3 Healthy “Oatmeal” Recipes | vegan, paleo, low carb breakfast

hey everyone and welcome back it to my
channel today we are making some healthy note meal or foe oatmeal recipes using a
secret ingredient so if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and let’s get into
the recipes so to start off the base the base of all these recipes are gonna be
cauliflower and cauliflower is so great for you it’s rich in vitamin K it’s rich
in choline which is good for your brain it’s got fiber and it’s grain and gluten
free making this a paleo and low-carb recipe I’m adding in some full fat
coconut milk which is great for digestion and it’s gonna keep you full
some flax for some fiber and then some vanilla for flavor so this is the base
that’s gonna make each of the three recipes so we’re gonna click that over
medium heat basically until the cauliflower softens and it comes into an
oatmeal texture and more of the coconut milk is absorbed so just keep stirring
that till you get a nice thick and then that way you can add in your collagen or
protein powder if you like I like adding in collagen because it doesn’t change
the consistency and it’s got lots of amino acids that are super good for you
plus collagen is great for your gut your hair your skin your nails and your
joints but it is optional I just stir that in so the first flavor we’re gonna
make is cacao almond so I separated I make sure into three is gonna make three
breakfasts I’m adding in a tablespoon of raw cacao which is loaded with
antioxidants as well as a quarter teaspoon of this cacao honey you could
also use plain honey but since I had honey that had cacao in it I figured it
would work well in this recipe and then I am just stirring that together so if
you wanted to make the whole batch with the raw cacao flavor you would just
multiply this by 3 so I’m stirring that until everything is nice and combined
and then you can meal prep this you can bring it to school or work it’s perfect
you don’t even recognize really that it’s like cauliflower sort of oatmeal
and it’s a great way to get more embed G’s in so you just put that into your
bowl I’m separating it that down and then I’m drizzling that with some almond
butter so almond butter is rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin
it’s got wonderful healthy fats and the healthy fats along with the fiber and
all the color is really gonna help keep you full and I’m just whirling that and
to kind of make it pretty but you don’t have to do this and then I’m
on a few dairy-free sugar-free chocolate chips oh this is a little less than a
tablespoon just to kind of complete it on top and because our dairy free
sugar-free they work well and you get this wonderful bowl of chocolate note
meal that basically looks and tastes like dessert but it’s full of vegetables
the next one we’re making is a cinnamon berry
so to my base I’m adding in just some cinnamons this is more of a plain or
what would be like a plain oatmeal of oatmeal recipe so you’re stirring that
together and then I’m putting that my bowl and I’m adding in some chia seeds
chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 and they actually have 64 times more
potassium than a banana per serving which is crazy I’m adding in some
blueberries and then in the center of the blueberry like circle I’m adding in
some sunflower seed butter it’s just a great alternative to nut butters I like
to change it out and it’s using sunflower seeds which is good so you
can’t have nuts I would go for a sunflower seed butter or a pumpkin seed
butter both are really delicious and the last flavor we’re making is this matcha
coconut so I’m adding in a teaspoon of matcha into my base and you can tell the
quality of the matcha by how brightly green it is I use the one from a Poteau
and it’s just really good March is great because it’s got a little bit of
caffeine but it also has something called l-theanine which helps from a
focus and you’re also not gonna get as jittery Plus matcha has a really great
flavor as well so putting that into my bowl and then I’m going to be drizzling
it with a little bit of coconut butter which is just pureed coconut as well as
some hemp seeds so hemp seeds add healthy fats and fiber and so does the
coconut butter and it is really the flavors work well with the matcha I had
it for breakfast this morning it was super delicious and there you go if that
is your matcha coconut and I love all of these flavors but what’s really great is
that they kind of make you feel like you’re having oatmeal but you’re not
you’re having an oatmeal it so it’s grain free it’s low carb and you get to
snake your veggies in in a great way which is crazy and the possibilities are
endless anyway you would have your regular oatmeal
you can have your cauliflower oatmeal so I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already it’s to stay tuned for a lots
more delicious healthy easy recipes and I will see you guys in my neck
video bye guys you

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Reader Comments

  1. Tracy Quebral

    What are cauliflower oats? This looks very promising, and will help me so much. Can you reheat leftovers? My wheels are turning to think about possible savory noatmeal as well. Thank you so much!

  2. Talia Kussman

    this was SO CREATIVE! the chocolate one looks yum, idk if i would actually like cauli-flower oatmeal though, it sounds a bit weird haha but overall genius idea. love your videos xoox

  3. יעל שטרן

    Such an interesting and creative idea!! Wow. But coconut milk is very high in fat. Can I substitute for soy milk? And did you use frozen cauliflower?

  4. Janet Bibriesca

    Wow! This take on " oatmeal" looks very good. I would like to try this for dinner when I want something sweet but don't want to have any more carbs fir that day👍

  5. Samantha Danner

    Wow califlower for oatmeal never thought that got to try the matcha especially the coconut flavor yum yum. I been trying to find breakfast recipes with the can coconut milk thank you

  6. Maryan Porter

    You are brilliant. Such different recipes. I already bought cauliflower and coconut to make the bowl you did last week. That first then oatmeal bowls next. Thank you for such inspiring recipe ideas!

  7. Nicole Lombardo

    Hey Liv! Been watching you for a while…You're such an inspo and everything is so tasty! Just wondering how u prepared the cauliflower? Whats the easiest way…like grate it and then freeze the remainder for later use?

  8. Elise Maric

    Tried this for breakfast yesterday and I was kinda scared as I'm not a huge cauliflower fan but this was amazing!! Kept me full for so long too 😍

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