5 BIGGEST Intermittent Fasting Mistakes People Make…

Hey, hey, hey, everybody. What is up? Shaun Hadsall here,
the owner of Get Lean in 12 and stubborn fat expert. And I am going to
live here on Facebook. So if you’re scrolling through
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drop or comment below. Let us know what area of
the world that you’re from. And if you’re interested in
looking and feeling younger while quickly losing
belly fat, and you’re over 35 years old in
your 40s, 50s, or 60s, pay close attention. Because inside this video,
I’m going to talk about one of the world’s biggest
diet trends right now. And it’s something
that I personally use four or five
days of the week to maintain six-pack
abs for over 10 years. And I’ll show you pictures
at the end of this video– intermittent fasting. And we have a full crash course
on this inside our Hormone Optimization Diet Manual found
inside my Over 40 Ab Solution System. So somewhere on
this video you’re going to see a link to
click or tap where you can go learn all about that. But don’t click
it yet, because I want to talk about the science
behind intermittent fasting. And I’ll go ahead
and post 11 studies below confirming and
substantiating these claims. So if you don’t understand
what intermittent fasting is, let me quickly
discuss that first, and then we’ll talk
about these 11 studies. And I’m not going to go into
detail on all these studies, just 11 benefits
that you’ll get. So if you’re a female,
intermittent fasting should be about 12
to 14 hours a day, about five days of the week. So it’s as simple as stop
eating at 8:00 PM, and then the very next day,
you’d break your fast between 8:00
AM and 10:00 AM. Now, men can push this window
out 16 hours, even 18 hours some people can handle. But because of the
hormonal differences, I recommend women
don’t go over 14 hours. So if you’re a man, and
you stop eating at 8:00 PM, you go ahead and push your
breakfast all the way to noon. Remember, this isn’t
really breakfast. It’s break the fast. So four or five days of the
week, this is what I do. I stop eating around
8:00 or 9:00 PM, and then I break my
fast the next day around noon or 1:00 PM. And then sometimes,
if I’m not hungry because I’m in control
of my adrenaline levels, which is a hunger hormone– if I’m not hungry,
I’ll push that out 17, 18 hours a
few days of the week. So what this does is it kicks up
the body’s sympathetic nervous system, the fight
or flight response. And one study shows that when
your body starts burning fat during this fasted window, it
actually uses more belly fat. The second study shows
that it can naturally increase growth hormone levels. The third study shows it will
boost your metabolic rate. In fact, people who
fasted for 48 hours increased their
metabolic rate 11%. I would never recommend that
because it’s not realistic, and you could
potentially lose muscle. But it just goes to show
you that if you’re not eating every two or three
hours, the metabolism does not slow down. In fact, the exact
opposite happens, and the science confirms this. The next thing it can do is it
can improve insulin sensitivity and fight high blood sugar. It can reduce inflammation,
it can fight cellular aging, which obviously leads to a
lot of today’s modern health challenges. It can improve heart
and brain health. And research shows there’s
a direct link between intermittent fasting and
preventing things like Alzheimer’s or reducing the
symptoms of Alzheimer’s. And then, it’s even been shown
to increase lifespan in rats. So more human studies
are needed there, but I firmly believe that when
they do the human studies, it’s going to show that
intermittent fasting does increase lifespan. Because, think about it. It goes all the way
back to the Bible. Now there are five big
mistakes that people make when intermittent fasting. The first one is
consuming amino acids. And a lot of fitness
professionals and bodybuilders will recommend this. And I understand why. Most of those people
live so lean year-round that they’re putting
muscle in jeopardy because their body really
doesn’t have a lot of fat to burn. But if you’re going
to lose belly fat, and you have fat to lose,
skip the amino acids. Because leucine– the primary
amino acid that has all the research behind it– has actually been
shown to spike insulin. And when insulin is
elevated, it takes the body out of a
fat-burning environment, and you’re more likely to
store fat with chronically elevated insulin levels. So skip the amino acids. The next thing that people
do, that make a mistake when intermittent fasting,
is they think they can throw some
creamer in their coffee. Now, you could do this, and
it still mimics fasting. But because that
creamer has calories, you’re breaking the fast. So I recommend black
coffee with stevia. Also artificial sweeteners–
I would stay away from them. Like Splenda has been
shown to potentially impact insulin and kill the healthy
bacteria in your gut. So stay away from artificial
sweeteners and creamers when you fast. The other one is not
drinking enough water. See, one of the biggest
side effects when you first start fasting,
obviously, is hunger, because you’re not eating. Now keep in mind this will
go away after a week or two. And you just need
to push through it. When you hear your stomach
growl, and you’re hungry, that’s a sign that the
body is releasing ghrelin. Ghrelin has been shown
to be a precursor to release more growth hormone. So associate this
growling stomach with benefits
instead of thinking that your metabolism is slowing
down or you’re losing muscle. Just make sure you
drink a ton of water, and that will help this. The fourth thing that people do
is they don’t stay busy enough. If you’re sitting around
thinking about food, and you’re not
doing anything, it’s going to be awful hard
to be in a fasted state. What I find is that skipping
breakfast saves me time. I don’t like the
thought of having to eat five or six small
meals every single day. If you do that, and it
works for you, great. I just think it’s cumbersome. It can be kind of
a pain in the butt. I’d rather use
intermittent fasting and eat three or four
bigger meals than a have five, six, or seven
small meals like a lot of bodybuilders do these days. The other thing is
fasting too much. Remember more is not better. And I touch briefly on this with
the hormones of men and women. Now, if you’re not a fan
of doing this four or five days of the week, you
could go ahead and fast for 24 hours one day a week. And I recommend doing
that after a cheat day. So the 24-hour fast has a
lot of science behind it too. I just only recommend that you
do it once or twice a week. Whether you follow the 12-
to 14-hour fast for females, or the 16 to 18
hour fast for men, this is something that
you could do four or five days of the week because you
have a much larger feeding window. Now what I’d like
to do is I’d like to talk about the 12-minute
protocols inside my Over 40 Ab Solution system that actually
mimic intermittent fasting. So if you engage in the
right type of exercise during your fast or when
you break your fast, some remarkable things can
happen to your hormones. So what I’ve done is, up
here on the white board– let me try to put this up here. And we’re going live so I
hope I don’t lose everybody. So first of all, if
you’re learning something about intermittent fasting
watching this right now, do me a favor and type
yes in the comments below. Make sure you stop by and let
us know where you’re from. OK. So up here on the
white board, I’m going to talk about how my
12-minute Metabolic Zone Training protocols
found inside my system at the link around this video
mimics intermittent fasting in some very remarkable ways. Now remember, I’m going to post
11 studies below this video substantiating these claims. And when you go
over to our website, you’ll see over 30 studies. So I’m not just making stuff
up or making these claims. This is scientific,
peer-reviewed, published knowledge and information
that you’re getting. So first of all, look at
three hormones over here. We have insulin,
we have glucagon, and we have growth hormone. And then I have a column
for Metabolic Zone Training and a column for
intermittent fasting. And it’s pretty
remarkable what happens. When you combine the
two of these together, it can really help you quickly
lose more belly fat because of the hormonal effect. So first things first is
insulin is the body’s number one storage hormone. So a lot of people refer
to it as a storage hormone. And what happens is
insulin is elevated by food intake in general, but
particularly carbohydrates. When you eat carbs by themselves
or sugars by themselves, it spikes insulin. That takes the body right out
of a fat burning environment. Well, when you’re
fasting, guess what? You’re not eating, right? So insulin levels
are really low. Well, studies show that when
you use Metabolic Zone Training, it helps stabilize
insulin as well. So they’re mimicking each
other in those two aspects. Two is glucagon. Glucagon is often referred
to as a blood sugar hormone. And what happens is glucagon
is responsible for releasing triglycerol from your fat
cells into the bloodstream. That’s where that triglycerol is
converted into free fatty acids and delivered to working
muscles to be burned up. So you don’t burn fat
cells, you shrink them. And this is how you shrink
them is by elevating glucagon levels naturally through
Metabolic Zone Training and intermittent fasting. The third hormone
is growth hormone. So below this video
and over at my website, you’ll see studies
confirming that when you use my metabolic zone
training techniques– and that’s just 12 minutes
a day, five days a week, found inside my system
along with a crash course on intermittent fasting. When you do this,
growth hormone levels can increase 400% to 700%. And it also helps
increase adrenaline. See, when you’re
in a fasted state or you use the specific movement
patterns, intensity levels, and rest periods with my
12-minute metabolic protocols, or you’re in a fasted state,
or both, what ends up happening is the sympathetic nervous
system kicks up really high. This is the body’s fight
or flight response. And it forces the
release of adrenaline. Now, adrenaline is kind
of like growth hormone. It helps you burn
more belly fat. So now you can see how, when
you’re fasting– as well, growth hormone has been shown
to skyrocket up to 1,200%, some studies show. So it just goes to show
you that what happens when you combine
metabolic zone training and intermittent
fasting together. Now, each of these and their own
have amazing health benefits. But when you combine
them and create a synergy by using our system, you
can take your fat loss to a whole other level. And this is
specifically designed for the hormonal condition
of people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. So click the link
somewhere on this video, go over to our website. You’ll read all about my
57-year-old wife’s inspiring story about how cancer forced
her into early menopause. And she accumulated a
ton of upper belly fat after the treatments wreaked
havoc on her hormones. And you could see
her after pictures. After 10 weeks of following
these 12-minute metabolic protocols, she had
a flatter belly. She was 22 pounds lighter. And here we are this year. She’s 57, and I’m 46. And people always ask us
how we look so much younger than our real age. They’re shocked to hear
that we’re grandparents to four beautiful grandkids. Well, guess what? Using Metabolic Zone
Training combined with intermittent fasting
is one of our secrets. And we’d like to share that
with you so that you can get the same benefits that we do. And lastly, and
most importantly, it’s not about just
losing belly fat. It’s not about the
physical changes. Yes. It’s awesome to
look in the mirror and feel better about what you
see, and feel more confident. It’s about the changes that
happen in every other area of your life. When you engage in the 12-minute
metabolic protocols found inside my system,
and you combine it with intermittent fasting,
that discipline that you apply will leak over into every
other area of your life. And that’s my promise
and guarantee to you. If you don’t experience
amazing benefits in every area of your life. Karen and I, now, have become
better spouses to each other. We’re better
grandparents and parents, and we’re better
fitness professionals. And we improve every
area of our life by following our Metabolic
Zone Training protocols and intermittent
fasting together. And I’ll give you a 90-day
money-back guarantee if you don’t experience
those same changes. So if you don’t experience
radical changes in your body and in your life after applying
the 12-minutes protocols found inside of our system,
and after applying my intermittent
fasting crash course, I’ll give you all
your money back. Because I know it works. You just have to apply yourself. So thanks for watching this. If you learned
something, do me a favor. Click the Like button. Share this, drop a comment
below if you have questions. We’re 12-minutes in. If you’re still watching
this, you are amazing, and I love you. Because that is a long
time to keep somebody’s attention on Facebook Live. So thanks again for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. And keep going strong.

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