4 Ways To Get Ripped Fast (100% PROVEN TO WORK)

hey guys so in today’s video I’m going
to give you four steps to losing weight much more rapidly now weight loss
generally works best when you do it over a longer period of time six to eight
weeks or so and you drop your calories in a slight deficit but there isn’t
anything inherently wrong with doing some more aggressive fat loss over the
period of let’s say two weeks the goal is to retain as much muscle as possible
and maximize fat loss and this can be done aggressively in a short term
strategy so the first way you want to aggressively lose fat is to take down
your calories a caloric deficit is required for weight loss this is very
clear and the evidence shows us you can’t lose fat without a caloric deficit
okay weight loss it comes down to energy
balance right so the typical weight loss strategy will then tell somebody taking
about 500 calories off then maintenance meaning if it requires 2,500 calories
per day for you to maintain your weight somebody would take that down to 2,000
and over the course of a few weeks they would end up losing just over a pound
per week so instead of the typical five to twenty percent deficit you can take
this upwards of thirty percent and do that for a few weeks in order to
increase the rate of fat loss but if you decrease your calories way too low you
may screw up your metabolism because of certain functions and effects on thyroid
hormones and you may also lose muscle because despite hitting your protein
needs if your calories are too low and your weight training and that goes on
for prolonged period of time the elevation of certain catabolic hormones
like cortisol are going to go through the roof is going to really negatively
affect testosterone and over time this will lead to muscle loss how many
calories you can take off your maintenance is going to depend on a lot
of things for example if you’re very overweight then you’re going to be able
to get away with a bigger caloric deficit potentially 750 to 1,000 but if
you’re below 20% or especially 15 and body fat and you’re trying to get to
about 10% or even lower the leaner you get the more difficult it’s going to be
to lose a significant amount of weight each week and simultaneously retain
muscle on your body so the lean you get the more important it is to take back
your caloric deficit to about 200 to 300 under your maintenance but short-term
it’s not going to cause many problems if you go a bit more than 200 or 300 so
number two is to eat a high-protein diet protein out of all the macronutrients is
the king protein helps you lose fat faster okay
so protein will help to decrease your appetite because of effects it has on
appetite regulating hormones such as peptide YY and glp-1 these two increase
when protein intake is increased we also have ghrelin the hunger hormone right
producing the intestines and stomach and this increases when you’re on an empty
stomach in order to signal to your hypothalamus that you’re hungry and you
should go and eat food so protein out of all macronutrients has the most
significant effect on ghrelin when you consume protein ghrelin goes down and
when ghrelin goes down you’re less hungry protein obviously also helps to
build muscle and the more muscle you have the more energy is required to
maintain that muscle mass hence more calories being burnt at rest
additionally digesting and assimilating protein and the body requires more
energy to do when compared to other macro nutrients such as carbs and fat
hence why protein overall because of all the reasons I just mentioned is king for
fat loss number 3 do the right kind of exercise so yes
cardiovascular exercise is so damn good for your heart health and for your brain
right but you don’t necessarily want to be doing as much cardio as possible so
if you increase your cardio to ridiculous amounts it doesn’t
necessarily mean you’re going to get the results you want more than likely it’s
going to increase your resting cortisol rates and leave your body and a
parabolic state which may lead to excess muscle loss so the type of exercise you
truly want to prioritize is heavy compound lifting you want to be doing
exercises like deadlifts squats overhead presses pull-ups and you want to do this
in two different ways you want to have certain days or certain periods of the
workout where you focus on lower volume and higher intensity meaning your
training between two to six reps and focusing on strength and for the same
movements you also want to be performing more volume and less intensity so that
you’re doing six to twelve reps focusing more on hypertrophy this is going to
target different muscle fibers and enable your muscles to grow to the best
of their ability when you’re trying to get really lean adding in some
cardiovascular work is actually probably going to be beneficial to enable you to
eat a normal amount of food but still be in a caloric deficit consistently so
cardio is not something to be ignored as just that strength training should be
prioritized you can also substitute some of your strength training with
high-intensity interval training which is basically sprinting intervals and
this can help build muscle in your lower body as well as burn quite a lot of fat
so the last strategy you want to use for very quick fat loss is going to be
supplementation now yes your priorities should be calories macros micros and
mail timing in that order followed by supplementation so you have to master
everything else before you go running to supplements and you have to understand
there is so much crap out there with supplements so many supplements are
advertised and marketed to say that they are going to help you burn fat and
understand that despite what supplement you take if you are still eating a
surplus of calories you are not going to be burning excess fat three of the
supplements which have a lot of research backing them are caffeine and creatine
especially those two and possibly your heme bine as well so thanks for watching
good luck getting ripped and shredded I hope it goes well for you follow this
advice and use it for a few weeks to see if you can get some rapid fat loss going
I’ll see you guys in the next video be sure to subscribe and
that little bell button just to get notified when I create new videos

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Reader Comments

  1. Rahjah Harris

    Have you seen Jason wittrock consume 4,000 calories for 21 days on a keto diet? He ended up loosing 3lbs. I've seen other cases where people have drunk 6,000 calories of oil and lost 50lbs.

  2. AlphaSierraHotel117

    Hey Philip, was just hoping to ask, have you ever heard of a thing called M.A.T (Metabolically active tissue)? Jonny Bowden (author of Smart Fat) talked about it and how it's a big reason why many people who have been obese since childhood were not able to lose weight, even despite doing everything right. Just asking, thanks in advance if you ever decide to cover this and for all the videos that you have done so far!

  3. blazein210

    Might be a little off topic, but can you make a video regarding procrastination? Im sure a large amount of followers have this issue in some shape or form. Thanks Philip!

  4. Secret Student

    Thanks a lot..can you please make a video about gynocomestia,im suffering for almost 3years i do a lot cardio but still it doesn't change.. thank you for advance

  5. W. S. Gibson

    Philip, what do think about hormones vs calories relative to managing one’s weight? I heard one doctor say that calories are the wrong metric to worry about, rather the focus should be on the hormonal response to the type of foods you’re eating. I don’t have my mind around this topic.

  6. J. Gess

    Could you do a video about any negative side effects (hormomal, slowing down weightloss…) of being in a long term calorie deficit (around 500kcal) while doing intermittent fasting?

  7. Petko Kostov

    What are your thoughts about Synephrine mate?
    To my knowledge combined with Caffeine and Yohimbine it works on 3 different ways on releasing energy from fat cells and is a good combination.

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