A Day in the Life Of A 10-Year-Old in Ancient Britain – Hands on History – BBC

We’re moving to our new house today yeet We there yet, [haha] wearing [we’re] [ere] yet. It’s the late stone age. We’re moving up river to our winter camp We follow the seasons and the food as well It takes all ready to move so mum and dad have got me up, holy. Huh otter wakey-wakey My name is otter we get called after things in nature It could have been worse just ask my sister Bird poop we are hunter-Gatherers gathering is okay? Did I like the hunting bit the best I’ve been able to catch small animals and [skinned] them since I was five oh? Sorry, dad. [I] haven’t quite got the hang of hunting the really big stuff yet This is our cooker. It’s a special stone. We heat it up pulling water and make steam We always go upriver in this boat dad carved it out of a tree Bye, bye summer camp. [oh] we have to go at this time because we’re on the river 7 and it’s famous for Oh there, go shopper Here’s the winter Camp well cut some turns out of the ground tomorrow and cover it properly pity will off the food for supper Hey, look what the [pooh], but when she landed in the ever daddy. [let’s] get the big stone going We’re here. Let’s get pizza. What do you want on your zarek crabs legs in heels, please? Oh? Sorry, I was miles away Take a trip back in time and find out how history is shaped. [where] you [live] go [to] BBC daugherty uk? history to find out how

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