10 Biggest Foods In The World

10 Biggest Foods In The World. Number 10, Biggest Ice-cream Scoop.
Kemps Dairy set the record for the world’s biggest ice
cream scoop in Wisconsin at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival in 2014.
A whopping 733 containers worth of strawberry ice cream
which was equal to the length of a football field were carved
into a gigantic scoop by five nationally-ranked snow
sculptors. The Guinness World Record-setting Ice Cream
Scoop weighed-in at a scrumptious 1,365kg. Number 9, World’s Largest Peanut Butter Cup.
Vermont candy shop owner Nick Monte took on the
delicious task of making the world’s largest peanut
butter cup in 2013. Combining more than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut
butter, Nick managed to create the incredibly large
confection. Its inner layer of milk chocolate was poured
into a mold by hand, and then filled with a creamy peanut
butter filling. The peanut butter cup came to a
humongous 1.5m in width, containing 32kg of chocolate and a massive 72kg
of peanut butter. Number 8, Largest Waffle.
The largest waffle in the world weighs in at staggering
50kg and was created by Stichting Gouda in Holland in 2013.
The waffle had a diameter of 2.47m and required 60kg of dough, as well as taking
15kg of syrup. They baked it in a 3,000kg custom
made baking iron. After the town mayor took the
first bite, 3,000 slices were handed out for the
gathered crowd to enjoy. Number 7, Largest Chocolate Coin.
The world’s biggest chocolate coin coming in at a
massive 658kg. With the average Cadbury chocolate bar weighing in at just
under 42g, the chocolate coin was almost 500 times
the amount of a regular sized chocolate bar. The delectable coin was
presented at the Ciocco Show Exhibition during an event
organized in Bologna, Italy as a
celebration of the Guinness World Records Day back in
2012. Number 6, Largest Hotdog.
When it comes to food, it’s safe to say that the hotdog
is the American dream above all other takeaway foods.
Picture an average hotdog and multiply it by 40. That’s
what Dan Abbate came up with back in March 2011,
creating the Largest Hotdog commercially available in
the world. The Big Hot Dog weighs in at whopping 3.18kg
and measures a crazy 40.64cm long and 10.16cm
in diameter. Number 5, World’s Largest Round Pizza.
The world’s largest round pizza was reclaimed by the Italians in 2012 measuring
40m in diameter and used a mammoth 9,000kg of flour.
If that sounds like a whole lot of flour, then have a
look at the quantities of the other ingredients. 4,536kg of tomato sauce, 3,992kg
of mozzarella cheese, 675kg of margarine, 250kg of rock salt, 100kg of lettuce
and 25kg of vinegar. In total, the enormous pizza came in at a
mouthwatering 23,250kg. Number 4, Largest Samosa.
The largest vegetable samosa ever made comes in at a
delectable 110.8kg and was created by Bradford College in partnership with award
winning restaurant Prashad, in the United Kingdom
back in 2012. With a staggering 3 sacks
of potatoes, 1 sack of onions, 30 bags of peas, 12 bunches of coriander, 300 chilies
and 250 bottles of rapeseed oil,
the samosa measured in at 135cm long, 85cm wide
and 29cm high. Number 3, Longest Sandwich.
In 2011, 3 teams consisting of 136 people prepared and
cooked the world’s largest sandwich with the help of 639
participants who helped fill it. The delicious creation, created in Lebanon,
weighed in at a whopping 557kg and measured 735m
long. Taking almost one whole day to finish, the
sandwich required four custom made movable ovens to be
created in order to bake one long continuous piece of
bread. Number 2, Largest Bowl of Porridge.
In 2012, Flahavan’s and Waterford Harvest Festival in
Ireland cooked up the largest bowl of porridge weighing
in at 1,380kg. The enormous bowl of Flahavan’s porridge was cooked to perfection,
smashing the previous record set by the Russians of
865kg. A specially made bowl measuring in at
1.4m in height and 1.7m in diameter was used to accommodate for the supersized
porridge serving. In total, 150kg of oats were mixed
with 1.21t of water and 30 liters of milk. Number 1, Tallest Drinking Glass Fountain.
Back in 2008, Luuk Broos and his team created a champagne fountain containing
43,680 glasses, creating 63 storeys of champagne
glasses. Thinking about the delicate nature of such
a mammoth task, the tower was constructed in the Shopping
Center Wynegem in Belgium.

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