80 Pounds Lost – Intermittent Fasting and Walking Monthly Progress Report September 2018

let’s do September 2018s progress
report September was a very interesting month I
started out the month doing the fundraiser for Jezza as well and so that
actually caused a lot of stress I was I put a lot of pressure on myself to get
those funds raised and and so that was a very different experience for me because
it really got me out of my comfort zone and after the fundraiser was over I’ve
also started doing some new things on this channel and on my website I’ve done
things that again get me out of my comfort zone
like offering coaching I’m working on a book right now and I’ve started to
interview people who have had weight loss success for this channel on top of
all that I have we were traveling a lot a lot of miles and we we’re doing our
schedules were very different this month so I had a lot of off plan days
and so all of that made for just a lot of challenges so first let’s talk about
my steps because that’s one thing I can definitely control my goal is to walk
six miles every day and I totally did that this month I ended the month with
four hundred and seventy three thousand seven hundred and eighty-one steps which
is a total of two hundred and four point 38 miles now let’s talk about my weight
during times when there’s a lot of stress
generally the scale tends to not cooperate with me so I was expecting
this month to be a little bit different and I’m okay with that I’m all about the
long term I ended the month of August at a 7 day average of 142.06 and my goal
is to be down to 140.06 a total loss of two pounds and my actual
seven-day average at the end of September was 139.37 which is a
total loss of 2.69 pounds which I am really floored
I really thought given all the stress and all the different schedules and so
many off plan days that it was you know is gonna be either not much of a loss or
even maybe a slight gain but you know overall I just kept going I didn’t let
it stress me out and I realized you know no big deal if the scale you know stalls
out and you know it just goes to show you that sometimes the scale is just
kind of mysterious now let’s talk about those fluctuations because I think
that’s always an important thing to show you
guys how much my weight fluctuates you know based on the single day weights so
my highest single day weight in September was 145 and my lowest single
day weight was 137 so this an eight pound difference based on you know which
day of the month you’re looking at and most my weight fluctuated within a
single week was five pounds so of course the weight loss is great and but there
are also a couple of other victories that I was really happy about the first
one was that we did raise the ten thousand dollars for Jezza’s well which
I am so excited about so thank you guys once again for those of you who donated
shared or even just prayed good thoughts my way and then the second big victory
that I saw was that I did not stress eat at all this month and I’ve talked before
about how intermittent fasting stopped my stress eating and that was really put
to the test this past month especially during the fundraiser because you know I
was kind of struggling with you know I would eat but I really couldn’t tell if
I was eating enough because I would feel hungry sometimes during the day and so I
was kind of struggling and I was emotional and things like that so this
month was really a big test of you know my stress eating you know was it really
gone or not so I felt really good when I look back and realize like you know I
did not stress eat so that was something to be proud of I think so how is your
September be sure to leave that in the comments you know are you on track we’ve
still got at 3 months we’ve got 13 weeks right now left in 2018 which is plenty
of time to drop some weight and get closer to your goals you know if even if
you’re losing like a pound a week that’s 13 pounds by the end of this year or you
know even if you only can lose half a pound a week that’s still six and a half
pounds that you’ll be down by the new year so thanks for watching be sure to
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Reader Comments

  1. Dori Butler

    ugh!!!! I was way off plan the entire month of September. I didnt even try! I was up about 4 pounds. I only logged 15k steps last week….about 2000 steps per day.

    No worries! I am not going to give up! I will not quit.

  2. 5D or Bust

    September was pretty successful. Down 7+ pounds but where the real success showed up was with the 'measuring tape'. This month I walked 5 days a week with each session walking over 7 miles each time (between mid 13,000 to a little over 14,000 steps each day). Eating OMAD with 48 hour fasts each weekend.

  3. Amanda De Longchamp

    Went down another 5, third week I regained 2, but thankfully I got back on track and lost 1 so Iโ€™m down a total of 4 overall.

  4. Rhonda M

    Yay! Congratulations….:) Thanks for sharing those fluctuations, they can really freak you out if you don't stay focused on the big picture.

  5. henrietta henson

    Oh ive had a terrible couple of weeks …its my birthday month @ most of my girl friends as well ..so its been all i can do to stay away from cake @ chocolate .. uh @ its my mom's 90 th birthday today so October' s shot to shit as well !!! I see a trend here towards Christmas HELP !!!!

  6. Latte Brown

    Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments for the month!

    Fluctuations…Your videos are so right on time for me! I've been having drastic fluctuations this month. I drink water and get on the scale and I've gained 2-3 pounds! I now know that it's nothing to worry about, but the changes can be worrisome. What keeps me going are the other benefits of IF. I'm still hanging in there…

  7. Craftybunny

    I increased my step goal to get to 6 miles each day over the past week…so that was a slow climb of hitting 10K steps each day and then increasing that to 12K and finally up to the full 6 miles. I took Sunday off from walking and that plus two days of eating too much made the scale go up :-/. (the cookies called to me!) I think the biggest bummer is that my fit bit doesn't register the distance the same as my treadmill as my plan of attack was to walk three 2 mile sessions in a day, but those miles weren't as long as the fitbit miles. grr so I had to walk almost 3 treadmill miles in each session. I need to figure out how to get the steps in quicker because being in walk mode for nearly 3 hours per day is not good for getting things done around the house. Oh and I should hide the cookies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Search For Sara

    congrats! I've just started my fitness/weightloss journey. I'm aiming for 15k steps a day. I'm going to share it all on YouTube too. It feels pretty scary putting it all out there but I'm hoping to inspire others as you are doing. We've in this together right?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. anonbutanon

    I'm glad you had good results despite (or because of?) the challenges. Wonderful!! I sort of had good results, but not what you would think. I attempted OMAD while having a relapse from my CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). One of the worst relapses I've ever had, lasting from August 1st to now but finally remitting, thankfully. I had to switch to 16:8 because I was too tired to eat enough in one meal to see me through a longer period. I'll do 20:4 for October so I can to let my body have that buffer during the rest of the recovery. So my new goal is baby steps to get back to OMAD before the end of the year with hopes of full remission. Weight loss is not even on the radar but definitely maintaining has been do-able, so I'm still happy. Results: didn't gain. Whew!

  10. Franco Catucci

    You had an awesome month Kayla keep up the great progress you are inspirational
    Im doing really well on omad almost out of the 200 hundreds 21 pounds from the high end of my weight range 185lb.

  11. Kristen Marie

    I'm on day 8 of OMAD (with Saturday cheat days), and I'm down 5.6 lbs – as a first year teacher, this is a lifesaver! ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒป

  12. 1GoldenBreeze

    Even with the stress, you had a very good month. Congratulations on the fundraiser and on the weight loss. There's a lady here on YT you might want to consider interviewing about weight loss her name is Tammi her channel is Keto Chaos. She's a mom of 9 children and has lost 180lbs doing keto and two meals a day.

  13. some person

    Congrats on your weight loss, you are such an inspiration! I have been really struggling lately – it has been a fourth or fifth "merry go around" – I will loose 4-5 lb, then fall off plan and gain them back. Very frustrating! It seems like sticking to a plan for prolonged periods of time really drains my energy! I do not do cheat day – I try to have the same plan for everyday (10,000 steps, meditation, 2 meals/day, whole foods only). On the days that I overeat, it seems that my weight goes right into my hips, and I really dislike how it looks, so I think cheat days are not for me.

    How can I stick to a plan without getting depleted?

    I also think that with me is very much "abstinence violation effect" or "all-or-nothing" type of behavior – if I slip once, it is usually 3-5 days of a slip before I get back on track (and during those days I gain said 4-5lb!!!). Bummer!

    Thanks so much!

  14. The Parental Unit

    I am really enjoying getting to โ€œknowโ€ you with your videos. I am just starting out (as of Sept. 1st) with IF on the 16:8 schedule and doing my best to reach daily step goals. I havenโ€™t lost any weight yet but Iโ€™ll keep on keeping on because the daily fasting makes me feel better and less sluggish. Im still working on improving my diet during my eating window. Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. All About Britt

    I lost 11lbs in September with Intermittent fasting and exercise(cardio only).
    I do 16/8.
    I have gained back a few pounds, two to be exact!
    I plan on losing another 15 by Christmas Day! Wish me luck!

  16. cruisepuppy

    How exciting, Kayla! You ended the month in the 130's – congratulations! I started IF at the beginning of September, so this was my first month. I'm doing 16:8, and eating 3 times in that window at 10, 2 and 6. I'm going to water aerobics 3 times a week for 1 hour, and on the other days, I'm working my way up to an hour a day divided between walking and bike riding – so far I'm up to 40 minutes on those days, with a rest day on Sunday. So – my first month's results: I lost 4 pounds going from 185 – 181! Totally happy with that! I'm having blood work done next week and hope to see that my cholesterol and triglycerides are down, too – not sure if it can show a change that fast on the blood work, but even a little drop in the right direction will be encouraging – I'll let you know how that goes when I get the results. ๐Ÿ™‚

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