6 Foods To Increase Testosterone

sup guys so let’s talk about six foods
which are good for increasing your testosterone levels first let’s talk
about what this is actually gonna do let’s say hypothetically you ate some
food and you remove some foods and therefore that helped to increase your
testosterone levels and you increase your testosterone from 515 nanograms per
deciliter to 650 nanograms per deciliter remember the natural range is between
250 to about 1100 if you managed to increase it by 100 nanograms per
deciliter what’s gonna happen are you gonna turn into a ripped muscular
monster no the the changes that occur within natural fluctuations of
testosterone really aren’t significant at all when it comes to muscle right
there may be some benefit for losing fat so if you increase this sauce around a
bit from sleeping more in eating certain foods you may be able to lose more fat
but overall the conex expect magical results from that oh the only time you
can expect magical results from testosterone are when you inject it into
your ass right and I don’t condone that but it’s so worth doing right so so this
is the video today 6 foods you can eat 6 specific foods you can eat that have
some evidence behind and showing that they may help to increase they’re so
strong so let’s get on with it so number 1 extra virgin olive oil extra virgin
olive oil is great lubricant when you run I mean extra virgin olive oil has a
lot of monounsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat has been shown like
saturated fat to have a positive correlation with the Saucer meaning you
consume more testosterone goes up the Mediterranean diet which a staple of is
extra-virgin olive oil has been shown to help alleviate and improve erectile
dysfunction Mediterranean diets have been shown to help increase testosterone
several studies have shown that olive oil um helps to increase testosterone
levels be sure to find a quality product right buy it out of a glass bottle by a
trusted brand because some olive oil brands mix in polyunsaturated fats try
to find a respectable brand don’t go cheap when you buy extra virgin olive
oil and it’s a great food you can you can put it on your salads you can
put it on your meals and it’s a great way to get in some good quality fats
into your diet number two is potatoes now potatoes
don’t have any special properties to help increase your testosterone levels
but they’re a great source of carbohydrates and we know that when you
look at low-carb diets low-carb dieters tend to have lower testosterone levels
not ki the genic diets low-carb diets and that’s because carbohydrates help to
decrease cortisol levels and overall that pretty anabolic right they help to
increase the Soron levels so overall I think that potatoes are one of the best
sources of carbohydrates you can consume as well as rice right now well tolerated
they are very cheap though versatile easy to make and that’s why I’ve made
this list they’re also high in many other beneficial things like prebiotic
fiber and overall they’re just a fantastic source to go with so that’s
why they’ve made the list number two potatoes number three
pomegranates no I’m not here to sell you on pomegranate juice and Chuck an
affiliate link in the description tell you it’s magical for testosterone no but
there was an interesting study where showed that 60 volunteers experienced an
increase of testosterone of 24 percent and increased mood and general
well-being after drinking it consistently for a while which is
interesting right so pomegranate has also been shown to help increase nitric
oxide which helps to widen blood vessels and may help get more blood to the
muscles that’s another positive potential positive there so overall if
you can find them in the supermarket then replacing some fruit you eat with
pomegranates may potentially help to increase some testosterone levels be
careful if you go and try to buy pomegranate juice because a lot of the
time it’s like 70% sugary apple juice or something
with 2% pomegranate concentrate for flavor so if you’re gonna buy the juice
be sure that you actually buy the real stuff sign an obvious sign that
pomegranate juice is fake is that it’s cheap because the real stuff is gonna be
a bit pricey right so the fourth is garlic the cousin of the onion right
really smelly but really aromatic grateful for for starting off dishes
with when you’re frying onion and garlic oh it smells amazing I love using garlic
in my food anyway there’s been some Rhett studies showing that garlic
helped to decrease cortisol levels and increase testosterone garlic also
contains a compound called allicin a little tip for me is to crush the garlic
and allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes and this helps the enzyme react for you
to get the most out of ellison that helps it convert into active forms and
this has been shown to help decrease cortisol and as you know anything that
decreases cortisol is gonna be good for increasing testosterone so there’s
another thing there ellison is what gives garlic that pungent smell we all
know there’s also another compound called dile dile disulfide dine on I
think dinah’ll disulfide and in rats this was
shown to decrease cortisol again and anything that decreases cortisol is a
good thing for testosterone so yes these studies are on rats and I’m trying to be
very clear that these are on rats so again don’t expect garlic to increase
testosterone significantly but it’s just something to keep in mind maybe use a
few extra cloves of garlic when you’re making some soup or some food um and
maybe that will give you some sort of benefit now the food epic ADO’s right
avocados have a lot of monounsaturated fat so for the same reason olive oil is
good for testosterone avocados a good for testosterone avocados are also very
high in potassium potassium being very important for muscle growth right
potassium is something that many of us are not getting enough of a lot of this
thing you know bananas are the only food with potassium but little did most of us
know avocado actually has a lot one avocado can have close to 900 even a
gram of potassium depending on the size of the avocado so avocados again a
versatile expensive sometimes unfortunately they can be used in and
sellers my favor is with guacamole and corn chips spicy guacamole with some
onion and garlic and tomato no my saliva is just running thinking about it but
yeah avocado is a great source of potassium
and monounsaturated fat so that’s a great option to consider as well you can
also consider avocado oil that can get quite expensive so because um
polyunsaturated fat like omega-6 is susceptible to lipid oxidation and
damage in the body and because it also has been shown to have an inverse
relationship with testosterone meaning the more omega-6 you consume the lower
your testosterone might get um it’s a good idea to try and get the majority of
your fats from monounsaturated sources so olives olive oil avocados avocado oil
this is what you should really really be focusing on instead of topping your
salads and your food with things like soybean oil and cottonseed oil
I think canola oil can be a good option because it has monounsaturated fat –
quite a lot of it but also as polyunsaturated fat I think it’s a good
option when you’re trying to use it for like Asian dishes where olive oil and
avocado oil wouldn’t really mix with that kind of flavor but overall try to
focus on on olive oil and avocado and avocado oil as a main priority now
number six is to consume more cruciferous vegetables so cruciferous
vegetables contain something called indole-3-carbinol and basically what
this compound does has helped to eliminate estrogen for the body
that’s why cruciferous vegetables may help to increase testosterone when
you’re able to decrease your estrogen testosterone is gonna go up right so
what are cruciferous vegetables for those of you who just don’t know and
fair enough cruciferous vegetables alike cauliflower
broccoli kale cabbage right so these are fantastic foods to be eating in general
for the micronutrients they contain for the magnesium they contain fiber and all
of that um but they also have this compound which may help to produce
estrogen levels so that’s the last food overall I think you know the best way to
eat them is gonna be through sauerkraut and kimchi I think this is one of the
best ways to eat cruciferous vegetables because in kimchi and sauerkraut
specifically it’s mainly made with cabbage but at the same time you’re
gonna get how lots a healthy bacteria which is good for your gut and also
cortisol levels so overall if you can get your hands on some spicy Korean
kimchi or some German sauerkraut then get your hands on those but other than
that you know consume broccoli and kale and cabbage and all of that next
your potatoes and steak don’t ignore your vegetables getting plenty of
micronutrients in is really important plus you have that added benefit of
cruciferous vegetables helping to get your estrogen levels down and we do need
estrogen in the body it’s important but generally you know it’s it’s worthwhile
to decrease in a bit so thank you for watching I appreciate it as always in
the comments section down below tell me what videos you want to see from me in
the near future anyway I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys
next time alright peace Oh

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Reader Comments

  1. Sammy

    The only two from this list I'm ok with are pomegranates and avocado. In regards to potassium, dried apricots are high in potassium as well.

  2. DivingDave

    I experiment with L-Theanine at the moment. Seems to work well against stress and could therefore also be beneficial for testosterone levels.

  3. Raj K

    This was a really good video Philip! I have a slightly unrelated question but I think you will be able to answer it really well. How would you quantify the energy expended from resistance training? This question confuses me because during the workout itself, resistance training has an aerobic component and anaerobic component (especially as the intensity increases) which would contribute to the calories burned. However, after the workout is over, there is an additional aerobic component (commonly known as epoc), which also burns calories. Furthermore, does increasing the intensity and weight lifted over time (thereby recruiting more type 2 muscle fibers) increase energy expenditure substantially (perhaps because of anaerobic metabolism)? If two lifters do the same exact amount of volume, but one lifter lifts twice the amount of weight each rep than the other lifter, will there be a large difference in energy expenditure between the two lifters? In this way, would increasing strength actually aid in staying lean? Brendan Tietz did an interesting video about this and it’s pretty short: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AirUAYm3X8w
    What are your thought on this topic? Thanks so much!

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