90 Hours Fasting Results | Fasting For Weight Loss Journey 2019

Mieka fasting weight loss take 3 90
hours fasting results fasting weight loss journey 2019 I’m gonna give you a
quote I’m gonna give you what exercise I did yesterday what I ate and my weight
so 90 hours fasting is complete and I’m actually at this moment at 92 hours
completed that is four days four days 96 hours is gonna be four days that’s gonna
be at 2:00 p.m. okay let me see um here’s the quote it’s your place in the
world it’s your life go on and do all you can with it and make it the life you
want to live mae Jemison man I could talk for 30 minutes on that I want all
I’m gonna say is Juergen you have a unique spot in this world what are you
gonna do for this world what do you want to be known as you know like it’s your
life you don’t have to live any one else’s life your unique your special
everyone has something to offer okay go and go on and do all you can with it you
guys I just have to say we at least Americans I don’t know about other
places waste a lot of time we have to get a lot done every day because
tomorrow’s not promised and every moment is time you know away from your life
that like you lost so we have to really work hard to make the most of our life
and do all we could do and make it the life you want to live you guys I’m not
gonna put the clip but I made a little recording because I went to laundry and
my check engine light is on and I’ve tried two ways to fix it I know what’s
wrong it’s a big thing but maybe not I don’t know the point is I’m going to a
job hiring event I’m sure I’m already hired because I worked there last year
but I’m not living the life that I want to
live okay but it’s within my hands to make the life I want to live okay so if
you’re in such a way since you don’t like like you have the control to fix it
you know if you don’t know how to fix it me and YouTube is like it has the answer
to everything or there’s someone that can relate to your certain situation if
you don’t like your job there’s so many different things you could do to get out
of that situation um you don’t just quit it no you have to
have a game plan then you have to make steps every day to get out of the
situation I don’t like my car problem if I really didn’t like it I would make a
plan and every day I’d make progress to get rid of that problem okay um make it
the life you want to live I don’t talk a lot on this but if you are not living
the life you want to live you have to sit down and reflect and think about it
and if you don’t know what to do turn off everything your phone your TV
everything around you and sit down there and just brainstorm for 20 minutes a day
so you figure out a plan okay but this could go to weight loss too it could go
to anything all right that was a long tuck let’s see so what
did I eat yesterday nothing what did I I didn’t have any hunger pains um I I
want to want to eat but I don’t even what to eat but I’m so confused on how
many days to go I don’t know what’s about to happen I’m pushing towards
seven days and then maybe back to Oh Matt or maybe a refeed and another seven
days I would love feedback of what you want to see just for entertainment
purposes or after follow me what you think might be best I really want to be
in the gym but I’m nervous I’m nervous I don’t know a lot about fasting and
muscle loss but I know for sure I lost crazy strength during the beginning part
of my journey where I was more disciplined than doing more fasting and
I also noticed when I eat Oh mad and dry fast or make good choices I still lose a
lot of weight with a lot of exercise so I don’t really I have to start
researching and learning for myself and figure out what’s best for my
my goal is not weight loss my goal is strength and massive as much as possible
glutes and quadriceps and hamstrings know my hamstrings I like big quadriceps
and big loose okay and I’m extremely weak in the arms and I want to build
strength in my arms I don’t like size but I want strength okay yesterday
exercise I did one hour and five minutes of fasting cardio on the treadmill and I
did a live stream and I’m so thankful for you guys that came because it went
so fast with you guys with me then I did one hour or so in the swimming area that
was maybe five minutes on on at least 30 to 45 minutes of walking laps or
swimming and maybe 15 minutes on and off of some whirlpool okay today I probably
am not going to work out I need to look up prolonged fasting and weightlifting
and muscle loss okay so now for my weight I should have thrown it in there
early or somewhere in there because I’m trying to be sneaky but my weight okay
I’m gonna say the last three days to twenty three to twenty and today is two
18.0 I’m happy with that I felt fine I don’t have any type of
sort of headache hunger pain just nothing I feel completely regular which
is so crazy going to this I’m gonna upload this video
I gotta make a resume I think cuz I just have to have that then I’m gonna drive
an hour hopefully I make it God willing and I’m gonna drive him drive my son cuz
he’s gonna work with me to who God willing he’s 20 I have four kids if you
don’t know and I’m gonna say that again cuz I know a lot of people’s probably
still not watching but they are 11 13 15 20 single mom for boys then I’m gonna
drop confirm that I’m out hopefully go to two points at work I do it your
Luck’s how are you doing what are you doing bye

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Reader Comments

  1. ASMR Patterns

    I love your videos – thank you! You're right – OMAD is easier – but the mental strength required for fasting is so satisfying. I think OMAD as a lifestyle is the best – and you'll find as you get older, it will be more and more important to eat in very small windows and supplement with exercise. I hit a wall at 45 and now at 52 losing weight is almost impossible if there isn't fasting involved. You're still young and you've got the fasting/OMAD routine down – huge advantage!

  2. Joe Rotter

    You get lower in a few more days you are like me I'm stuck around 222 after I diet for a week then its like I have to go hard for two weeks just to lose four pounds but gain 2 back after eating bad once. Im trying to get to 200 by 2020. Its going to take every bit of will power to work out on a empty stomach half the time going to bed on an empty stomach working four times a week. I have to lose 20 to lose 10

  3. Albert Towns

    Mieka you are right, we have to make the life we want. I say fast for as long as you can and listen to your body regarding your nutrition decisions. 218 weigh in and glad your feeling good while fasting, keep up the great job..πŸ’ͺπŸ’―

  4. Brandeis Sports

    I see you have your journey written on 2 white boards. Do you have daily results since day 1? I was thinking that maybe you want to go back and see weekly and monthly weight loss and what fasting regimen you were doing and which worked best for you? You might have to put which diet you did each week and do the math. It might ale you a few minutes but it would be interesting to see which diet you lost the most weight. Just an option. Good luck with you and your son getting our job again. Maybe you can get enough money to fix your vehicle or trade for another one.

  5. Omad Outlaw

    You are a world changer! Thank you for being there! We can do this, I started a new career after I started a fasting focused lifestyle!

  6. Cristy Brown

    I'm off the fast. I had a paradigm shift. I was on a diet that I should have stayed on when I saw The Fasting Fatman's videos. I jumped in, I have to admit. Loved him from the beginning. I will be fasting a 42 hour fasting cycle. I'll begin that fast at 2pm today and go to 8am on the 7th. ADF. During my 6 hour eating window, I'll have two half pounds of hamburger, salt only. Then to the next 42 hour fast at 2pm, repeat. The beef diet is what I believe in. (and it lets you keep your hair). My weight was 274.0 this morning down from 282.8. It is my dream to heal all diabetics in the state of Texas. We have the cures to both Type I and Type II. But doctors don't seem to want to let go of their profit cow. So, I figure it's time for me to put up or shut up. I'm going full beef diet with a 42 hour fasting schedule. I actually should have not jumped into the October fast. I'm back where I need to be. I have something to prove to my father and brother (Type II Diabetics). Still love your videos. You are doing AMAZING! <3


    You are amazing. You look so vibrant. I think these longer fast look good on you. Would love to see you do 7 days. 18lbs away from onederland!! Ahhhh

  8. Alex alexy

    uhh! your're almost 4 days in i'm so sad, I've been away from youtube for a few days i didn't know you've started another fast. i'm going to start mine today hoping to go for 7-days. all the best with your fast.

  9. Pam’s Winning

    Very inspiring video! I need to fast. I love your board. Very detailed & thorough. 4 boys! Whew, keep up the good work ‼️

  10. Linda Lentz

    I love your quotes. Thank you !
    Congratulations on your fast. I made it to 39. I wanted longer but I’ll take it. Was in ketosis and self sabotaged today. Starting over again! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Congratulations on your weight loss – your face looks so much thinner!🌸

  11. nicholas white

    hi another great video you are doing great keep up the good work shoutout to you thanks for sharing this it was a good one I enjoyed it so much peace

  12. 1GoldenBreeze

    You're doing great.πŸ₯° I wouldn't even begin to tell you what you should do, because I believe it's up to you to decide. I will say you have one of the best information sources about fasting at your fingertips and that is Dr. Fung's book. You've said a few times that you have not read it, maybe it's time to reevaluate that choice. LoLπŸ€”πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

    I completed 144hrs of fasting. Now that I'm not obese I've decided to continue with the fasting group, but instead of fasting straight through I'm going to fast Sun to Fri and refeed on Sat all the way through until Nov. I've done my refeed for today, and I've restarted my fasting timer.

  13. Tressa Hartley

    Wow 92 hours!!! Congratulations
    7 day fast would be my vote
    I'm intermittent fasting
    My calories intake a day 900 – 1000
    Jan- 2019 Start weight 232
    Oct-2019 weight now 202
    * My goal weight is 155 lbs.***
    I do and have falling off the wagon many times but I keep at trying to do my best.

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