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top 20 prehistoric fiction novels of
$MONTH 2015 2016 number 19 saber-tooth dawn of mammals book1 bilu cable park
ranger Hannah Kate’s leading a group of gifted teens on fossil hunting field
trip on a rock slide under covers a portal through time they are with back
to an era when giant predator mammals around the earth they want desperately
to find their way home but first they have to survive a world where bizarre
hungry mammals ruled North America they have to survive the dawn of mammals
cro-magnon by robert simpson cro-magnon is an archaeological technical douglas
preston in lincoln child Jane all you wish you could chuck your
workday life traveled to a mountain fastness and engage in a mortal struggle
when in colder burned-out paleoanthropologist and caitlin Blaine
brain-scanning geneticists are dragooned by ruthless industrialist to dive on a
water la cave into jika Stan they find not only permafrost adapt restore bodies
but also wall drawings that recount the travails told an interlocking story of
an outcast cro-magnon woman and they’re half Neanderthal baby meanwhile the two completed scientists
facing imminent death must escape into a frozen wilderness with a priceless
burden against all instinct by Joshua bore Conteh is a member of a tribe of
nomads wonder this dangerous world where the changing of the seasons Harold’s
increasingly deadly creatures yet even in the most dire circumstances as people
are determined to find a way to forge onward and carve their own path from the
column of early spring to the relentless cold of the inevitable winner called his
family and tribe are tested against dangerous enemies choose its strong and determined on
assets to overcome the odds with the will of iron grip but nothing that
cheese will be without sacrifice following in the footsteps of Jane them
all and William Sarah ban against all instinct is a novel of prehistoric
fiction for adults and young adults alike number 16 sticks and stones from East passing of
Ages saga book 1 by Spitzer hangs pro and the other young men to be of the
aruba trial are ready to make their journey through the prehistoric world
around them their destination is the circle there they can go through the
rights to become in a value to the trial wrote though has begun to take notice
the change in his world something beyond the story is told around the campfires
number 15 captive of the beastman by ember frost the old ones of Rennes tribe
long told stories of the beast men terrible creatures that walk upright
like men but with the faces and souls of fearsome animals the winner tribe must
flee from their forest home and discovers that the legends are not just
stories told around the campfires to frighten children the Beast men are
terrifyingly real and they take ren and our best friend captain will the hunters
from her tribe rescue are or will she remain a slave of the beast men forever
heart of the bison Neanderthals book 1 by Glenn’s . as a laminate light from
the slumbering fire dances across the roof of the cave young girl wakes from a
dream xtreme tells her that our plan is in
jeopardy and mother earth expect her to do something to save your people a magic
child will be set to help the gorge by Joe Ziegler the gorge is a story of the
tryout will and perseverance by 4 young girls of prehistory the people have
walked the land since time began migrating as the seasons change they do not plant crops like the
lowlanders nor they pillage and plunder like vicious Raiders number 12
prehistoric a prehistoric thriller a giant wall has been resurrected high up
in the Indonesian rainforest canopy offering guests stunning spectacular and
unparalleled views of the rainforest however the boardwalk is incomplete in
need of more funding the Creator John forcing assembles a group of potential
investors or weekend tour of the boardwalk little do they know that high up in the
rainforest canopy they are being watched but more importantly they are not alone
leader of the hunt by Jeff cogen who decides who gets to spin pleasant days
on sandy beaches and who has to face the cave Lions to the spirits decide his
fate is a chance or is it something else stargazing broke one of the most
important rules honey he walked away from his hunting partner he left his
partner alone on the grassland and that’s when the cave lions game stone
bird died because of stargazers carelessness stoneberg his hunting
partner his friend his brother number nine the village of bones Savalas kale
earth song series by Mary Mackey this is a prequel to the earth song series Mary
Mackey’s the village of bones gives us the vivid adventures of the clan of the
cave bear magic of the mists of avalon and lord of the rings and the beauty of
avatar filled with the belief that love drives out fear it contains stunning
twist that will leave you wanting more Dorothy first author of the wolf
products in 4386 bc a young priest his name sabala conceives a magical child
with a mysterious stranger named a rash sabala names the child mera this child
will save the goddess or shipping people of Europe from nomads invaders called eastman but
only if her mother can keep her alive long enough to grow up Warren division
of the coming invasions all please west with rash to save her baby daughter only
to discover that she is running into the arms worst enemies in the dark forest of
northern Europe other human-like species left over from the Ice Age still exists number eight yesterday is gone hundreds
of the Ice Age book 1 by Teresa Scott at the dawn of time a proud people battle
for survival at one with the harsh beauty of the land as probable rhythms
the manslayer named for the massive be sacred to his people mad at proving his
strength and courage time again when it came to subduing one helpless female he
found himself at a distinct disadvantage never had he realized the power of
healing rena soft curves and very red lips to weaken a man’s resolve he had
claimed he would make the stone woman this captive but he soon learned he
would never enjoy your alluring body unless he could first win rusev art
member of a new world by tom watson member of the great river people was a
carefree young woman living in a small tribe and prehistoric germany when a
sign from the gods since her on an epic quest to the ends of the world where the
sunsets armed with only her fishing spear of city and dagger and a keen mind
she faces Raiders relentless owners human sacrifice wolves of a struggle
against nature for very life as she learns what it means to be a warrior and
to truly live well researched and highly descriptive embryo the new world is
inspiring coming-of-age story featuring a strong female protagonist and set in
the early neolithic period of prehistoric Europe 7,500 years ago
clothing weapons rituals and daily life are described in detail as the reader is transported while traveleurope big game
a prehistoric thriller by Alex laybourne Matt Carmichael that always been a
disappointment to his father these mats refusal to hunt was just one
of the excuses used to abuse his family to the point of destruction 20 years
later matt is reunited with his father and
brother for a holiday of a lifetime he knew something was wrong he knew we
shouldn’t trust his father but it’s been 20 years and people could change that
was wrong trapped in a land that time forgot matt
is pulled back into the world he sought to escape and is forced to do the two
things he had always refused in order to survive Matt must both forgive his family and
join the hunt as they journeyed deeper into the lost world map learns the
hideous truth about his father the family’s darkest secrets are brought
to life in a land of ancient beasts man still remains the greatest predator of
them all daughter of the red deer by John Wolfe
this extraordinary stage set in prehistoric southern France is rich with
history and wonders of Paleolithic times with stunning imagination acclaimed
author John Wall has recreated the ritual and adventure of a primeval world
as she tells the timeless tale conflict between two societies to God’s two sexes
and two people in the mist routed mountains of the parties during the last
great Ice a magnificent epic passionate entry begins when tainted Springwater
family poisons the women of the tribe of the horse the clans young men set forth
all arrayed to kidnap new women from the matriarchal job of the Red Deer
requested must succeed or the people will die out they return triumphant only
defined their India’s elders and rage father success but they had hope that
some would be killed leaving wilds for the older men the stage is set for a tense
confrontation between generations golden-haired more the leader of the
young man as fall in love with the beautiful Ailin
daughter of the Red Deer priestess in chief and chosen one of the mother
goddess before you can claim his prize he must overthrow his elder atlan the
tribal chieftain who is as brutish and powerful as the giant bison the planes
at the bitter conflict unfolds in the dorm valley this mesmerizing novel
brings to life and he bought lost time re creating compelling history as it
might have been training passionate men and women who move us with their dreams
never ceasing to remind us of the timeless Long’s of the human heart the
sea leaders 20,000 bc book 5 of winds of change prehistoric fiction series on the
people of the Americas the sea leaders 20,000 bc is the last of the plan books
and the winds of change series on the people of the Americas the time . is the
onset of the last ice age ends the time of peace and ushers in the time of world
earth the time of war continues today the novel is a survival story of the
solutrean and southern France northern Spain to advancing I sheets seals from
the north have beached on their Shores and the sea leaders have come to depend
on them for their major food source the sea leaders face advancing ice from
North warring groups beyond the mountains to the east and south in
search of a new land a small number of see leaders travel they are formed by
the ice sheets eating seals along the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the
east coast of what is now North America coast very different from what we know
today a long walk for knowledge prehistoric novel by James Wilmott the
following story takes place approximately 9,000 years ago 7000 BC in
many ways life for human beings on earth was changing dramatically during this
period of time due to the discovery of agriculture animal domestication basic
medicine water navigation and other new technologies some humans began moving
away from living in small groups of hunters and gatherers living larger and
larger groups that will grow my the room food it is during this critical
time in the history of our species that a young boy una was forced to flee as
forest village in what is now central France he began a 30-year west which
took him too many different lands lands with the technologies myths and above
were in fact energy during his long journey note of our dollars yet he also
shared his knowledge willingly with anyone who asks now 9,000 years later he
willingly shares much of what he learned about human beings and life on Earth
with you number two horizon alpha predators of Eden read minutes author of
the Kenobi trilogy says I’ve often dreamt of trying to survive on a new
planet and finding myself against nature my dreams were never this chilling nor
the ending as thrilling i highly recommend this high-energy adventure and
would place it between Isaac Isaac mob and arthur c quoi right read minutes
author of the Kenobi trilogy there’s plenty of jet fuel for the imagination
the pace is fast stakes are high and the safety of no one is guarantee John
Burris author of brothers we never would have come here if we know 200 years ago
the great art horizon alpha escape to do mirth and what searching for new whom
the passengers landed on to settie experiencing a paradise but instead they
discovered a planet struck in its own version of the Cretaceous period humans
one defense against the dinosaurs ravaging the planet is an electric fence
built from the remains of the shuttles that brought them there but even base
has only days of our left and number one my most anticipated read of $MONTH 2015
2016 is the dinosaur lourdes by Victor Milan is like a cross between jurassic
park and games of Thrones as grr martin a world made by the eighth creators on
which to play out their games passion and power paradises falling diverse
often brutal place men and women live on paradise as do
dogs cats spirits goats and horses but dinosaurs dominated wildlife monsters
beast of burden and of war colossal plant-eaters like Brachiosaurus
terrifying meat-eaters like Allosaurus and the most feared of all Tyrannosaurus
Rex giant lose swim warm seas birds some with teeth share the sky with flying
reptiles and range in size from bats eyes and second floors to majestic and
deadly dragons thus we are plunged into victim along
splendidly weird world of the darkness all boards place that for all purposes
mirrors 14th century europe with this dynastic rivalries religious wars &
byzantine politics except the weapons of choice are dinosaurs where vast armies
of dinosaur mounted Knights engage in battle during the course of one of these
epic battles the animatic mercenary dinosaur award karol bagh Mirsky is
defeated through the trail and left for dead he wakes naked wounded partially
easiest and hunted and embarks upon a journey that will shake his world now I
promise you twenty books or the list of prehistoric fiction novels 4 2015 2016
and I’ll get the last one minute but first I just want to say that at least
12 of these 19 books already mentioned are doing really well on the charts on
amazon if you look up restore fiction you cannot find them all on the first
four pages they’re getting great reviews and competing with fantasy and science
fiction books for sales on amazon but all but two of them are self-published
or published by very small presses and I think this is reflective of the fact
that though prehistoric fiction is making a big comeback in light of recent
news and all the new discoveries we found about our ancient past agents and
publishing else’s haven’t really caught on to how do we make them aware of our
interests in make sure that more great books about our prehistoric past are
written and published in the future about one of these books that we’ve
mentioned today subscribe to this channel will be
bringing you more fries for fiction news and commentary and let the people in
publishing that you know are in your social media circles that you want more
priests or fiction I haven’t read any of these books yet
i’m still having to finish my backlog from 2014 and even earlier but i do plan
to read all of them and i’m also really looking forward to marry Mackey’s tail
this melding of fantasy and prehistoric fiction and magical realism is something
I for in my own words and that brings us to the 20th book that I promise no my
full-length novel the Oracle law sagas said in our prehistoric past won’t be
out until 2017 I’ve made an excerpt of it available absolutely free it’s the POV of one of the eight main
characters who have povs and novel and it stands alone as a complete novelette
the initiated one is a notice an ancient band of Hunter assassins who must travel
into the Highlands which were once ruled by his ancestors but which are now
overrun by those over there he must prove himself worthy of respect to those
of his order and finally earned his name if you’d like to read the man arco khatoon there’s favor click link
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