9 Nutrition Studies Every Ketogenic Dieter NEEDS To Read

hey everybody welcome splat they sneeze so in this video we go through nine striking really compelling nutrition studies that will make you think twice about adopting a meat based low-carb ketogenic diet let me know your thoughts down below the first up let’s start of study number one here at the Physicians Committee dr. Barnard led a team of researchers dietitians physicians who walked about ninety nine people through a diet intervention what this actually showed was that when he compared patients who consumed a low-fat vegan diet to a non vegan diet that was recommended by the American diabetic Association his outcomes were much much better what happened lower blood sugar at the end of the study on the plant-based diet lower cholesterol lower body weight they were reversing their type 2 diabetes with frequency there a one sees dropped over a point on average which is about what you’ll see with your standard diabetes medications that’s a strong change they also lost weight their cholesterol dropped farther their blood pressure dropped they just did remarkably well and they found the diet really easy to follow why because there was no carb counting there was no calorie counting there was no portion control they just had to eat plants and they could eat as many as they wanted this is vastly important to note because there are a lot of other meal plans out there that claim to do the same thing the best of them being the ketogenic diet this is a dietary program in which you are incorporating low starch but high protein high fat into your meal plan one of the key complications of patients who have got type 2 diabetes is cardiovascular disease and so unfortunately when you incorporate a low starch high-fat diet into the meal plan of these patients that cardiovascular disease progresses dr. Barnard study was able to demonstrate that the introduction of a Whole Foods plant-based diet showed the opposite patients come to me all the time doc I want to do that low-carb thing I mean I see athletes doing it I see how they would people doing it I mean Halle Berry can I jump into that low carb high fat diet I’d like to drop some weight I think I’m gonna you know feel better maybe live longer and it just seems like everybody in Silicon Valley in Hollywood and what I bring up with that is a key study that you need to be aware of lead author Noto published in 2016 call low carbohydrate diets and all cause mortality a systematic review so what these authors did is they gathered every quality study they could find they were in total 17 there were more than 270,000 people in these studies these people had answered the question what is my diet like and those that answered in a way there was low carb high fat based on animal foods had an important side effect in follow up that side effect was that they’re all caused mortality any chance of dying was increased so that’s what I call the skeleton and the ketogenic diet that not only no dough but six other studies of large size and quality have pointed out in peer-reviewed respected journals that when you adopt an animal-based low carb high fat we can insert the word ketogenic diet there you are exposing yourself to seven studies including Noto being a huge one that suggests the long term risk is actually early death short term you might drop a few pounds there’s a lot of ways to do that and I’d suggest to do that whole food plant-based no salt oils sugar diet but when you’re doing it with an animal low-carb diet you need to know no dough and you need to put it in context to this ketogenic race and say no taquito when it’s coming from animals one of the problems with a conventional high fat low carb diet is that up to a third of people who do it notice an increase in their cholesterol levels now there are many studies to show us that a whole food plant-based diet is much better for reducing cholesterol and improving your weight but for those of you who are already quite settle having a high fat low carb diet there was a study published in the annals of internal medicine back in 2009 that showed us that if you have a plant-based low carbohydrate diet the so called eco Atkins diet then you have the potential to reduce your cholesterol even more than what you can achieve with a whole food plant-based diet so what that tells us is that if you’re going for high fat low carb always make it plant-based the very famous dr. Dean Ornish a physician in San Francisco Bay Area who got into the field of prevention and reversal disease as a very young man as a medical student inspired by a yogini from India Satchidananda but he took some eastern ideas and said let’s study them with the highest tech science what he did was he took about 50 people who had measurable heart disease plaque that you could see in an angiogram and put them on either a control diet that was standard advice like eat more fish as opposed to red meat and the other half of the group he put on a low-fat plant-based diet where they were asked to keep their calories from fat at about 15% that’s pretty low and they were to eat fruits vegetables beans grains and a minimal amount of low fat dairy products they were also asked to reduce their stress exercise a little bit and avoid tobacco after about a year what he found was amazing the plaque in the control group actually worsened it got thicker most cases whereas the people on the intervention trial the low-fat plant-based diet their plaque started to disappear 82 percent of them actually had plaque formation that was going away chest pain had diminished almost immediately in the trial and their cholesterol dropped dramatically as well one of the problems with undergoing heart surgery in the United States is the cost some thirty thousand dollars per operation yet in this study patients were able to avoid the need for surgery it showed that the compliance with using nutrition in the introduction of patient management was very very high one of the key things that the ketogenic diet does is that it draw abe’s the process of cardiovascular disease we as clinicians want to reverse that we try and stop that as much as possible and through the introduction of healthy eating through a Whole Foods plant-based diet dr. Dean Ornish was able to demonstrate that unfortunately the ketogenic diets will drive that process forward I want to share with you some results from a very important series of studies done by dr. Caldwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland Clinic dr. Esselstyn is a surgeon but as he will tell you he would rather not have to operate on people at all he’d rather get to the cause of their disease and so what he tackled was heart disease he brought in people who had existing heart disease and and I’m not talking about I’ve got a high cholesterol level I’m at risk these were people who had heart disease now they were at risk of premature death and many of them were on medications a list as long as your arm and what he said is let’s go to the cause the causes the cholesterol the animal fat that’s in meat and dairy products even fish he throw those threw those off the plate completely so this was a completely vegan diet and over time he found that as people are getting away from those foods and they’re enjoying the greens and the beans and the healthy vegan foods that have no cholesterol and no animal fat something happened in their bodies not only was their cholesterol level falling their blood pressure improving their weight melting away but the arteries were starting to open up again their chest pain melted away and instead of being at risk of premature death they were really living again and dr. Esselstyn showed that when people adhere to this program they become just about bulletproof so people may need medical treatments of all kinds but treatment number one is a healthy diet and that’s what dr. Esselstyn proved there’s so many questions about protein protein protein the idea that we need the chicken to be a weight lifter to be an athlete to be a professional athlete that we’re putting our health at risk if we don’t eat lots of animal protein and you know you’re seeing that disappear when you see world-class athletes on a whole food plant diets like a Lewis Hamilton f1 and rich rola long-distance runner and so many others but there’s science behind this and what we’re doing right now is we’re learning that a whole food plant diet that’s naturally lower in protein may actually be an advantage in terms of survival Oh what’s the science October 1 2016 the journal called JAMA internal medicine the group at Harvard the group at University of Southern California lead author song looked at an enormous database that Harvard has it’s a database with over a hundred and thirty 1,000 participants followed for over 30 years every four years these people were asked over and over what’s your diet like what’s your diet like what’s your diet like and they all started free of disease but by over thirty years many of them had passed away or had heart events what they find the higher the animal protein content of their diet chicken egg cheese red meat the higher the animal protein content the higher was a risk of dying of heart disease so you made chicken to live weights but you’re gonna die sooner according to this study at least an association what did they find about plant protein think about being think about peas think about lentils think about whole grain sing about nuts and seeds even vegetables and fruits they found the higher your plant protein intake the lower the chance of dying of heart disease in fact the lower the chance of dying of any cause at all you can decrease your risk during a 30 or follow-up dying up any caused by eating foods that are rich in plants and plants have protein don’t worry so this is an amazing study because of the numbers because of these strong associations because the long follow-up because of the quality of repeatedly asking questionnaires questionnaires bottom line when they say where do you get your protein you answer back why are you worried you’re probably getting too much protein leave them with a question mark but you’re saying the right things scientific an important group who has been studied over the decades are the seventh-day adventists now this is a very health conscious group of people because they are asked to do things like avoid caffeine avoid alcohol and avoid meat interestingly most of them stick to those first two criteria but the last one avoiding me some do some don’t now for researchers this sets up a very natural experiment to see what meat-eating does to health outcomes in the last of the cohorts in these studies called the Adventist Health Study 2 which looked at about 61 thousand different people they were able to assess diabetes risk and even risk for being overweight or obese among a population of people who some choose to eat meat and some don’t and what they found was that as people increased their intake of animal products so not just me but dairy eggs fish they saw an incremental increase in diabetes risk in fact there was about 2 times the risk for diabetes among those who choose to eat meat and in terms of weight the people who completely avoided all animal products were the leanest in this population about a BMI of 23 which is normal or a healthy weight and as they incrementally started to increase animal products into their diets so lacto-ovo vegetarians a little bit heavier pesco vegetarians a little bit heavier semi vegetarians more so and non vegetarians of course we’re the heaviest of them and I think it’s interesting to note that they were all in the overweight category only the vegans stayed in the healthy normal weight category so again we’ll keep looking at this population of seventh-day Adventist because they set up a very good experiment for seeing exactly what incorporating animal products can do to your health I wanted to share with you the results of a really important research study it was done by dr. Dean Ornish now you know dr. Ornish as the medical genius who showed that you can reverse heart disease through a program of lifestyle changes including a healthy diet well he then set his sights on prostate cancer as you know it’s a big killer of men particularly in their later years so what dr. Ornish did was he brought in a group of men and half of them were in the control group getting the treatments that doctors recommended the other half began a completely vegan diet it’s good for your heart will it be good for cancer now what he found was that among the people who were in the control group about six of them couldn’t wait anymore they had to go ahead and have treatment before the study was over I mean they had to have surgery or they had to have radiation because their cancer was progressing too quickly but in the vegan group nobody needed treatment in this year-long study because they were tracking their blood tests their PSA prostate specific antigen showed that their cancer wasn’t progressing in fact for them their PSA levels actually dropped by about 4 percent overall over the course of a year so it looks like a healthy plant-based diet isn’t just great for your heart it’s also good for cancer prevention and for cancer survival the China study was described by the New York Times back in 1990 as the Grand Prix of Epidemiology dr. Campbell spent 20 years studying around 6,000 people in rural counties of China and this study really provided a foundation for the mountains of evidence that we now have that a whole food plant-based diet is optimal for our health some of the primary findings that help us in his study are that nutrition is the primary foundation for health that we don’t need as much protein as we think we need and that if we have a low animal protein diet we are far less likely to suffer from things like heart disease several forms of cancer and diabetes compared if we have a high animal protein diet now these studies are just the tip of an amazing iceberg there are so many studies out and coming out about plant-based eating and health outcomes every diet requires a little bit of thinking a little bit of learning some new tricks in the kitchen maybe learning some new tastes but a plant-based diet emerges as not only better for blood sugar control better for your weight better for your cholesterol better for your blood pressure but better in so many ways that we really think that’s the thing to recommend they will be out there that will effectively show that ketogenic diets can aid in weight loss but unfortunately they are not sustainable in the long term they are not sustainable for the planet from an environmental perspective and they unfortunately do not have the outcomes that we hoped for they drive disease they don’t deny it now why does a whole food plant-based diet work well number one it’s filling you can have healthy starchy carbohydrates you can feel full and you’re not going to be having so many cravings number two it treats the root cause of disease number three people who eat a whole food plant-based diet are generally lower in weight than those who do not number four it improves the suppleness of our arteries thereby reducing our blood pressure and reducing our risk of heart attack and stroke and number five you’ve got so many sources of fiber and phytonutrients and it increases our butyrate levels which reduces the cholesterol in our bodies so do your research and make the right choice for your body long term by having a more whole food plant-based approach to eating thank you for watching this video if you got something out of it please consider subscribing by pressing the subscribe button under this video and let me know what you thought of the nine striking nutrition studies presented in this video I personally can think of lots of other studies that support the idea the hopefully plant-based nutrition is the optimal way to live including the broad study a year or two ago but let me know what you think down below and if you want to hear more from public health experts and medical doctors or even environmentalist so behind-the-scenes bonus content please check out our other page called PB + insiders it’s just been launched and that’s where you get the best stuff hopefully see you on the inside

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    Links to all 9 studies are listed here: https://www.plantbasednews.org/post/9-nutritional-studies-keto-diet-fans-have-to-read

  2. Sokratis Method

    Interesting. Ive never felt better in my body then on a nutritional ketogenic diet. I eat less meat then I ever did before, plants that are chosen with much more care then I did when I was on a vegan, or vegetarian diet. I have little to no inflammation in my body and I have more energy throughout the day. Im not calling bs on a wfpb-diet, Im saying that keto, in conjunction with IF has helped me immensely.

  3. Brian Parsons

    I really really wish I could do a full on WFPBD, but I tried it a year and a half ago and I experienced the worst arthritis pain (I have Ankylosing Spondylitis) I have ever experienced (I suspect it was due to the whole grains e.g. brown rice). I found out that I couldn't tolerate legumes. So you cut out the grains and the legumes and that doesn't leave much to eat anymore :(. If you have issues like IBS (Or SIBO – small intestine bacteria overgrowth), then the little buggers in your microbiome have a field day on this diet :(.

  4. KarasekUS

    1:41 Right, cardiovascular disease is an effect of T2 diabetes – that is carbohydrates, and not meat and fat consumption.
    4:00 #3 claim – cholesterol is bad.
    Here's the research: https://openheart.bmj.com/content/3/2/e000409 – it says that "RCT [randomized controlled trials] evidence currently available does not support the current dietary fat guidelines" and that reducing blood cholesterol "did not result in significant differences in CHD [coronary heart disease] or all-cause mortality. Government dietary fat recommendations were untested in any trial prior to being introduced."
    In conclusion – there's nothing wrong with dietary cholesterol, you stupid c..nt. Cholesterol is a necessary nutrient, it's what heals your body when high carb high insulin diet f..ks it up.

  5. KarasekUS

    2:10 #2 Claim – side effect all cause mortality increased on ketogenic diet.
    "The basic science of aging, what people have studied trying to understand what are the pathways that control aging (…) – one of the basic pathways that has emerged is the insulin signaling pathway. That was work of Cynthia Kenyon back in 1990s, showing that the insulin pathway is one of the major pathways that controls aging. Well, if you know this, you can already backtrack and say: what does the insulin do? It's the major hormone that allows you to utilize carbohydrates. So the implication of this is the more carbohydrates you eat, the more you activate the insulin signalling pathway, and the prediction would be that the faster you age. And I think the real data really suggests this model. It flies completely in the face of what we have assumed to be correct. (…) Turns out that the culprit is more carbohydrates." – Eric M. Verdin, M.D., professor of Medicine at UCSF and chief executive officer of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging https://youtu.be/9qOQGBVedAQ?t=244

  6. Jason Stagg

    These people are idiots. To start with cholesterol is the main building block for the human brain, for testosterone production and a host of other processes going on in the human body.

    The big push to control and reduce (using statin drugs) cholesterol in the US has led to a few things. Look up the increasing rates of alzheimer's and dementia, not to mention all the men now suffering from low testosterone.
    I dont remember the men of my grandparents generation having low testosterone.

    But judge for yourself. Do the research, find and read the studies.

  7. Colin Y

    Unfortunately these studies are not plant based vs keto, they are in fact plant based vs standard American diet. That is a huge difference. Plant based diets are shown to have positive effects against lots of markers and diseases, no question about that. Keto is also showing the same thing but there are no long term large participant studies, at least that i'm aware of. In my opinion it is very likely that what these two seemingly very different diets have in common that is the key. Both reduce or eliminate the highly processed garbage food so prevalent in the standard American diet today. In listening to talks by proponents on both sides I find it very interesting that the plant based promoters seem to go out of their way to trash keto at every opportunity and I really am not seeing much of it going the other way. I'm not sure if the plant based community feels threatened by keto or what but there certainly is a lot of that going on. According to lots of data, both these diets work.

  8. Bernie OSully

    Very good Iam a vegan and all you say is true, Iโ€™ve been a vegan for just over a year no clothes will fit iv off of one of my b/p tablet ,s I started to take metformin after a few weeks I stopped and just use vegan food my bloods are all ok , I could not walk because I add neuropathy after six months I can take dogs out for a walk I use to take them on a scooter ,so have nothing from animals no meat no fish no cheese no milk no eggs it all thanks to you all telling about being a vegan, keep up the good work,

  9. Lavanyan Satchithananthan

    I am following Keto diet. I do not consume eggs, red meat or any dairy product. My fats come from nuts, seeds, avocado, olives and coconut. I consume fish and Three bowls of leafy green and three bowls of vegetable (Broccoli, cauliflower, pakchoy, cabbage, mushroom to name a few) everyday.
    keto diet does not mean you must eat meat, bacons, eggs and dairy.

  10. Sylvain Auclair

    Didn't watch all the video. Jumped out when they say the keto diet would cause heart problems without any experimental evidence to back up the assertion.

  11. Adam Magier

    Keto isnt high protein nor does it state the fat needs to be from animal derived product…Im vegetarian but I find these confirmation biased videos to be annoying. Also keto helped a family member reduce their seizures from 34 a day to once a week. Ketos real focus is on an abundance of low glycemic vegetables and quality fats.

  12. Defective Clone

    i was a vegan for a year i did everything right but i still ended up in the hospital… My body just cant live on only veggies and grains there's just too many lactines that cause inflammation. I am now on a low to medium carb, low meat, medium veggies, high leafy greens and high healthy unprocessed uncooked plant fat, zero sugar diet with intermittent fasting. That is what everyone should be on.. nothing comes close to that diet and its very balanced.. you can spend year watching youtube videos on keto and vegan but this is what a humen should be eating. .. Try your best to avoid too many lactines and avoid animal fats or refined oils.

  13. Fativore Lifestyle

    all You need to know… dont eat plants. Grass fed beef and animal products. Nose to tail. Plus bone broth.
    Plants are poison. Dont let your chickensxeat grains or your fish. Dont let your cattle eat anything but grass.

  14. KรผrลŸad Urungu Akpฤฑnar

    The first study compares low-fat diet with STANDARD diabetes diet, which is NOT a ketogenic diet. So either you don't know what the standard diabetes diet is, or purposefully omit or distort facts. The fourth study likewise does not even take ketogenic or low carb diet into consideration. This presentation is a joke!

  15. nancy leeleansee

    Why arenโ€™t you pro vegans giving the details on the dynamics that makes keto detrimental instead of saying that the side effects are so n so . Give us the breakdown point by point! If not donโ€™t try to eye wash the less informed people about the positives of the keto diet!

  16. Dr. Sam's Health

    I like how they talk to us like we are complete idiots while misquoting the studies. I recently reviewed the Ornish study and can attest that it can't be farther from what they say. I have nothing against vegan / vegetarian dieting, but why do people need to be so dishonest?

  17. Antony den Dulk

    Keto recommends 0.7โ€“0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight (1.5โ€“2.0 grams per kg) using your goal weight. Is that really high protein? If yes, then what is the protein level that is recommended for ultimate health?

  18. John Snow

    I did keto, could not loose weight, had high cholesterol and was punished by a stroke. Stupid me! I find it irresponsible that even doctors recommends a treatment that is terribly detrimental for (maybe many) people. When a treatment seems great for some but has severe side effects for others then that treatment must be taken off the market. Keto/carnivore/lchf falls into that category! It should be made forbidden to promote keto/lchf/carnivore diets!

  19. Eric Jackson

    I'm a Type 1 diabetic, I've reduced my a1c from 8.2 to 6.3 eating meat, eggs, fatty nuts, cheese, leafy greens. Lost 25 pounds, feel great. You can't say that my chances of dying went up by tossing oatmeal and sugar.

  20. BrotherDarnitAll

    The first study showed people loose weight. Unhealthy…. On a all plant diet i always felt like dog shit. Its not sustainable. Eat meat guys …

  21. BrotherDarnitAll

    Well this guy did talk to a guy that talked to a lady that talked to a guy that had data on a diet study and they found that a no salt diet is best.

  22. Rich83

    Ok so, why do these experts get it wrong? High animal protein and fat is not KETO, it's Atkins! Keto is low animal protein, high plant based fat. You can't even get it right wtf your talking about.

  23. Jared Thibodaux

    The high carb vegan diet did not work for me, made me much worse in fact. The ketogenic diet stabilized my blood glucose, lowered my blood pressure, and I lost 24lbs in the first month. No question about it the ketogenic diet is VASTLY superior for managing blood sugar disorders no matter how many activists with PhDs say otherwise.

  24. mike gielczyk

    When youโ€™re a diabetic he cannot even have carbs from vegetables it will spike your sugar how do you expect to fix your diabetes when youโ€™re constantly feeding net carbs

  25. Rose Viola

    Regarding the Adventist diabetes and weight loss studies, I have always wondered whether the fish eaters ate plants with fish being the only animal component of their diet, or plants plus dairy, eggs and fish. It's not clear. All pescatarians I know eat eggs and milk products in addition to fish. I think it would be interesting to differentiate between those who eat plants plus fish and those who eat plants plus fish/eggs/dairy products.

  26. Melinda Gandy

    I have been a vegetarian now for 7 years but, to my great sadness, my husband began a Keto/Adkins type diet in January. He is incredibly tired, angry, frustrated & hungry (with cravings) now all the time. And I am EXTREMELY worried about him!!! I begged him to watch this video, expressing my fears for his health: he all but threw my phone back at me, stating that, if he was going to die from a heart attack, then he was "gonna die happy!"
    I am so concerned for him!!

  27. IndoHati Carol

    When will the Keto madness stop?? ๐Ÿ˜‘You need plant based carbs for energy ,some plant based fats,and some protein(for the average person)….You are what you eat as they say,it is true…and whole plant based is best "Period" …This is just what I have learned from listening to the experts over the years.I guess it doesn't really matter how much evidence &proof you have ,there will always be naysayers.๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐Ÿป๐ŸŒฑThank you Plant based news for providing the info.

  28. m mc

    Plant based is imploding from within. Still treading water but no rescue boat is coming. Political and abnoxious bunch of busy bodies who care what other people eat. Itโ€™s over you lost grab a carrot and chill.

  29. harry viking

    Of course a plant based diet to fix problems is a good solution. But its not a good thing to continue with for ever!!!! That sounds more like a patient who got medicine from the doctor to fix a problem, and then wanted to eat that medicine for ever because it fixed the problem!! No people anywhere has trived and developed on a plant based diet!!! Plants has to many anti nutrients!!!! Animal based foods have not!!


    Great work you guys. Thanks for putting this together. I follow and share your work always on my Green Room Plantae FB page and I've studied the legendary works of most of the doctor's mentions like Dr. Barnard, Dr. Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Dean Ornish… I love sharing the benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet/Lifestyle. Thank you. -Michael Eldon Lobsinger

  31. SuperAtheist

    Top plant based news stories:
    – The plants all over the planet have risen up and attacked their vegan overlords
    – Eating plants now considered to be murder
    – Many vegans say they're breatharians now

  32. Daryl W

    Many of the studies referenced have been debunked. All 9 studies of these so called vegan supporting studies are observation type studies that prove nothing because there are many factors never considered during observation. To make a study like these support their opinion the researcher will throw out many factors and choose one like eating meat to support their opinions while ignoring what was thrown out. Observational studies, also known as epidemiological studies, are the lowest credible form of scientific studies one does. From observational studies a hypothesis is created not a cause and effect. To see if the hypothesis is correct a scientist than moves to clinical trials. None of these studies mentioned did this. Dr Darren Schmidt on his youtube channel debunked every one of these 9 observational studies with current scientific facts.

  33. Martina Prochazkova

    OK so firstly, why do the people speak about keto like it meant meat? It means almost no carb, that's all that really means. Also, keto shouldn't really be high in protein (it should be fat/oil and vegetables). And then there is a study where the people were also told to stop smoking and excercise and their heart desease got better but it's because of plant based diet? Right… Also they keep comparing plant based and animal products based diet, but ketosis doesn't work if you don't get rid of pretty much all carbs, so the people eating for example mostly meat, but also grains, are not getting any benefits of keto. It's like comparing a person, who cares about what he eats (in this case a vegan) and someone who eats everything. The problem of diabetes is eating lots of carbs (which are blocking the usage of fats) and fats (which then end up stored all around) at the same time. So you would have to compare proper ketosis and vegans. Otherwise it's just biased bullshit.

  34. Franz Haxen

    Go home with all your observational studies! Stop spreading lies you're harming people! More and more proof comes out that ketosis is good for you!

  35. Anya Izmailova

    Thank you so much for all the work you do. Additionally I really appreciate you guys including the list to the studies in the description (just like you always do!). ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  36. Shauntel Gill

    This keto nonsense has got to stop i am so sick of people forcing their stupid opinions on me you leave me be with your stupid keto bullcrap i will eat high carb low fat oatmeal for breakfast rice for lunch pasta for dinner this is the way i want to eat high carb and low fat.

  37. Seth Jones

    I'm a vegan, but why even post observational BS? Isn't it just about deluding people, in order to win them over as converts? We know that there are too many confounding factors in these studies, and that the only thing that they point to, is a need for a real randomized study with a control group. The meat eaters are right about vegans clinging to observational nonsense … not that they are much better. I'm not interested in defending my group. Let's get some real science any see where the cards fall.


    People ask, 'Where do you get your protein?' Then, I in turn ask, 'Where do you get your cholesterol? It's a question that forces them to face the reality of a high fat diet.

  39. Xtreme Scratchers

    Stricked vegan plant based diet helped a little then Keto saved my life…. your freaking misinformed and lying for your own personal agenda and narsacistict attitudes, everyone is different, stop lying, keto does exactly the same thing the vegan diet does and why, because they both exclude all processed sugars. Oils and all processed starches and flower based products which are the actual reasons all the illnesses and conditions your talking about, so again stop lying…

  40. Andrew D.

    Everybody is preaching WFPB that is good for cardiovascular conditions etc. That is true. But what about bone health and our brain? Vegans are at higher risk for bone and neurological conditions period. None of those experts is talking about it.

  41. Raffaele Pannisco

    i've tried the vegan diet, but the keto is the one for me. Reason being is that i can't perform well with a vegan diet when i lift weights and building muscles. The only way to reduce hearth disease is not the diet, it's the exercise you should do on weekly basis. Don't expect to live long without exercising.

  42. Stephani Hunter

    My mother is 82 years old with diabetes and cardiovascular disease and a pacemaker. She has the full support of her entire medical team to go on a ketogenic diet. She thinks breakfast is eggs, bacon and avocados with coffee loaded with butter, cream and MCT oil. Not one doctor has had any concern whatsoever about this idea. It's totally flummoxing.

  43. chuter52

    why do plant based folks seem so intent on shading the keto diet? Are you in competition? There's a lot of info that supports the keto diet, as I'm sure you can find for plant based diets. Find what works for you.

  44. Reality isnt A choice

    All paid for by the plant companies and only tested on the sick.
    Dirty keto is bad.
    True keto is tons of vegetables
    The 70, 20, 5 ratio is only for adapting the 1st time.

  45. Feld Effekt

    Fear mongering with obsolete flawed studies. Look at the many ex-vegan statements here on youtube and get your own point of view. Vegan propaganda. High cabs plus high fats equals high rate of heart disease. Hardly Keto. Get your facts right.

  46. Yanuario Arias

    NO, keto and 0 carb dieters don't need to see this crap research your pointing out, we already know what's best, we have the evidence at hand, we've seen the results. these diets are the best for health, fat loss and longevity. your plant based diet only leads to mal nutrition and a need for supplementation while damaging our bodies, who needs that shit? not me! it doesn't mater what you show or what angle you present it from, you cant change how we feel or what we know. our pursuits are not based on ideology, there based on results. and the results are many fold.

  47. Beau Wansbrough

    If you want to be weak and look frail eat vegan. Vegan bodybuilders are on steroids… plant based diets are 100% unnatural. You need massive farms and food shipped in from 10,000km away. It's mental.

  48. Kevin Isbell

    I think a balanced diet of all macro nutrients is best. Vegan is obviously best for fat loss, but they all look so boney. I'm after having a physic not a greasy keto or a boney vegan. I'll just stay in the middle.

  49. Phil Olivetti

    THANK YOU PBN! I was eating Keto and feeling so sick. I watched this video a few months ago, followed Dr John McDougall and have never looked back. Going vegan and eating a healhty and clean way has helped me so much. #PlantBased

  50. Vinnette Pope

    ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information

  51. Tim Josling

    The only trouble the :"low carb diets"in the study referenced were nowhere near the keto zone. 5-10X as much carbs as a keto diet. Totally irrelevant, misleading and in a word you are lying.
    I tried the plant based diet and it was a disaster for me. Still dealing with the damage it caused. See the vegan deterioration channel for many examples.
    Without supplements a vegan diet will kill you.

  52. Russ Rasmussen

    Keto is king your studies are false the fill sorry for animals people all try to debunk keto it works the problem is so many that think there doing keto are not in ketosis because it's low protein low carb and most are over eating meat so they never get into true ketosis lost 50 lbs in 3 months blood sugar cake down loads of energy and great memory

  53. Topher G

    The only two drums these videos beat are reduction in blood sugar, which keto does, and that cholesterol rises. Well, what about the new science saying cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease? People go keto, people do Atkins, and other diets. Why are vegans the only ones who pontificate about their "right" way? Do your thing. I'll do mine, but I won't preach old science to you.

  54. Anna G.

    Thank you! Would appreciate videos on a whole foods plant based diet for Alzheimers. So many people (doctors included) are recommending low carb, keto for Alzheimer's–quoting studies to support this , etc. Again thank you for this video!

  55. Voorhees666Drummer

    Been in both camps. Keto wins I couldn't go back to been hungry all the time an having less energy an poorer mood. Its pretty obvious that alot of people commenting on here haven't tried keto. It's a game changer for the better

  56. R2BCH2

    It's ironic how the fiercest opponents of the ketogenic diet always characterise it under the false assumption of a high protein or even high meat diet. That is not what it is, hence this video is as intellectually lazy and dishonest as most others. I mean those who keep citing so-called extensive studies which always turn out to be inconclusive at best. Then they nudge it to fit the initial confirmation bias.

    One prime rule in the scientific method: Correlation does not imply causation.

  57. Raul-Beniamin Tฤƒtar

    "Meat heavy ketogenic diet" is an oxymoron. By definition a ketogenic diet is not meat heavy. I wonder how much value can there be in a video where such words popped up in the first 15 seconds. A ketogenic diet has a medium amount of protein overall, protein which comes from both, animal and plant sources (red meats, white meat, seafood, dairy, nuts, seeds and a big amount and wide variety of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and other vegetables.

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