3 Reasons You Can Derail Your Clean Eating Diet: Part 1

What are the three things that can
derail you in your path to clean eating. Reason number one: Not having the food
available, in our fast food nation we’ve gotten into the habit of not thinking
about food until we’re hungry. Most people don’t think about what they’re
going to have for supper until 4 p.m. That results in a trip to H-E-B or
drive-through or “let’s go eat out” or even worse, I’ll just have a bowl of
cereal tonight. I have a business that produces pre-made meals for busy
families. A lot of the meals are just stick in the oven, but some of them
involve cooking things on the stove. Everything is chopped and portioned. It
just involves dumping things into a pan for 10 or 15 minutes and standing at the
stove. Most of my customers don’t even want to do that, so I know that people
want the minimum amount of work. Often they’re just too tired after a long day
of work to do anything. And you’re tired because you’re not eating clean. It’s a
vicious trap. You can eat clean, it just takes a little planning, and then it gets
easier. You will feel so much better, just plan a little. We’ve made that so much
easier for you at The Studio Kitchen. Get started by ordering my oven ready meals.
Get on the path to clean eating, you’ll feel so much better!

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