Alan Wong, MD, an endocrinologist with The Everett Clinic talks about the Mediterranean diet.

A lot of our patients come to us and ask, “Well, what is the best diet that I should be on.” and I usually say
around here a good diet is The Mediterranean Diet. Basically, it is a plant-based diet where there’s a concentration on fruits and vegetables but also things
like whole grains, legumes, beans, also in terms of meat, something like fish. I recommend wild fish, wild salmon. Chicken works also. For of you out there who are red meat eaters and can’t totally give that up try to obtain grass-fed beef. There are
recent studies that suggest that it is an effective diet in helping patients control their blood sugars and can perhaps reduce the doses and the need for medications. It may reduce the risk of heart attacks. If you’re watching the calories, it may also help with weight reduction. It isn’t something that
you have to pay somebody for. It’s not a short term kinda diet for
weight loss, but it’s something that if you’re willing to be dedicated to a
lifestyle change, meaning an increase in activity or regular
exercise, it can be very effective in keeping people healthy and it’s a very
practical diet.

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