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Hey there, Lacey here, with “A Sweet Pea Chef.” Welcome back. Today we are gonna be doing a super exciting
four-ingredient tortilla recipe, and I cannot wait to share with you just how delicious
these are because tortillas are a real biggie in our house. We use them for tacos, and wraps, and burritos,
and just all sorts of goods, so we needed to have a healthy tortilla. And, you know, I shared my sweet potato tortillas,
and my spinach tortillas before, and those are great tortilla recipes but sometimes you
just want that, like, flour, chewy, like, just delicious flour tortilla flavor. And you can get that with a cassava flour
tortilla, which is really, really awesome. Plus these cassava flour tortillas are clean-eating,
they’re paleo, they’re gluten-free, they’re nut-free, and like I said, they’re just four
ingredients, so they’re very simple to make. So let’s get started. Before I forget, make sure that you subscribe
to this channel so you never miss my new weekly recipe videos because I share amazing tasty
recipes that are healthy like four-ingredient cassava flour tortillas, so you know you wanna
subscribe. All right. So cassava flour tortillas are sounding pretty
amazing, am I right? Except what the heck is cassava flour? I’m so glad you asked because I wanna tell
you a little bit about cassava. So cassava is a root that comes from South
America. It has kind of a nutty flavor, it’s a starchy
root, and it’s really high in a lot of nutrients, so it makes it really awesome as an ingredient. So the way that we turn cassava roots into
cassava flour is you basically peel it, you break it down, and you cook it and that becomes
the cassava flour. Part of that process is actually something
that creates tapioca which is really cool. However, a lot of people think that tapioca
flour is the same as cassava flour and they are not the same. In fact, tapioca flour is actually a starch
that is extracted from the process of making a cassava root into cassava flour. So they are not the same thing. Also if you just happen to be looking for
a cassava root at the grocery store, not sure why you would because you’re probably not
breaking it down and making your own flour, but it’s also referred to as a yucca plant
even though it’s not actually a yucca plant, a lot of people think they’re the same thing. And so if you’re at the grocery store, if
you see a yucca plant, it’s probably a cassava root. So I’m talking about how cassava flour is
kind of like a miracle flower, that’s because it is grain-free, it’s nut-free, it’s gluten-free,
so anyone trying to avoid any one of those three types of things is gonna be able to
enjoy their flour tortillas and not get sick, which is really cool. And another really cool thing about cassava
flour is that it behaves very similarly to all-purpose flour. So any recipe that you have that calls for
all-purpose flour, just use a one-to-one ratio replacement and you can use your cassava flour,
and that’ll make it gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, nut-free, all that stuff and it’s really awesome. It’s not root-free however in case you’re
on a root-free diet which maybe that exists, I don’t know. So that means you can also turn cassava flour
into muffins, and cookies, and cakes, and all sorts of those tasty baked goods. And if you’re sitting there and wanting to
just scream at your screen saying, “No, Lacey, cassava flour is poisonous. Don’t eat that,” you are partially correct
because the cassava root does contain some cyanide components. But the process of breaking down the cassava
root into cassava flour completely removes all of those toxins so that it’s not unsafe. So your tortillas are totally safe to consume. Don’t worry, they’re not death tortillas or
anything and you will not get sick. So I said these tortillas are simple and just
four ingredients and those four ingredients are cassava flour, duh, sea salt, melted coconut
oil, and some warm water. If you don’t wanna use coconut oil for whatever
reason you can always replace it with, like, avocado oil, or olive oil, or whatever oil
you prefer. In a large bowl, we’re gonna combine our cassava
flour with our sea salt and then whisk that until it’s really combined. Then we’re gonna add in our melted coconut
oil and our warm water and stir that together. You’ll notice as you’re stirring that it starts
to become a little crumbly and the liquid gets absorbed and it might get…it starts
to look a little dry, that’s the point when you’re gonna want to start using your hands
and kind of knead it into a ball of dough. If you find that it just is so, so crumbly
and you can’t get it to stick to itself when you press it together you can add in a little
bit more melted coconut oil or warm water. If you’re finding that it’s just kind of sticking
to your fingers and you can’t get it off of your hands, then you can add in a little bit
of extra cassava flour and then knead it all together again. Once you have the dough in a nice ball and
it’s kind of sticking to itself and it’s looking good, you can transfer that over to a flat,
dry, and clean surface, and then you’re gonna kind of form it into a log. As you’re rolling it out, you’re gonna need
to kind of squeeze it together and kind of form it into the log. It’s not gonna really do it as easily as you
might expect, like, regular flour to do it, but just kind of push it together and squeeze
it with your hands and then get it nice and even and symmetrical. Then we’re gonna divide it into six equal
portions. And you can divide it using a knife, a kitchen
scraper, some dental floss that’s not mint flavored, anything to just kind of get it
evenly divided. I’m dividing it into six pieces today because
we’re gonna be turning them into taco size tortillas. If you wanted to make it into like fajita
size or a burrito size tortilla, you can actually just, you know, divide it into four pieces
instead of six pieces. So you can kind of vary how big your tortilla
is gonna be by how many pieces you divide your dough into. So I’m gonna show you how to turn this into
a flattened tortilla two different ways depending on what’s easiest for you or what you have
available. The first way is gonna be using a rolling
pin and the second way is gonna be using a tortilla press. So the rolling pin is very simple. All you need to do is use a couple of pieces
of parchment paper or wax paper and a rolling pin, and a flat surface. And so go ahead and set your dough ball flat
on to your parchment paper and then put the other sheet over it, and then you just roll
it out into an even circle. You might have to turn the paper a little
bit to kind of get it as even as possible. It’s not gonna be perfectly even and round,
but it’ll be pretty close to that size and that shape for a tortilla. If you have a tortilla press, which they are
super awesome and you’re gonna see why in just a second, we are gonna be using a very
similar style. We’re gonna put a sheet of square cut parchment
paper down on to our tortilla press, then put your dough ball on to that, then put another
sheet of our parchment paper over that ball. Then we’re gonna close our tortilla press
and push it down as hard as we can. The tortilla press is made to basically press
your tortilla into a perfect circle, and it’s gonna be even and really perfect. So that’s kind of why people like tortilla
presses because it’s a perfect circle. So you can kind of tell the difference between
our tortilla rolled with our rolling pin and our tortilla pressed with our tortilla press. Either way, it makes a delicious tortilla,
it just depends on how you want it to look. If you’re interested in getting a tortilla
press for yourself I have a link for you right here and in the description below and they’re
pretty awesome, and they’re really cheap, so it’s not a big deal to have on hand. While you’re repeating these steps with the
remainder of the dough balls, you can go ahead and just store your press tortillas to fit
in between parchment paper sheets so that they don’t stick to each other and then get
all stuck and then you have to do it all over again. Also, I should mention that this recipe easily
can be doubled or tripled or quadrupled, depending on how many tortillas you wanna make. You wanna make all the cassava flour tortillas
ever, you can just keep on going. So now it’s time to cook our tortillas, this
is super exciting. So heat our skillet or griddle over medium-high
heat. No need to add any oil because our tortillas
already have that coconut oil in them. And then once you have it nice and hot, we’re
gonna place one tortilla onto our skillet. And what we’re looking for here is basically
you’ll notice that bubbles start to appear all the way around the tortilla and that you’ll
start to see a little bit of steam start to come up on the edges. It’ll take about one to two minutes. The hotter the skillet the quicker the tortilla
is made. Then once you see that just flip it on over
and cook for another 30 seconds to a minute, and you have yourself a delicious cassava
flour tortilla ready to eat. Then remove it from the heat and place into
a warm kitchen towel where you can have all of your tortillas stacked together as you
cook them the heat from the tortillas will kind of keep everything nice and soft and
pliable in the towel, which is really cool. You can use these tortillas for quesadillas,
for burritos, to just have a tasty tortilla along with some soup. My new goal is to turn these cassava flour
tortillas into tortilla chips, or taquitos or both, using my new air fryer but that is
for another day. To store your tortillas you can place them
between layers of parchment paper and you can put them in a resealable bag. I have these brand new eco-friendly, reusable
sealable bags which are super awesome. I can link to them if you want, and I can
just store them either on the counter or on the fridge, and they last all week, and I
just grab it ready to go. You can also freeze them this exact same way
just make sure that you use parchment paper in between the tortillas so they don’t stick
together. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you love these four-ingredient cassava
flour tortillas. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up,
and to check out my tortillas playlist for a bunch of other ways to make tortillas because
yes, that’s right, I love tortillas so much, I made a playlist about them. Thanks so much for watching. I will see you next time. Bye-bye. [00:09:52]

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  1. Mike Williams

    I roll out the dough and use a small pan lid to cut the dough into a circle. Take the extra and add back to the other balls

  2. A Real Kitchn

    I just discovered these a few months ago (Siete Food brand) and love them…but very pricey! Great recipe so I can make them on my own!

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