900 Calorie diet | Lose 5 kgs in 10 days | 10 நாட்களில் 5 கிலோ குறைக்கும் 900 கலோரி எளிய டயட் முறை !

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San Square 900 calorie meal plan to lose weight simple to follow this diet lose 0.5 kg per day by following this diet so for 10 days you can easily lose 5 kgs please subscribe our channel for more video updates Let’s see about this simple diet very healthy too who are struggling to lose weight with thyroid and pcos can follow this simple diet start this diet with a positive thought. surely you will lose weight Don’t try it without any hope if you want to check about the positive and negative thoughts in detail pls check the link in description box Avoid white rice strictly in this diet plan Take chapati or brown bread as an alternative during lunch Avoid white breads For dinner strictly you will take fruits or fruit salads we r going to add chanas and vegetables also you will follow this diet as many days u can but first follow this diet for 10 days and give a 4 days gap and then again follow this diet In the four days gap we should not take any unhealthy foods so you can maintain the reduced weight easily 30 minutes walking is must for this diet atleast walk in you home itself even you will do 20 mins exercises if you don’t have time to walk means atleast walk frequently in your convenient times follow this regularly to get a best result we are going to have 850 to 900 calories day 1 food morning have a cup of warm water or green tea have food on time have bf before 9 am so morning 7 o’clock drink water or green tea 8:30 to 9:00 o’clock take bf example to breakfast take fruit or veg salad add curd to ur salads which is very good for weight loss so 150 or 200 calorie for bf avoid banana i am taking cabbage for veg salad but those who are having thyroid please avoid cabbage take fruit salad for one day and the next day veg salad even you eat only fruits for bf if you do not like salads 11 am take juices without sugar pls check the link for weight loss drinks avoid rice for lunch chapati or bread is good even you will take egg or chicken but little amount egg means 1 boiled egg with 2 chapati or breads chicken means 4 pieces with chapati avoid consuming more carbohydrates take paneer or veg gravies with chapati take green tea for 4 pm, if you wish to take coffee or tea, avoid white sugars in it even you will eat fruits instead of tea then at 6 pm take chanas this will fill your stomach and make u to eat lighter for dinner 8 pm take fruits or salads but for night take only fruits so only calories not increased and also you will lose weight easily Avoid unhealthy foods and follow this regularly All the best to all

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  1. asdfgh qwertty

    Hi sis nan unga video 2 months before parthu I reduced 10 KGS aana na white rice limita eduthukitten ,nan innum weight loss journeyla than iruken nan white rice eduthukalama sis, then unga current weight evlo sis

  2. Ajitha Ramamoorthy

    Hi mam,nan 89 kgs iruken,age 26tha aguthu…Before marriage ae 68 irunthen…Ipo romba weight aagiten…Enaku oruthi problem iruku…So ennala exercise, walking la continues ah panna mudiyala,romba athigama sapta matten epavume…But weight koraikave mudila mam, enaku saree na romba pidikum…Aana ipo saree katuna enake enna pidika matenguthu…😧😧Nenga solra diet follow panna weight loss aaguma..Plz true ah solunga…Nanum neraya try paniten..No use…😭😭😭


    I said you can take any veg salads and I just show the cabbage salad as an example so those who r having thyroid please avoid cabbage

  4. Selvasundari Senthilkumar

    Sister 15days intha diet follow pannen. But I reduce only 1.7kg thaan kurachi iruken. Why sister?. I want to reduce more. Please reply.

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