9 Foods With More High Protein Than An Egg – Nutshell Videos

Nine foods with more protein than an egg Eggs are the poster child for protein- You need only watch sylvester stallone chugging raw eggs as Rocky Balboa for proof And the reputation is well earned a single hard-boiled egg packs six grams of protein dried spirulina – protein eight grams per two tablespoon serving Fish aren’t the only high-protein foods You can find in the ocean. hint: try sprinkling spirulina over a salad or use it to season roasted vegetables Spirulina is an organism that grows in both fresh and saltwater Greek yogurt protein 17 grams per single serving container When it comes to muscle recovery, plain Nonfat Greek yogurt knocks it out of the park those little plastic cups packed tons of protein in just 100 calories Gruyere cheese protein 8 grams per 1 ounce serving this Deliciously rich variety of Swiss cheese is arguably the most addictive way to get your daily protein intake just watch your portions Though while at 1 ounce serving contains a reasonable 117 calories Dried pumpkin seeds – protein 10 grams per 1/4 cup serving Pumpkin seeds may be best known for their magnesium, but they’re also a rich source of protein Top them on salads or snack on them whole Chickpeas – protein 12 grams per 1 cup serving chickpeas have iron, phosphate , calcium magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamin K which all contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength and they’re high in protein Tofu protein 9 grams per 100 gram serving whether scrambled or sauteed tofu is an ideal and Flexible protein for both day and night. it contains all eight essential amino acids Plus you’ll get a hefty dose of magnesium copper zinc and vitamin b1 Almonds – protein 7.5 grams 1/4 cup serving there are high-protein food but elements also make a great snack because they are high in vitamin E copper and magnesium Edamame beans – protein 9 grams 1/4 cup serving Fueling up with soy at your favorite sushi joint might be your ticket to proper recovery from barre class They’re an excellent source of iron and calcium Rolled oats – protein 7 grams 1/2 cup serving We often think of this breakfast staple as a straight up carb But it’s time to think beyond the bowl along with a hefty dose of protein, it contains filling fiber and a load of vitamins minerals and antioxidants.

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