2 MINUTE GLUTEN FREE ENGLISH MUFFIN RECIPE | Microwave English Muffins Paleo Bread In A Mug

English muffin recipe – What’s up guys it’s Max Barry, owner of Max’s
Best Bootcamp and this is how to make healthy but tasty cinnamon raisin low carb paleo english muffins in a mug 8 ingredients 2 minutes two slices of
gluten free goodness! This quick bread recipe is grain free dairy free gluten free and it’s
perfect if you’re on the paleo diet and eating low carb so grab mug because
we’re about to get into this recipe right now our first step is to mix all
the ingredients into a bowl starting with the wet ones that want egg
one-quarter cup of applesauce now mix the wet ingredients before adding in the
dry now we’re adding all the dry ingredients starting with a quarter cup
of almond flour (or coconut flour) quarter teaspoon of baking powder quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a
pinch of salt and just a little dash of stevia 1 tablespoon of raisins now stir
all the ingredients together until just combined now grab your mug spray with cooking
spray and add the muffins batter to the mug stamp them on the counter a few times to
get rid of any of the air bubbles then cook bread in the microwave for 2 minutes
all microwaves are a little different so you may have to cook your is a little
more or a little less remove the bread from the microwave and let it cool in
the mug for about two minutes now you can remove the bread from the
mug slice it in half now place your English muffins in the toaster until
golden brown and delicious remove your cinnamon raisin English
muffins from the toaster add your favorite toppings and enjoy these
English muffins came out so tasty if you have any questions about this recipe or
suggestions for future recipes go ahead and post goes down the comment section
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now and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already share this with
a friend if you think they’ll benefit too thank you for watching this video you
guys have an awesome day!

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  1. Mary Eastman

    I just made this! Split it, toasted it, topped it with an egg and a slice of bacon. So good! I have a pic but not sure how to add it.

  2. Mommy on board

    Did the whole 30 and now started paleo diet … I'm so glad I found this video ….accidentally but I found it lol …btw your Whole Foods your brought me here

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