– What’s up guys, it’s Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog. Today I’m gonna be showing you guys a full day of eating for me and normally what I’m eating depends on what I’m gonna be working out that day
so I’m gonna be showing you guys a shoulder workout for the day but first, let’s move on to breakfast. Alright so for breakfast, let
me whip that up real quick. There we go. Some good old fashioned water. Doesn’t gotta be this
water, could be any water. But for the mornings I
normally skip breakfast, definitely hydrate. I try to do some high
intensity cardio based style warm ups for the day,
just to empty out that tank, completely burn off the leftover calories that I had from eating from the day before so I can increase my metabolism and burn those off in the morning. What I like to do is start
each day with an empty tank so at the beginning as soon as I wake up, I try to burn out whatever was
left in from the day before and I find that to be
the most efficient way to be burning fast every
single day and still simultaneously building lean muscle and if you really wanna get
the most out of your training and nutrition start as soon as you wake up in the morning. So instead of going for that big breakfast of energy in the morning, cereal and milk, pancakes, orange juice
and all that good stuff. We’re gonna skip that
and use our fat stored cells as energy to start
burning off some fat and start putting your
body from the beginning into fat burning mode. So I just finished my
skateboarding cardio session this morning. Just about finished some breakfast, now I’m gonna show you guys the workout to supplement my breakfast. Like is said before, how
and what I eat depends on what I’m working out for the day. So there’s different types of combinations of training and nutrition
depending on what your fitness goals are or even depending on your fitness styles. Some people bulk up in phases
and then cut down in phases. I like to stay lean year
round, focus on my strength and power and slowly build solid muscle. So today I’m gonna show
you guys my shoulder workout for the day. Let’s get it. So the last time I ate was
last night around ten pm, I had salmon, broccoli and sweet potato. My first meal of today
is gonna be about two pm, that’s about 15, 16
hours in between my last and my first meal, I’m
sure a lot of you guys have heard of intermittent fasting before. Intermittent fasting
is when you’re fasting for an interval of time,
normally around 15 hours from your last meal to your first meal and there are a lot of
benefits that go with it but I’ll rather have you guys go ahead and search it up yourself. Intermittent fasting, go
ahead and look that up, you’re gonna see a lot of benefits to it and a lot of research to back that up. And one of the things that
I like about it as well is that when you’re in fasting mode, your body is in a fat burning state and you’re constantly burning calories. Your mind is in a heightened state, back when we were primitive beings, when we were hungry we would go and hunt and when we were hunting,
we needed to be extremely focused to be able to catch our prey so our natural instinct is
to go back into this survival mode when we’re fasting. So there’s another benefit of fasting, now each day I fast for
different periods of time, depending on what I’m gonna
be working on that day. If I’m focusing on heavy lifts for the day I’m probably gonna shorten my fast time and I’m probably gonna be
eating a lot more carbs. Of course they’re gonna be healthy carbs, something like sweet potatoes,
cauliflower, broccoli, stuff like that. If I plan on having a fat burning day, well then I’m probably
not gonna eat as many carbs if any carbs at
all so I can be using my fat storage cells as
energy like I had mentioned at the beginning of the video. And for something like
this, I’ll eat a really good meal right after my
workout so let me finish my breakfast real quick. And let’s get started
with today’s workout. Alright let’s go ahead and start this. Add workout, we’re gonna create our own, let’s name it shoulder builder. It’s gonna be a little bit of everything. Alright let’s go into a rep building and I’m gonna make this
for intermediates out there so even if you’re a beginner or advanced, this is still gonna be a
great workout for you guys. Let’s go ahead and start this. For that warm up, we’re
gonna go ahead and go into one arm assisted pull ups. I’m gonna be doing one arm pull ups but I put one arm assisted pull
ups for everybody out there, still trying to get those
right there and we’re gonna go for four reps, three sets. Let’s move on to round one. So for round one, I’m gonna
do handstand to full planche, I’m gonna put in tuck
planche, press to handstand because this is the progression, if you guys wanna learn
how to do that move. The next move I wanna add
is a weighted exercise, we’re gonna go for military press. We’re gonna do it with a barbell. So this is a pretty tough move so guys, don’t go crazy on the weights right there, it’s really all about doing it right and squeezing as hard as you can. We’re gonna be making
a solid, well rounded shoulder workout, hitting
our frontal delts, side delts and rear delts so the next move after these military
presses, let’s go into full planche push ups but
I’m gonna give you guys a tucked planche push ups. For the next exercise we’re gonna go into handstand to 90 degree push up, I’m gonna give you guys
the 90 degree hold. Alright, next we’re gonna
go into rear delt flys. Let’s do 12 of those and
then we’re gonna finish off with handstand push ups, let’s do it. And I’ll give you guys
the ones against the wall, make sure you practice it both ways, facing the wall and against the wall. We’re gonna put that one for 10 reps and that’s gonna be the
routine right there, guys. So I’m gonna go ahead, save that workout, I’m gonna post it right now you guys, should be able to get it so
open up your Herio Pro app and let’s do this workout together. Alright so we’re gonna get
this shoulder workout started, let’s go ahead start that workout. We got the timer going
and the first exercise is gonna be one arm assisted pull ups. I’m gonna go hit the one
arm pull ups for each arm. (light music) Oh, alright. Now we’re getting warmed up. Alright so for the next exercise, we have handstands, full planche. Alright so we’re gonna be finishing up with one arm assisted pull
ups, including how many reps you did, we’re gonna move onto round one. For you guys it’s gonna be tuck, planche press to handstand. Alright five reps. You guys don’t know what that looks like, go ahead and click on the move and you guys will be able to see exactly what that looks like. Just like that. So that’s what you guys wanna go for. Alrighty and this is a great progression, in doing the real handstand, full planche, which is what I’ll show
you guys right now. Alright so you guys should’ve been doing tuck planche, press to handstand and I was doing handstand to full planche. And moving on we have military
press with the barbells, let’s get it. Alright we’re gonna go for 10 reps, I love incorporating weights,
especially right after a heavy, heavy intense
calisthenics exercise so let’s go right into this move, guys. (dramatic music) Oh! That is like deadly after
those other progressions. Alright so let’s move
onto the next exercise, next we’re gonna be
moving on, tuck, planche, push ups for five reps, that’s
what I want you guys to do, I’m gonna be doing full planche push ups. Let’s get right to work. (light music) Next move we have is 90 degree hold, let me show you guys what that looks like. (light music) Oh, alright, little hold right there. So we’re almost done with this routine. Next we have rear delt flys and then we’re gonna finish
off with handstand push ups. Let’s go right into those rear delt flys. (light music) Alright, so we’re gonna
end this routine right now. We’re gonna finish off
with good old fashioned handstand push ups for
that shoulder builder. You wanna go ahead and input that, input every single
exercise because this is all valuable information
that you’re gonna have in your workout history
so you can keep track on all the workouts you’ve been doing, the muscle groups you’ve been working on and the gains you have been making, alright guys, so now we
have handstand push ups. You guys are gonna be
doing it against the wall, make sue you do it on both sides, facing the wall as well
as away from the wall. I’m gonna be doing em right
here, let’s get to work. (dramatic music) Hey! Alright, so they’re the last
exercises of the workout. Let’s go ahead plug that in real quick. That’s gonna complete
round one so I’m gonna go ahead finish up this
routine, I’ll catch you guys back around 2:30 pm,
I’m gonna show you guys what I’m gonna be eating for lunch. Alright so it’s about two o’clock, let me show you guys what
we’re gonna be eating for lunch today. We have ground turkey, garbanzo beans, red beans, tomatoes,
spinach and some mushrooms. Now like I said at the
beginning of this video, what I eat is always catered
upon my workout regimen so today we had a shoulder workout, so this meal is based off
of my shoulder workout. Like I had mentioned
before, I do carb cycling, what that is is I’ll
have a full day of carbs, day one, I’ll have a half day of carbs, the next day and then I’ll have try to eat little to no carbs on the third day and I basically just cycle that. So the days that I don’t
eat carbs, eat half carbs and eat carbs the whole
day depends on what type of workout I’m gonna be doing that day. For example, if I’m lifting super heavy, doing small reps, heavy
lifts, such as dead lift weighted pull ups, weighted
dips, stuff like that, then I’ll probably have
more carbs in here, something like sweet potatoes
to give me more energy for those heavier lifts. Something like today, as you can see, I have some carbs in here. I got garbanzo beans, red beans, so forth and today was a shredding day for me, I was trying to just do all fat burning, or trying to do some abs type of routine, then I would be eating
little to no carbs at all. I would try to be using
as much fat storage cells as energy that day so I could burn as much fat as possible ’cause that’s the goal of those fat burning days,
which is why on my fat burning days, I’m gonna
have little to no carbs, skip right out on all
those carbs and go straight to burning some fat so today,
we’re gonna be eating this and I’ll show you guys what I’m gonna be eating later on tonight. Alright so I’m right
about to eat dinner, guys. Check this out. We have steak, chicken, brown
rice, onions and zucchini and this is what I’m gonna
be having for dinner today and if I’m still hungry,
I’m not even gonna lie, I like to have Greek yogurt at night because this has casing
in it, which is a slow releasing protein that
is gonna be great for while you’re sleeping so
while you guys are sleeping you’re gonna be able to be
still getting some nutrients, getting some protein
in there and of course, when you’re sleeping
is when you’re building the most muscle, guys. Also, great for muscle recovery. This is delicious, guys, I’m
gonna get right into this. Alright so that’s the
vlog for today, guys. I’m gonna go ahead and get dinner started. Thank you guys so much
for watching, definitely leave down in the comments section below what you want the next vlog to be about and we are gonna be doing workshops all around North America
and Canada so check that out and I’ll see you guys
next Thursday two pm, Eastern time, mad love, peace out. (dramatic music) Smash that like button, guys.

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  1. Xerathiel vi Darquise

    Do you sometimes feel hungry from the fasting? Like suddenly having a crave for alot of food. Ot is yout bidy already used to this way of eating /fasting.

  2. JoeLoe

    Yeah sorry but you can’t skip breakfast. Just ask any athlete. But in your case I guess you’re not really an athlete just a body builds r


    I’m very open-minded, and there are a lot of things I accept and have become used to that I didn’t initially. But one thing I’ll never get used to is the total neck tattoo. It absolutely RUINS a person, especially an attractive guy like Chris. It’s ALL you see when they’re in front of you, and they look like they’re wearing a giant choker.

  4. shark boi

    there's this boy in my class and he's so rripped now guys i'm telling you he used to be that flabby round kid but all hell came loose when he started to transform later in 2018 and now he really has turned 180 degrees be looking like our damn fine chris over here. i swear he must be watching your vids, chris cuz he can do multiple push ups with claps now i'm evoked

  5. M J

    Since most of you people do whatever everyone else is doing, learn from this guy's mistake of tattooing his neck. It looks terrible! The ink is too dark, and it makes it look like his head is suspended above his shoulders! 😂🤣 His face is a clean slate, and then he has all that dark ink on his neck.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Irje Jcm

    People commenting "why is he so attractive" , the answer to this are as follows :
    Look at this fcking abs
    Holy muscles his arms
    Superhuman strength
    Your most probably a girl or a boi who turned into gay after seeing him !

  7. Irje Jcm

    I think rather than having water in breakfast the dumbbell in the thumbnail looks a lot tastier

    Me at restaurants : "can I have freshly prepared dumbbells ?"

  8. Dexter

    Cool training, but I highly recommend to only eat the much more healthier proteins from plants.
    Dead animals and animal products with pus, antibiotics, hormones and blood are bad for us, the innocent animals who want to live in freedom like us and it's critical for the whole planet, climate and all humans, especially for the next generations like our children.
    We can grow muscles, get shredded etc. just with plants with a much lower risk of getting seriously ill in the next 10, 20, 30 years.
    We really don't need animal products these days. We are not in the middle ages anymore. We, the science knows better now. We have more than enough proof and reasons now. We don't have to eat animals and destroy our planet and ourselves.
    75% of all humans worldwide are lactose intolerant. Is anybody really still wondering why?!
    And that's just one of many examples.
    btw: Some of the strongest animals are plant eaters like the gorilla or the elephant. 😉




  9. Edwin Gonzalez

    U gays may not believe me im 12 and i am doing it . im looking out to my future and thanks for the workout. 😎👍✌💪🙏

  10. Roman FAN.

    Chris : wakes up early drinks water and burn fat.
    Me: wakes up in the evening order pizza play video games then sleep again.

  11. Lincoln Braszell

    These videos just randomly popped into my recommended. Now I’m inspired to start training. Also got both Thenx app and Chris’s app

  12. Debbie Mastro

    There were like barely two meals. So not a wwhhoollleee day of eating. Doesn't just having two big meals a day lower your metabolism? I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor, just what I've heard

  13. guitarralaraja

    Chris. How about energy to make that morning cardio? I guess what you tell is 100% true but ive always wondered if you feel more tired for not having eaten anything. Regards from Chile

  14. xo xo

    I'm absolutely here for the training and exercise but i cannot lie and say i did not squeal when Chris took off his shirt because i sure as hell did lmaooooooooooo

  15. Caroline Pate

    You are an awesome inspiration….with over 3 mil. Subscribers, can you please not use single use plastic waters bottles. Just like being a role model for a fit and healthy life, imagine how much you can set an example to not use so much plastic. Have custom water bottles and fill from a big jug or filtered source

  16. Eric CPT

    I respect your hustle and I think you genuinely want to help people. I think your confusing people with your diet info though. Weight loss is calories in vs. calories out. Intermittent fasting and carb cycling don’t lead to weight loss if the person eats too many calories so really they are just dieting strategies that can be confusing and hard for your followers to stick to long term so they can see results. Just eat in a calorie deficit every day and eat mostly healthy food. That’s all you have to do.

  17. Craig Kinnon

    can anyone tell me how much protein a day i should have. I am a vegetarian so all protein crap i can have is protein bars or like that protein cereal stuff

  18. Alex Robles

    I cant even try this cuz my mom would beat the shit out of me if i dont eat the food she cooks, and everytime she had see me working out she thinks that im gay

  19. Lamar Diggs

    Just downloaded your app, love it! And I love how you’re not cocky like some guys on YouTube. Thanks for the video 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  20. dididididid

    I knew it, listen to your body guys. I've always hated breakfast and would always have to force myself to eat something in the morning, because so many people have told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now I see this dude saying skip breakfast and I was like hell yeah lol

  21. The art of competition

    lol im the opposite i eat a massive breakfast … then a big cup of coffee or a monster energy drink then hit the gym with tons of energy 🙂

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    Wish I had started training like this instead of equipment based weight training, it's a completely different kind of discipline that's so much more impressive and self satisfying to complete the workout, been using your videos to transition and they have been so much help, keep it up dude!

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    It’s crazy to think you have so many haters out in this social world when all I see is you trying to spread some nutritional advice from your perspective 👌🏽👌🏽 me as a retired vet who had a torn Achilles and ACL get fired up from watching all these killer workout keep it up my guy #energy

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