5 Cheap Keto Diet Meals | Low Carb Recipes On A Budget

Hello and welcome back to my channel,
today I’m going to talk you through five cheap keto meals that are awesome low
carb high fat ketogenic diet friendly meals that are just great when you’re
on a budget, or just all when you’re just looking for some more reasonable meals
to fill your week out, so let’s get straight to number one, egg roll in a bowl,
the marriage of two perfect low carb high fat ingredients cabbage and beef
mince, it’s one of those easy really yummy really rewarding dishes to make
that are enjoyed by the whole family, it’s only a couple of ingredients to put
it together, number two is my best ever chicken bake, now you can make chicken
any way you like you could roast it you could make chicken soup anything you
like but my favorite is my best ever chicken bake, which is roasting the
chicken legs in a lovely tomato sauce with a little bit of cheese sprinkled on top
and it is just so yum, so delicious and number three we’ve got sausages,
sausages are so cheap and easy to come by and just always check to make sure
you can find the lowest carbs possible, sausages that you can and my favorite is
having sausages with a bit of grated cheese and sour cream and maybe a bit of
avocado too – it’s just a yummy go to dinner that we have at least once a week
and next I have low carb cauliflower casserole, it is so easy to put together,
again four ingredients in this recipe and if cauliflower aren’t cheap where
you are, use cheap and in season vegetables in place of cauliflower,
cauliflower here fluctuates in price between $6 to sometimes as low as $2 so
when it’s on the lower end of the scale I go and grab me some cauliflower and do
all kinds of yummy things with it and finally you can’t, you can’t talk cheap
keto meals without talking eggs, you can scramble eggs make fried eggs make an
omelette or even devilled eggs there are so many ways to enjoy
eggs as part of low-carb high-fat keto diet, so there you go that’s that quick
and easy video for today with five low-carb keto cheap meals for you and
remember check down below I’ll have a blog post with all this information and
more and to make it super easy for you to make all kinds of yummy low carb high
fat meals and remember to leave a like and a comment let me know what is your
go-to cheap keto meal I look forward to reading your comments and remember to
subscribe for more low carb yummy inspirations just like this and we’ll
see you again soon bye.

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Reader Comments

  1. Made Whole

    hi. im from perth and id love to see what products you buy. Do you buy any organic products?? have you tried nutritional yeasts and if so how do you use it?

  2. Monique

    Egg roll in a bowl was one of the meals I meal prepped for lunch this week. I used bagged broccoli slaw in mine. So good. My other favorite is a low carb stir fry.

  3. Make Me Over WEC

    Hi dear. I haven't been keeping up with your channel but I am now👀👀. I love the concept of this video as I'm on a VERY strict budget. please keep them coming. thank you and I love how slim you're looking. you look beautiful!!

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