

  22. Raymond Mendoza

    Homemade Healthy I love banana nut bread. Just saw Ur recipe on YouTube and I made it just put it in the oven. Can not wait for a taste. Thanks rjm

  23. Marie Lino

    The best low carb banana bread I have ever made 😉 with some sugar free chocolate chips it’s a bomb 🤪 Thanks for this recipe 😘

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