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welcome back to my channel and welcome
to a new video today I’m sharing with you guys three healthy meal ideas that
you are going to love they’re all full of great things for you they’re gonna
help nourish you fill you up give you energy plus they taste delicious so if
you’re new subscribe for more healthy recipes and let’s get into it so the
first thing we’re making is this refreshing watermelon salad I’m starting
out with a base of greens and I did a mix of spinach and arugula
then I’m chopping up half a zucchini and zucchini is great because it has a high
water content so it’s gonna be really hydrating especially in the summertime
you could also do cucumber here that would be really good and also super
hydrating and you can cut it into quarters like I’m doing or even make it
into ribbons and then I’m slicing up some watermelon again watermelon is
super hydrating it adds a little bit of sweetness to the salad and I find when
it’s really hot and humid out I want something refreshing like this salad and
the watermelon really works well in it so I’m just slicing this up into cubes
it would also be good to kind of just prep the watermelon ahead of time keep
the cubes in your fridge that you can throw into your salad whenever you like
and just have it on hand for the whole summer too for snacking I’m adding that
into the bowl along with the zucchini and then I’m going to be adding in some
walnuts and walnuts are super great for your
brain they kind of look like a brain so that’s a great way to remember that
they’re good for your brain and then some avocado which adds in some great
healthy fats but also it helps the creaminess of the salad and kind of
combines with the lime juice that we’re gonna add to kind of almost make like a
dressing it’s super delicious and I also find the combo of watermelon and avocado
to be really especially yummy so adding that in and then I’m adding in some
fresh mint which goes along with a refreshing theme of this salad but mint
is also really great for digestion so kind of adding this in into your meals
is a great way to kind of help digestion while you’re eating and then I’m just
squeezing the juice of half a lime over this not only does this help
to preserve the avocado if you’re transporting this salad or eating it
later but it also adds great flavor that kind of almost marinate the watermelon
and gives it a great texture so this is definitely a summer staple with the
watermelon and the mint in the avocado it’s creamy it’s satisfying still
refreshing super hydrating and is going to be filling while being great for your
digestion up next we’re making these chicken lettuce cups which is kind of a
really go to quick meal for me so I’ll prep some chicken at the beginning of
the week I really like using chicken thighs lately I find they have a lot
more flavor they are a bit more fatty or kind of meat than like a chicken breast
but the fats actually good for you and helps to fill you up so I will just bake
these off for half an hour at 400 with a little bit of seasoning and today I’m
using the taco seasoning you can definitely make your own taco seasoning
at home there’s lots of recipes on Google but I find buying an organic one
that’s just already mixed together super easy sprinkle that on the top and then
that way when you come home for lunch or dinner you can throw them onto some
butter lettuce to make some lettuce cups and I’ve been adding mango to them and
this is so good I first had this combo when I was in Bali it was like a chicken
mango burger and it was delicious and ever since then the chicken with the
ripe mango really goes well together it complements it really nicely and then
I’m adding in some fresh cilantro if you’re not a cilantro person any fresh
herb really elevates dishes and fresh herbs are a great thing to incorporate
into your meals because they have a lot of medicinal properties so for example
cilantro it’s very detoxifying great for us in the summertime when you kind of
just want to minimize bloat and things like that so these is a really good
quick meal that you can make with chicken you have on hand or really any
kind of protein but it’s still super delicious and then we’re making this
shrimp stir-fry so I’m slicing up some mushrooms
mushrooms have a great meaty texture but also mushrooms are a fungi and they’re
really good for your immune system we definitely don’t want to get sick in the
summertime but I mean again these recipes are still great any time of year
but they’re definitely summer inspired so slicing up some mushroom
and then I’m going to be adding that into a pan which is a little bit of
avocado oil because we’re going to be cooking them down and comment down below
your favorite vegetable guys I don’t think I could pick my favorite vegetable
probably broccoli which we’re going to be adding into a minute because I love
broccoli and but let me know your favorite vegetable so we’re adding in
the broccoli broccoli is a great cruciferous vegetable it has something
called a 3c which is great for your hormones while that’s cooking I’m making
my sauce out of some coconut aminos garlic and ginger garlic and ginger are
both great anti microbials antifungals both really good for digestion as well
and then a little bit of tapioca flour which is optional but helps to thicken
the sauce and helps to kind of adhere to everything and you get that kind of
thick stir-fry sauce texture so stir that together and then I’m also adding
in some bok choy which is a great leafy green leafy greens in general are super
good for you and bok choy is a great alternative if you’re not the hugest fan
of kale plus it really works well with the broccoli and the mushrooms to kind
of get that asian-inspired the flavor and the more greens you can get in the
better so when the bok choy wilts down you’re kind of able to eat more because
it’s less volumous I’m adding in some shrimp I’ve been on a wild shrimp kick
lately but you can definitely do your favorite protein here whether it be
chicken or tofu and kind of stir that together once the shrimp start to get
slightly pink and you’ll know when they start to cook because they just changed
color and they get pink you can add in your sauce and the sauce will thicken as
it coats and cooks with the shrimp as a shrimp kind of finish up cooking so once
the shrimp are completely think you know they’re done cooking and they cook
really quick which is kind of why I love this also adding in some cashews but you
can do any kind of nut but cashews definitely are more asian-inspired and
I’ve add some like nice healthy fats this dish once it’s done I just put a
little bit of green onion on the top for some flavor and you have this really
quick stir-fry that is a great quick meal if you need something that’s still
gonna be delicious nourishing and satisfying you don’t have a lot of time
alright guys I hope you enjoyed these healthy meal ideas they are so yummy I
literally just had the stir-fry for lunch it was easy it was
quick delicious don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and I’m
going to leave my healthy recipes playlist right here tons more healthy
recipes there to give you guys inspiration or obviously the recipes
themselves so I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in
my next video bye guys

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  1. keepupwithliv

    You will LOVE these recipes! they are nourishing, satisfying and most importantly taste SO GOOD! Thank you for watching <3

  2. Insiya

    Liv for the pizza you made the other day,, how much water do I need to add? I didnt see it in the description, thats why I am asking you.

    My fav vegetables: avocado tomato brocolli bellpeppers cauliflower

  3. Dining With Tara

    Great video as usual Liv! I am a huge fan of interesting salads. As an oncology nurse, also in NP school- I absolutely love how you talk about holistic healing. I incorporate holistic foods and modern medicine into my current practice- and I love to see influencers, such as you, encouraging healthier ways, without sacrificing delicious meals 💕

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