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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai 10th day dieting plan Starting with Green Tea Consume green tea after drinking water After green tea go for Yoga or Cycling For morning breakfast take Oats Idly Drink hot ohm water 20 mins. after the breakfast Grape Juice at 11 AM Grapes juice with honey (No sugar) Take veg salad with the grape juice Veg Salad – Tomato, carrot, cucumber with coriander leaves Lunch Menu – 2 chapatis Side dish – Mushroom with egg Drumstick leaves soup Palak greens gravy Curd 1 cup After taking the soup eat the chapatis with the gravy and side dish Drink hot ohm water 20 mins. after lunch 1 bowl full of papaya at evening Take some dry fruits along with the fruits Cinnamon Tea For dinner – 1 bowl soup and sandwich Oats Veg Soup Sandwich prepared with wheat bread Sandwich stuffed with onion, tomato, cucumber and carrot No cheese and butter is used in this sandwich Drink ohm water 20 mins. after the dinner Consuming Hot water all through this 10 days diet plan would help in weight loss I am happy that, I myself reduced 4.7 kgs weight during this 10 days diet plan. After dieting, we can turn back to normal diet. This dieting plan can be followed at any season. Thank you all for the great support you have rendered to my channel.

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  1. Kani Muthuraman

    Hi mam really very happy to hear from u.. I am happy that subscribe ur channel .. learnt lot from you.. Still learning don't stop ur service …good job mam👏👏👏👏

  2. Ranipriya Srithar

    Gowri mam,congratulations for completing the diet plan and reduced weight.I followed the plan only for 5 days.I will start again.Thank u so much for ur support.

  3. priya karthic

    Hearty congrats to u mam..very much motivated by ur diet chart and thank u sooo much for this gud job..Hard work never fails tat u HV proved it..

  4. Nancy Baiju

    The efforts behind this 10 days diet plan really remarkable. Hats off to you for the wonderful plan.all the best for your future videos👍👍👍

  5. vaidheesh vaidhi

    super Mam good diet plan and recipes…healthy baby food upload pannunga.. .nan unga face paaka aasaipadaren …pls show your face coming recipe videosla…. pls Mam

  6. saranya socrates

    nan 10 days correct ah 8 o clock unga video kaga than weight panuven ur diet is very impressed epdi correct plan panni panringa really good nan neraya video ungalodatha senju pathirken today chocolate panen nala vanthirku en ponnu romba happy
    aparam correct ah epdi lazy ness illama panringa active ah ungala pathe nan active aguren thank u so much

  7. Jeyanthi c

    very nice mam, thanks for your diet plan successfully completed by you and all.i am so happy that i am taking healthy food.wish u and your family be happy always….

  8. Bob P

    Ten days has been very exciting to see ur diet details. Ready to write down this plan n try it out. Oats veg soup recipe..? Great to hear the weight loss.

  9. Renuka Selavarasa

    Everything going good. Though I was little busy ,everyday I won't forget to see your vlog. I am the one send a message on fb. All my sibling are living this part of the world.so we are having a small party on 25th.happy holidays.

  10. Selvarani Rajakumar

    can d viewers pl say how many kg u people reduced ??????????….. i hv to attend a marriage in next 15 days.. pl need ur tips.. whether i can follow this ????

  11. Umm Akram

    Hi ma'am ..How are u. ?? very good videos about 10 days weight loss diet plan… I am post hernioplasty patient age is about 42 …also having PCOD ..my weight is 90 …can I follow this diet plan…it will be helpful for me.to loss weight…..can I have your contact number plz ma'am.. waiting for your reply…thanks

  12. renuka renuka

    hi mam . unga diat plan very supper. na inaiku dha indha video va pakuran
    i will try…
    indha diet plan a 10 days ku apuram normal lunch sapadalama
    illa edhaya contineu pannanuma mam ?
    replay me…….

  13. Booma Muthukumar

    mam pls tell me how many kg you lost during this 10 days diet pls mam i want to follow this diet.i have hypothyroid prob i try many diet and loss my weight and any i am increased all thouse weight what can i do pls help me to weight loss permanently pls mam i want thyroid and pcod weight loss diet plan and for hormonal imbalance also

  14. tamil guna

    I like ur diat but nan work poran ao epdi tea prepare panni hot ah kudika mudiyathu enna panrathu ,.sollunga waiting for ur reply

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