6 Shocking Health Benefits of Fasting

So many of you know that I use fasting
in my life, I use it when I work with patients and I
think it’s really an incredible tool in order to help us heal and recover and I
think it’s very important for longevity purposes. I want to talk about some of
the different forms of fasting and then after that I want to go into the benefit
some of the benefits of fasting ok. So I’m going to start from the easiest to
and go to the hardest so what I consider the easiest forms of fasting that is
really easy for you to implement and then go to the hardest forms of fasting
which gets a little bit tougher but it’s still totally doable I do it all the
time. Trust me it’ll be ok. So intermittent
fasting is when you go and you eat all your meals within an 8 hour period. So
that means that you’re going to eat with an 8 hour period, fast for 16 hours. The
reason it’s so easy is because you’re still eating the same amount of food
you’re just eating within a certain window of time. You’re supposed to be
eating the same amount of calories that you would normally eat and eat like you
would normally eat however you want to do it in a smaller window allowing your
gut in your body of the chance to heal during those other 16 hours. Now when
you’re doing intermittent fasting it’s very important to be on a good quality
diet. You don’t want to do intermittent fasting when you’re on some really like
for instance the standard American diet where you’re eating a lot of processed
foods and carbohydrates so anyway you want to do intermittent fasting when
you’re following a diet more like the ones that are outlined in the heal
yourself cookbook okay so intermittent fasting once again eating all your meals in
an eight hour period and then fasting for 16 hours very doable I do this all
the time and it’s something that I really like and it’s very easy to
implement. So juice fasting is something that is fairly simple as well. And it’s
actually the one of the reasons I like it is because it tastes really good. So
you can make some incredible tasting juices. I have an example of one right
here. This right here is a mixture it has a lot of greens in it some carrots it
doesn’t look so pleasant ,however it tastes really good. Um
so juice fasting is when you’re going to take you know
kale, and spinach, and cucumber , and some fruits and then you make a really good
tasting juice and you literally just drink juice for a couple days. Um typically
I like to do three to four days and the reason that juice fast I think is easier
because once again it tastes good. You can change it up you can have all
different types of juices and you can have different flavors and so though
you’re not eating any solids you’re just simply drinking juice during those
couple days like I said three to four days is what I like to do. Um it’s a really
great fast to do. Well the reason I like the bone broth fast is because it is
loaded with collagen okay. So you get all types of collagen and minerals from the
bones of whether it’s uh chicken or beef bones or whatever type of bone broth
you’re making and you just drink that throughout the three to four day period
and you get amazing healing benefits from it. You get the benefits of it
healing your gut and giving supporting you with all that collagen and then you
also get the benefits of all the minerals from the bones. Now an example
of bone broth would be this guy right here okay, so this is what bone broth
looks like this is actually chicken bone broth. Now for more details on how to
make this stuff I’ll link an article below that actually has some of the
details of everything I’m talking about in these episodes. It’s hard to get into
a crazy amount of detail because I could talk here for two hours straight and so
anyway that’s what bone broth looks like it’s probably one of my favorites I have
done four day bone broth fast multiple times.Three day are a little bit easier
to do and the reason I think three days is easier is because you can start like
on a Friday and then a Saturday and a Sunday. And when you’re doing fasting you
want to do fasting during a time that you have more of an opportunity to rest
okay so you don’t want it to be doing fasting when you’re having a crazy work
schedule or you know you’re running around with your kids and things are
stressful that’s not the time to do fasting. Fasting should be done when you
have the opportunity to rest and relax and take a nap during the day and
whatever is necessary because your body is actually going through a healing
process while you’re fasting. The reason water fast is the hardest to
do is just because it’s simply water, like you are literally going 3 to 4 days
in only drinking water. A lot of it’s a mental game you know like it’s just that
you you smell food or you see food or you dream about food whatever it is a
lot of it’s a mental game. Out of all the forms of fasting water fast is
definitely the hardest just ’cause it’s flavorless but I will say that many
times that my bone broth fast turn into water fast because if you’ve ever fasted
when you drink anything of the same for 3 to 4 days, like in the case of a bone
broth fast you get a little bit tired of it. Day 3 you’re like really I find
myself….I don’t want… I can’t put that out there for everybody, but I find myself
getting really sick of the bone broth. So I’ll start drinking more water. So a lot
of times my bone broth fast turn into water fast. But anyway those are the four
types of fast that I typically recommend and the, like I said the easiest
intermittent fasting all the way down to water fasting, which is certainly the
hardest. Why would you even want to do fasting in the first place because it
doesn’t sound fun it doesn’t sound comfortable and you know like there’s
there’s a lot better there’s a lot better ways you probably like to spend
your days. And the truth is you want to do it for your health
because it offers incredible benefits the first benefit I want to talk about
is that fasting absolutely energizes your metabolism. When you fast it allows
your metabolism a chance to balance and heal and re-energize but it also helps
with burning fat because after you burn through your sugar stores in your body
you’re gonna start your body’s going to start burning fat for energy and it’s
gonna help you just burn that fat off while your fasting and then from there
it’s also going to help increase insulin sensitivity for the future so that when
you’re not fasting your body can actually store sugar much more
efficiently and your metabolism works better and you feel so much better.
Fasting also does incredible things for your brain it actually increases
brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is a chemical in the brain that actually
protects us from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and many of these these
neurodegenerative diseases so when you fast you’re increasing your metabolism
so far we covered and you’re actually boosting your brain. Now the third reason
fasting is so beneficial is because it gives you an opportunity to work on
healing your intestinal tract your intestinal tract works 24/7 all the time.
Even at night it’s still working and so when you fast it gives this the
intestines and the gut the chance to rest to heal to remove balance out the
bacteria within the gut it helps to heal the digestive tract the gap junctions
get all the toxins out and it really does an amazing job. Now the
fourth reason fasting is beneficial is because it helps clear your skin up and
help your skin look really vibrant. When I first started fasting to help with my
skin issues they cleared up almost within the first 24 to 48 hours of
fasting. So fasting also boosts your immune system and that’s number five. Now
when they done some… they did some different studies on rats and mice what they found
is that the the mice that were put into a fasted State on a regular basis they
had less factors in their blood that actually gave the indication that
they were going to develop a disease is related to a lot of oxidative stress and
so when you fast it helps balance your immune system reduce a lot of disease
factors within your blood and also reduce oxidative stress which is
ultimately going to really reduce inflammation in the body. Now the sixth
benefit of fasting that I want to talk about is longevity okay so in America
the average lifespan is right around somewhere I’d like to say 72 off the top
of my head. Now there is areas in the around the world where people are living
to a hundred and ten years old you know for instance like there’s areas like in
Japan where the Okinawans live until you know the ripe old age these guys are a
hundred plus years old and they’re still farming they’re still going about their
tribe and doing the duties that they would normally do and so when we look at
our genetic code it’s estimated that were as humans designed to live into
about 120 years old. So there’s a big problem if we’re only living to 75 on
average in America and the truth is that most people who are living to 75
aren’t living a very high quality of life right? So that’s 75 on how many
prescription medication 75 with how many degenerative diseases at that time not
only is quantity of life important but quality of life is probably even more
important to somebody. We talk about fasting and longevity it’s very
important to put the two together and realize that it’s really necessary to
have fasting in your life in order to really support that longevity when they
did a study with different mice what they found is that they had two
different groups okay the one group they were allowed to just eat whenever they
wanted the the mice could just graze all day long. And then the other group they
were required to fast two times a month for a period of four days now what they
found is that the group of mice that they required to fast for four days
twice a month they actually outlived the group that
was grazing all day by three months so three months might not sound like it’s
that much however when you look at the average lifespan of a mouse is right
around two years so three months is enormously significant. Another way that
fasting really promotes longevity is by boosting your human growth hormone. Now
when you look at someone who’s in a fasted state or somebody who is fasted
using intermittent fasting there’s test there studies done where
there’s been increases of human growth hormone by thirteen hundred percent
2,000 percent now when you go in and you start to increase human growth hormone
by those kinds of levels it is allowing your body to heal recover and reduce
inflammation so those are all the things that I wanted to discuss as far as
fasting goes ok so we talked about the different types of fasting my favorite
type of fasting some of the benefits of fasting and I will link below this video
some some more information on it. Benifits of fasting can’t be ignored because
it is literally a game-changer for so many people who are trying it so if I
was suffering from some sort of condition I wouldn’t do it fasting
without support from physician if I’m perfectly healthy person or somebody
who’s just suffering from some skin irritation or something like that I
would have no problem doing fasting personally so I think if you start
utilizing this in your life you’ll be really happy I would start with
intermittent fasting because as I mentioned it’s just the easiest to go in
and start doing on a regular basis.

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