3 Reasons the PALEO Diet is NOT for People OVER-40

Should people over
40 do the paleo diet? That’s the question I’m going
to answer inside today’s video. My name is Shaun Hadsall. I’m a 47-year-old,
stubborn fat expert. I am the founder of online
community Get Lean in 12. And if you’re over 40 years
old, you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, and you’ve
attempted or you want to attempt the paleo
diet, the ketogenic diet, or the vegan, vegetarian,
plant-based diet, you’re going to want to stop
by and pay close attention. Because I’m going to share
inside this video why all three of these diets
can disrupt hormones because they do not cater to
the current hormonal condition of people over 40 years old. Now, I’m also going
to provide you with a one-day,
hormone-resetting diet solution you can use
in conjunction with any of these three diets. And you can learn all about it
at the link around this video. But don’t click it or tap it
yet, because inside this video, I want to talk about how to
do paleo for people over 40. I’m going to talk
about the challenges here and the solutions. And by following the advice
I give you in this video, you can attempt the paleo
diet without worrying about these pitfalls. So the first challenge of
the paleo diet is low iodine. Low iodine is necessary for
the body to produce hormones. And I was just
reading a study here. It said a doctor and former
professor of medicine at the University of
Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas commented
on the study by saying, the paleo diet eliminates the
major sources of dietary iodine in the typical diet today. Now, this is very important
because the thyroid gland regulates metabolic rate and
also controls body weight. So the simple solution to this
is to eat more sea vegetables or supplement with iodine. Sea vegetables are
very rich in iodine. Now, you can also help
with thyroid production by following my one-day,
hormone-resetting diet solution that you’ll find at
the link around this video. The second pitfall of the
paleo diet is fatigue. And the main reason this happens
is because the paleo diet typically lacks glucose. Now, glucose is not
only a building block to produce TSH, Thyroid
Stimulating Hormone. Glucose is also
responsible for creating ATP, which is our body’s
primary energy system. And this is why people probably
experience fatigue on the paleo diet– because they’re
lacking glucose from things like potatoes. So even though
potatoes can be dug up, they weren’t around in
the Paleolithic era. So a lot of people think that
potatoes aren’t a paleo food. Now, there’s a dozen other
hormone-boosting foods that aren’t paleo that you
can use as well that you’ll learn all about inside my system
at the link around this video. But the main thing
to focus on here is meal timing and combinations. By timing your meals using
my one-day hormone reset diet the right way every
single day when you wake up, you can actually increase
growth hormone up to 1,200%. Now, also, this meal
timing will also help you avoid fatigue because
it boosts the metabolism. Also, if you just combine
your foods the right way, you get control of
the hormone insulin. When insulin is stable, it
gives us high energy levels. And it keeps the body
in a healthy environment to help boost the metabolism. The third and final
pitfall of the paleo diet is there’s little to no
hormone-boosting foods. And inside my
solution, you’ll find how to time your meals
the right way, how to combine your meals the
right way, and how to use– good news here, all right– strategically-timed,
high-carb cheat meals. That’s right– by strategically
timing high-carb cheat meals every single week, you
increase leptin sensitivity. Leptin is the hormone that
communicates to the brain and to the body to help
regulate body weight. Also, you’re going to
increase melatonin production. And that was another pitfall
and negative side effect of the paleo diet when
they did research. A lot of people had
disrupted sleep. And it’s because the
paleo diet doesn’t have the hormone-boosting
foods that can help regulate the cortisol
cycle so that the body produces adequate melatonin. Now, fortunately, there’s
a solution to all this. You can find it at the
link around this video. So click it and tap it, and
you can go learn all about it. I’m also going to share
with you– on that website, there’s a pile of scientific
studies backing up everything I talk about. I’m going to talk about
the potential deficiencies and pitfalls of the
keto diet and the vegan and vegetarian
plant-based diet as well. And I’m also going to provide
you with a one-day hormone reset solution
that’s specifically designed to help reactivate
declining hormones for people over 40 years old. So if you got something out
of this video, do me a favor. Click the Like button. Most importantly, share this
with people over 40 years old. All of us are out there
trying to attempt these diets. And if you’re over 40
years old, and they don’t cater to your
current hormonal condition, and you don’t understand
these potential pitfalls, they could potentially do more
harm than they could good. Now, we’re almost
five minutes in. Time is our most
precious commodity. I’m very grateful you took
time out of your busy day to check this out. Thanks for watching,
and God bless.

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