We’re going live in 3, 2, and 1. And hey, hey, hey, everybody. Shaun Hadsall here, the
owner of Get Lean in 12 and stubborn fat expert for
people over 35 years old. And we are going live here
on Facebook to talk about one of the hottest topics in
the weight loss community in today’s day and age. And that is
intermittent fasting. So if you’re over
35 years old, you’re in your 40s, 50s,
or 60s, stop by. Say hi. Drop a comment below. Let us know where you are from,
because inside this live video, I’m going to talk
about how to customize your very own intermittent
fasting plan to quickly lose belly fat. And I’m going to show you how
to combine intermittent fasting with a 12-minute
metabolic protocol that I’ve created and refined
that is specifically designed to help people over
35 years old re-active declining fat loss hormones
and quickly lose belly fat in only 12 minutes per day. So by the time you’re done
watching this video today, I want you to do me a favor. I want to share this and like
this if you get something out of it, because I’m going to show
you exactly how to customize your own intermittent
fasting plan and how to get great
results and quickly lose belly fat in just
12 minutes per day. So first of all, I consider
this the number one diet for summer of 2017, because by
using an intermittent fasting protocol, that’s one of the best
ways to be able to stay lean or actually lose belly
fat during the summer when we want to indulge. We have barbecues, right? We have graduation parties. We have vacations. We have hot days. We want to drink more. We want to eat more. Intermittent fasting is
one of the best things that you can use to be able to
have more leeway in your diet during the summer, to be
able to eat little bit more and drink a little bit more
and still get great results. And Karen and I
have proved this. I’ve been doing intermittent
fasting for over five years now. And using intermittent
fasting in conjunction with my 12-minute
metabolic protocols, I’ve been able to maintain
around 10% body fat or lower. So I keep my abs
pretty much year-round. I’m not very lean right
now, but I’m pretty lean. And the reason I share this
with you is not to impress you, just to impress upon you
that I’m 46 years old. I have four grandkids. My wife Karen is 11
years older than me. And she was diagnosed
with colorectal cancer when we met well
over 10 years ago. And this forced her
into early menopause, in which she accumulated
a ton of upper belly fat. And so we started incorporating
intermittent fasting with our 12-minute
metabolic protocols, and this allowed her
to flatten her belly. So somewhere around
this video, you’re going to see a link
to click or tap. And it’s going to introduce
you to my Over 40 Ab Solution. And the backbone of this is
the 12-minute daily metabolic protocols. We also have a full-blown
guide in there showing you how to combine it with
intermittent fasting. You’ll also read all about
my wife’s inspiring story. And you’ll see her
after photos as well. So let’s talk about the number
one diet for summer of 2017 and how you can customize your
very own intermittent fasting plan and lose belly fat in
only 12 minutes per day. So up here you’ll
see the first column is the last meal of the day. The second column is the
first meal of the day for men. And the third column
is the first meal of the day for women. So if you stop eating at
6:00 PM the night before, intermittent fasting,
all you’re going to do is you’re going to fast
for 16 hours straight and just drink lots of water. And I’ll also share some
other tips and tricks you can use when
you’re experimenting with this for the first time. So you wouldn’t break your fast
until 10:00 AM the next day. Now, if you’re a
late night eater, you see the scale slides up. So if you’re eating your last
night at 9:00 or 10:00 PM, this is OK, depending
on when you go to bed. As long as you’re eating
healthy late at night, it’s not going to make
you gain belly fat. That’s a myth. However, I do recommend waiting
two hours after your last meal to go to bed, because that
allows insulin to stabilize before you go to sleep. And that allows the body
to potentially release a lot more growth
hormone, because insulin is considered an antagonist
to growth hormone. So if you’re a late night
eater, 9:00 or 10:00 PM, and you’re a guy, you break
your fast at 1:00 or 2:00 PM the next day. Now, if you’re a
female, I closed down this window a little
bit to 14 hours because of the hormonal differences. And again, I recommend
Monday through Friday. I like to take a
break on the weekends. But you could even do this
six or seven days of the week if you really wanted to,
and lots of people do. So if you’re a female and
your last meal is at 6:00 PM, your first meal the next
day is going to be 8:00 AM. And again, it slides
up the scale again. So if you’re a late night eater
and you eat your last meal at 9:00 or 10:00
PM, you’re going to break your fast the next
day at 11:00 or 12:00 PM. So what happens during
this fasted window? Most people think
that if you’re not eating every two
to three hours, you can’t lose belly fat, because
weight loss slows down. The metabolic rate slows down. And this is a myth. In fact, I’ll put
references and studies above in the description. And you’ll also see over 30
scientific references backing up my claims over
at our website when you click the link around this
video to learn about our Over 40 Ab Solution
system, so you know that all the claims
I’m making here are backed by scientific,
peer-reviewed, published studies. So what happens during
this fasted window? The metabolism
doesn’t slow down. Research shows that people
who fast for 48 hours actually increase metabolic rate 11%. Now, I would never recommend
fasting for 48 hours. But it proves the point that
small frequent meals do not increase the metabolism and they
do not increase weight loss. So what happens during
this fasted window is insulin is very low. Insulin’s the body’s
storage hormones. When insulin is
elevated, it makes it nearly impossible
for the body to access fat as a fuel source. So because when you’re
in a fasted state insulin is very low, it makes
it easier for the body to access fat cells
as a fuel source. The second thing it does
is it increases adrenaline and ghrelin and growth hormone. So these are three hormones
that are linked to fat loss. Adrenaline converts
into the hormones that are responsible
for releasing stubborn fat cells
into your bloodstream so they can be burned off. Ghrelin is your hunger hormone. And when ghrelin is released
during the fasted window– so the key is to
drink a lot of water to forge off the
hunger if you have any. But when you get a
hunger pang, that is a signal ghrelin
is being released. And ghrelin is a precursor to
the body releasing more growth hormone. So this is really beneficial
for the metabolism. So growth hormone levels will
increase dramatically as well. Then there’s a process
inside the body that takes place called autophagy. Some people call it “auto-fogi.” And this is basically
cellular cleansing. So by intermittent fasting
five to seven days of the week, you actually decrease
cellular aging. And research shows that
you can increase lifespan. Now again, I’m making
a lot of claims here. I’ll make sure I post references
backing this stuff up. Also, you’ll notice the RMR
here like I talked about. Your Resting Metabolic
Rate will increase as well. Now, what do you do
during your fed window? Because if you’re
a man, you’re going to be in a fed
window eight hours. And if you’re a
woman, you’re going to be in a fed window
approximately 10 hours. So what you do
during this window will also determine the
results that happened during your fasted state. And inside the Over 40 Ab
Solution, what we’ve done is we’ve set up a
strategic protocol that you can follow
in conjunction with intermittent fasting,
where on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you use body
weight movements that are compound movements
that are strategically designed to increase and
elevate growth hormone up to 400% to 700%. We’ll also allow you to eat lots
of carbs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You see, after this 12-minute
body weight protocol, the muscles are like sponges
that have been wrung dry and they want to
suck up nutrients. We call this nutrient
partitioning. And within the hour
after your workout, you can go ahead and get away
with eating lots of carbs, because they’re much
less likely to spill over and being stored as fat. Not to mention, including
these carbs strategically after a workout about
three days of the week, it increases your thyroid’s
ability to convert T4 to T3. It increases your
testosterone-to-estrogen ratio, which is extremely
important for men and women over 35 years old. So it resets leptin levels. Leptin is known as the body’s
number one weight-regulating hormone. And by having carbohydrates
strategically a few days of the week after our
12-minute protocols, you reset leptin
levels to keep the body in a fat-burning environment. Now, on Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays, these are more
fat-burning days, where you’re going to engage
in something that we call metabolic bursting. Now, these are specific movement
patterns with specific rest periods and specific
intensity levels that are strategically designed
to reactivate those declining hormones. And when you do this, we’re
going to keep carbs down on this day, because
it’s going to be more of a fat-burning day. So this’ll be more of
like a ketogenic day. And so when you combine
these two back and forth, research shows that combining
weight training or body weight training days alternated
with high-intensity metabolic bursting cardio days,
you’ll burn more fat and gain more muscle
than if you do them together on the same day. Now I’m not saying you can’t
get great results doing them on the same day. I’m just letting you know how
we’ve set up our Over 40 Ab Solution system to
maximize your results. Now, if you want to
hold up a cross to me like I’m a vampire,
because I’m talking about not eating for 14 to 16
hours of the day, I understand. I get it. I was programmed
for years to believe that I had to eat five, six,
seven small meals per day to stay lean. And it’s simply not true. And I proved it. So what I’ll do is I’ll put
progress pictures below showing how I’ve maintained my abs
for over 10 years straight using intermittent fasting
with our 12-minute metabolic protocols. So I’m almost finished
with this video, but if you’re getting
something out of this, I want to make sure I’ve
still got your attention. Are you learning something? If you are, can you please
type yes in the chat box below? Make sure you tag somebody
that could benefit from this. Give me some likes. Give me some hearts. And then I want
to close this out by talking about
little tips and tricks you can use to enhance the
results of intermittent fasting and to make it easier. If you’re thinking about being
hungry all the time, what you’ll find is after a
week or two of trying this, the hunger will go right away. So a couple things
that you can do. Number one is called pulsing. And this is also known
as a warrior method. And you can use
amino acids as well. But pulsing is
basically just having a protein shake
early in the day, maybe once or twice
during the fast. I recommend keeping
it under 500 calories. This will mimic most
of these benefits. You won’t get as much
of an effect here, but it will mimic it and you
won’t be starving all the time. Or you can use servings
of amino acids. Now, I personally
have experimented with this and without it. I personally think
you could choose to skip it all together,
because you’re going to enhance all these benefits. However, it’s a great way
to get acclimated to mimic intermittent fasting. The other thing you can
do is drink tons of water; black coffee with– you can do a little bit of
stevia; tea, non-calorie teas; calorie-free herbs and broths. So these things will
help during the fast if you struggle with
the thought of fasting for 14 to 16 hours of the day. Now let’s talk about what else
is included in my Over 40 Ab Solution system. First of all, there’s going
to be five digital guides that you’ll see when you click
the link around this video and you go learn
about our system. And what I want you to
do is I want you to focus on the Success Tracker. The main guide is over 100
pages, so if you’re a geek and you want to read
through it, great. But if you want to get
started and start quickly losing belly fat as
fast as possible, go right to the Success
Tracker, because it has the exact 12-minute exercise
charts and the exact nutrition plan you need to follow. It’s a 22-page guide
that’ll have everything that you need laid
out step by step to corporate
intermittent fasting with our 12-minute protocols. You’ll also see a guide
called The Lean 19. And on page 11 of
that guide, you’re going to get a crash course
in intermittent fasting. So it’ll show you
how to set it up and it’ll rehash all this stuff. And also, on page 4,
you’ll have a grocery list so you’ll know exactly
what foods to buy to use in conjunction with
our 12-minute protocols and intermittent fasting. Lastly, I want to talk
about something that we’re very passionate about. For anybody who grabs a copy of
the Over 40 Ab Solution system, we donate water to a needy
child in a third-world country for almost 90 days. Now, this might not
sound like a big deal. But last year, we
raised almost $30,000 and install four water
wells in needy villages. So these are people that are
drinking contaminated water, the same water the cows are
drinking, and they’re sick and they’re dying. And we come in and we
install water wells with Living Water International. Living Water International
follows up with them for years afterwards to maintain the
well, make sure that they’re educated on the hygiene. And so we want you to be a
part of this amazing cause. So all you have to do is grab a
copy of the Over 40 Ab Solution by clicking the link
somewhere around this video. We have a 90-day
money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose
except stubborn belly fat, and everything to gain
except stubborn belly fat by trying our system
and then being a part of this amazing cause. Now, we don’t just
donate to this cause. We’re part of this cause,
so it’s part of who we are. My business partner
and I have went down to Nicaragua for
the last three years to personally install a water
well in a needy village. And this year we’re
going again in October. And we’d love for you to be
a part of this amazing cause. So I hope you got a
ton of information out of this live video. Do me a favor again. Give me some hearts. Give me some likes. If you have questions,
post them below. If you learned
something, post it below. And then make sure you
go over to our website and you read all about
my 57-year-old wife’s amazing transformation
story about how she overcame menopause to get
rid of her menopause belly to quickly lose belly fat by
combining intermittent fasting with our 12-minute protocols. Thanks for watching
and keep going strong.

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