4LBS IN 1 DAY: Intermittent Fasting Results: Fasting For Weight Loss: Does Intermittent Fasting Work

hey what’s going on is Alek with change your life diet.com today I want to talk to you about fasting for weight loss and my intermittent fasting results now i want to tell you a story where I lost four pounds in one single day now i’m not talking about i lost four pounds when I was 50 pounds overweight that was kinda that’s kind of easy to do i lost four pounds in one day we’re not land with that my dead lo ok just the other day so let’s talk about this does intermittent fasting work? ok so let me tell you about my story so I lost 50 pounds you know initially so now I’ve been in maintenance mode the last of several years so you know just like anybody else i fluctuate a couple pounds 23 pounds here and there just just a normal fluctuation that happens some normally between like 165 168 and I not be in the mood for a long time if I you know get up a couple pounds over the weekend I’ll just you know get a little strict for day or two and i’ll lose it but what happened this week I don’t know what happened i don’t know what i did i must you know it’s something a little bit like too much at night I got 21 Stephanie which I haven’t been there in a long time and I really pissed me off because I and I was there for like three days and it wouldn’t go back down so you know I’ve noticed that the smallest smallest thing that you eat late at night we’ll we’ll get you to put on weight you could your body so sensitive like my body is so sensitive to what you eat at night that that is the the the determining factor that’s the variable that will get you to lose weight put on weight is what you eat at night and how late you eat it ok so i want to mess up somewhere so i got like five pounds heavier and just stay there for like three days and I kind of upset me I’m like you know what i am going to nip this in the bud I am NOT you know because I’ve been there I’ve been 40 pounds fifty pounds overweight and it sucks and i discovered something that really works well for me and you know if I have to if I mess up on Weekend somebody put on a couple pounds i’m going to nip this shit in the bud and i am i’m going to get rid of that weight right away because it’s always so much easier to maintain that so much easier to try to get rid of like two three four five pounds that you put on rather than letting letting it go and you know next thing you know you’re up 20 pounds 30 count because that’s just huge hurdle to overcome again when you’ve already been lean and I did not wanna do not want to go back there so um plus like the result that I’ve received is so amazing that there’s no way I’m gonna I’m gonna let this thing go back in and i know i know that that technique to use to get rid of that weight quickly right so what happened was when normally would do is you know even my maintenance phase which is like face three of my plan you have a phase 1 phase 2 and phase 3 is like a lifelong maintenance which I’ve been on for a few years what I would normally do is you might want my oatmeal in the morning I’ll eat you no-good satisfying lunch and all he eat like an early dinner with nothing but vegetables and all fast the rest of the evening drinking your account calorie fluids and also make sure all snack earlier today like whatever I want but you know when you really want to go hardcore you know this is what this is what I did the last couple days basically I said you know the determining factor is the amount of time that you fast in the evening so I’m i decided to just go really really hardcore and my oatmeal for breakfast around like a dirty had an early lunch I was around 11-1130 i was planning on doing a healthy lunch but you know one thing like to know that we just had a lot of leftovers and I’m just like you know whatever it doesn’t really matter what you eat early today so i decided to eat a satisfying lunch I just like an omelet with and we have one with some like kielbasa leftover some sausage I put that in our omelet with some vegetables with you cheese you gotta have some flavor in it and also put a like a bagel with cream cheese on it I mean it doesn’t really matter that kind of doesn’t that’s not the point the point is I had a satisfying lunch at 1130am and i ate nothing else for the rest of the cash i started my fast right away and but you have to anticipate that immediately after your your last meal you got to start drinking fluids to top yourself off to keep your belly fold so immediately after 1130am i started with you know a big mug mug of decaf coffee i probably had many 45 decaf coffees the rest of the day and into the evening what I like to do is you know you want to be sure you don’t put those artificial sweeteners i like to use stevia TV how are you saying and i also put like a little bit almond milk I’m sure that has a little bit calories but you know who cares it’s not it’s not that much of a deal breaker and if you don’t do that part if you don’t do that stuff you have to anticipate you have to continually be drinking drinking fluids in keeping your belly full because if you mess up you’re going to get hungry and then and then you’re gonna want to eat and you know you’re gonna screw up you’re going to eat something and it’s gonna you know it’s not going to work for you so you want to kind of keep your bellyful belly full and you want to anticipate yourself getting hungry and you want to plan ahead so I you know I wasn’t necessarily hungry 30 but you just got to keep making those beverages a zero-calorie beverages and it’s something about having a hot hot beverage like coffee or key that it kind of keeps your belly you know satisfied just make sure its peek at your meeting all that are all that caffeine and what happened was guess what it was he was one day and I lost I lost four pounds in one day I went from 172 166 in one day ok so i started my fast from 1130am one day till it was around like I tried to push it to 930 the next morning so I was almost like a 22-hour fast the problem with that is that you know I’ve experimented with the morning fasting and the problem with that is if you let that thing go a little too long you’re going to be busy and it’s gonna ruin your entire day and I’ve done that where I’ve tried to go for five hours in the morning without eating because that’s what everybody tells you on YouTube us all these intermittent fasting guys tell you you gotta skip breakfast but if you do that wrong you’re gonna be a zombie going to be unproductive the entire day so what I try to experiment with I mean personally like I normally do that I just as soon as I wake up I really practice but I tried to experiment with like it may be waiting one hour two hours two hours most in the morning before you eat because I guess you want to extend the time you’re fasting more time you fast faster you lose weight the more weight you lose but you know you don’t want to do that the opposite but you don’t want to do that we’re skipping breakfast and lunch and wait till like 4pm 5pm to have your first me like I don’t like that at all a lot of people do that online but it’s just it seems it’s backwards to me why would you go to bed with food in your stomach that’s just going to dunkin you find it you know the way I do it you can eat so much more volume of food if you do it my way if you eat food during the day you’re burning off without doing anything without having to exercise without having to do anything so what else was I going to talk about so fasting in the evening is the variable it is that the it’s going to what’s gonna make you gain weight lose weight that is the one determining variable you know I get some questions that say you know some people are tried certain techniques and we don’t really have it is creative that results but the thing is the one thing you can tweak is the amount of time so like I was talking about earlier in this in this video i wanted to go really really hardcore so normally i would probably have my dinner around like 4pm 435 p.m. something like that but I said you know what I i put on like five pounds i have to put just off and I’m gonna go hardcore so I had my my last meal at 1130am anti-fascist the entire rest of the day’s entire rest of the evening sold for about like you know 21 22 hours that is the determining factor when it comes to weight loss and you know that’s one of the benefits of decided I system that you can have days where you just you know you pick out are you you’re not really focused on what you’re doing just kind of take a day off and you know you put on a couple pounds but then you just ratcheted I copy you know for a couple days and lose a lot wait so this happened to my brother who you know I’m married but he’s single so he’s gotta you know he’s still gotta go out fridays that night you know how to get it with friends drinking you know when you’re single you know you got to take the girls out to get drinking you can’t just stop you you know how it works it easier if you if you buy them drinks you know your first day you and tells you that you can’t just can’t just go get a coffee with it was you know a date it’s just easier to get everybody loosened up with strength and all that so the problem is you’re consuming a lot of calories and you know you still got you know how to go out partying at night so that you know he has a value be Kenny put on some weight so what he told me that yeah you come you know monday to you that he just ratcheted graduate back up with the amount of you eating fast he doesn’t just lose all that weight back and gets back down to his base and you know you can choose to be as Lena if you want to be for me personally I got my high was 215 you know I got down to like a 180 175 out there for a while I was pretty happy with that but then I’m you know I’m like let me let me try to get a little leaner I’m you know if it after you’ve been there for a while anyway I get down to 165 and you know my address on a show so you can choose it to go as much as you want my brother he was 240 are you called me and he got down to about like 200 205 anything pretty happy with it you know he’s I don’t you you can get down to 180 you know he’s like six foot one you get down to 180 185 no problem to keep doing a just get you just get more extreme but you know he’s happy with where he is and you know he has an enjoyable lifestyle you know he does my diet somebody like I said you can choose to do get down to is Lena’s you want to be just how frustrated you want together in front and you want it ok so i believe and one other thing i want to say is the the morning fasting the magnet on your feet you decide to extend the fasten the morning you really got to be careful because if you if you go a little too long you get really dizzy and I noticed with myself like a good time period for me it’s like an hour and a half and especially I don’t want to get too graphic but especially like drinking coffee in the morning to try to like suppress your appetite with a lot of violent with these guys recommend and you know if you make the mistake of going to the bathroom in the morning on an empty stomach and you clean yourself out you get this you’re gonna hit with crazy hunger and now I’ve done that where I tried to just ignore that and just keep your coffee and try to extend the fasting for you know four hours five hours and maybe you’re just a zombie just busy your unproductive you’re just likely loopy and you know I found like if you want to try to fast in the morning you know it you could go an hour and a half you know like just have a coffee before heading for breakfast but me personally just doing it long and that is just like everything you really backfire on you so so yeah it is to summarize i did like you know I tried to squeeze into meals within like a three-hour period I you know a dirty breakfast and like 1130 lunch too kind of engine nothing with fasting and fluids afterwards and it works you lose a ton of weight really quickly you know it’s tough to do that for a long term basis but if you just wanna go go hardcore really quickly you don’t give it a shot and again it’s just something you have to stick with the rest of your life so this is something that you have to ease into any have a new kind of find something that is natural for you and you’re comfortable with Kevin you’re gonna be doing this forever so to to maintain your weight and why do you want to do forever because you can be leaving for the rest of your life that’s why you know I’ve tried every other thing you can imagine and I would lose five pounds eight pounds you know I was 50 pound away it is hard to stick to because the results results were so poor with this system i found it like the results are amazing but I don’t care what I have to do I’m going to stick with this system I don’t care how you know it might be a little inconvenient yeah i might come across like an asshole sometimes when social situations because i’m not partying and drinking you know like like everybody else I’m not eating birthday cake at 9pm like i don’t care i’m making your birthday cake at 9pm because you know I’ve been faster so many years and I finally got lean and it’s amazing you know so take my advice I beg you people take my advice you’ll lose so much weight too ridiculous this is the solution even searching for now over over simplifying a lot of my methods here if you guys happen to want the most like detailed you know step-by-step blueprint you know I have a weight loss plan that I don’t put together it’s on my website change your life diet.com and you lose a ton of weight and I guarantee you no questions asked and you also get my my personal email when you buy this isn’t my personal email it’s you know my name @ gmail.com you know I answer all the questions got any questions yet you got any you no comments or difficulties just asking LOL i’m always available so I there you go i hope you liked the video please like subscribe to my channel you haven’t done so please leave your comments and questions I’ll tell you no answer all the questions soon as i can and also check out my diet system change your life died i come i guarantee you’re gonna lose a ton of weight you lean early never thought possible so they may give it a try if you never know you might just change your life take it easy guys

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    thank you for your humble and powerful opinion ! this is so true . since i found your channel ive changed fasting period . no more fasting morning. it brought me great result . especially , no counting calorie , that is really makes me happy. and i take morning meal no carbs or very lite carbs with hight protein and fat meal, like beef steak with one apple or tomato. this is really works for me . cuz still my body burning calorie a lot, but there is not much carbs . so basically took calories from surplus . and eat big lunch with guilt free. and fasting. thank you for your hard work .!!

  2. Pretty Ugly Beautiful

    Very interesting. I've been doing IF for the last 12 weeks and absolutely LOVE it! I'm down 32 lbs so far (you can see my body shots in my latest video). I do fast in the morning and have my coffee (Splenda and black) in the morning and I actually feel great. It took a good week or less for my body to get use to it. I was doing the 16:8 (12:30 – 8:30 pm) method and started cold turkey. Now I am experimenting with the 20:4 (4 – 8 pm) method and I started working out while fasted (started 3 weeks ago) around 6 am but I don't eat until 4 now. I think it is a matter of getting your body use to the different schedule overall. This is my lifestyle change and never looking back!

  3. Eric Montanez

    I been doing intermittent fasting and water retention for about 3 weeks with amazing results… I work out every morning with weight training, and cardio and lost fat, and water retention yet still packing on the muscles. I'm in the best shape of my life so far.

  4. Ham Radio CQ

    Problem I have with IF is trying to sleep hungry. If I plan it out for like a 20-24 hour fast, if part of it is going to bed without eating, I get super insomnia, tons of energy, fidgety and can't sleep. I agree with the coffee, I always "pound the coffee" when I IF. Black coffee of course.

  5. Ham Radio CQ

    I also NEVER drink diet soda on an empty stomach (not that you should anyway), but when I drink diet soda on empty stomach I get crazy hungry.

  6. Engkoun Quan

    Thank you for your advise, I will try to eat in the morning and skip night time. I went into LCHF diet so far is good but the sugar still high. Perhaps eating too late at night. I will reverse time to eat hope it will be better.

  7. Silvia Moran

    Found you by chance and I’m incredibly thankful. Started following your plan this week and have lost 3lbs in 3 days. I’m looking forward to more success. I still eat the food I love with good measure and then do my fast as indicated.
    Thanks again

  8. pseudosun

    Glad i stumbled on this, because morning fasting was a horrible experience. I needed energy to work. For me, it made sense to eat while i'm working, and not eat when i'm not working. This is day 2, and i'm down to 298 from 300. I don't want to get too excited, because i've tried many things so many times. I appreciate your story, It's motivating.

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