5 ingredients 10 calories and it takes only 2 minutes to make whats up guys its Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and today I’m going to show you exactly how to make fat burning tea DIY at home it’s so simple and this is safe and effective to drink every day so let’s get right into the fat burning tea recipe you guys now as far as the base of this recipe it is five ingredients the first ingredient is actually water so I know you all have that at home and then from there it’s a green tea base so I actually have this awesome green tea I just went to Teavana I haven’t been there in a while this is not a sponsored video but I got their Emperor’s clouds and mist if you guys have ever been there chime in in the comments below what your favorite tea is there but this is just a really awesome looking green tea it’s like these little pellets and it’s so fragrant but if you don’t have whole leaf tape you can use for tea bags so I’ve got a few tea bags here if that’s your style and that’s easier that’s what you have use that for tea bags and that’s going to be the recommended dose per day so we’re going to make this concentrated batch right now i’m using the whole leaf from teavana and we’re going to fill this jar right up all the way baby all the way now we’re going to probably leave this tea in here I don’t mind but it says to actually brew it for two minutes and then strain but we want all the benefits from this baby this fat burning tea so we’re going to go ahead and leave it in there plus it looks cool which is always a plus now fat burning team as this is steeping guys let’s just talk about is fat burning T is green tea a miracle and there are so many health benefits to it for fat loss specifically though it’s the polyphenol EGCG which is really what the magic is behind the fat burning now it’s a powerful antioxidant it will boost your metabolism and at increases the body’s ability to break down body fat so the EGCG is really the key inside the green tea that gives it the fat-burning properties now there’s actually a synergistic effect that happens with the green tea and the caffeine that’s naturally that naturally occurs in the green tea and so together that synergy is really going to boost them of metabolism and we’re not talking like your metabolism just going to skyrocket but between two and five percent is proven so every little bit helps when we’re on a fat loss plan and caffeine also blunts the appetite so therefore you may feel fuller longer and or you won’t feel hungry and therefore possibly eat less calories the other thing is the caffeine it’s great pre workout so if you’re sipping on this I want you to sip on this during the day at work on breaks and then definitely before your workouts caffeine has this little extra heightens alertness but also it allows us to work out at a higher level and so the caffeine and there is a bonus so this is steeping this is actually looking really good let’s get into our next ingredient in the five ingredient fat-burning t we have the water the green tea and then the next ingredient is ginger how beautiful is this route right here and so I’ve got a couple of slices here I’m just going to dump that right in now if you don’t have the fresh fruit which fresh is always best so put a couple of slices in there you can use a teaspoon of ground ginger that you have but if it’s like you know ten years old it’s not going to do anything for you except for maybe add a little bit flavor so fresh is always best guys now ginger is a warming herb it actually has a thermogenic effect and it’s going to raise our metabolism or metabolic rate actually two to five percent through that warming process so hey every little bit counts right so we’re going to let that sit steep in there next ingredient cinnamon now cinnamon I’m using these fresh sticks we’re going to drop these right in there guys if you don’t have the fresh you’re going to use a teaspoon of the powder but again fresh is always best and this is so fragrant already it’s amazing so we’re using the whole stick now cinnamon can actually regulate your body’s blood sugar levels and when our blood sugar levels are elevated we tend to store the body fat and we hold on to it so it’s going to allow us to have regulate our blood sugar level and get into more that fat burning mode much easier the other thing is it slows the passing of food from our stomach to our intestines so you’re going to actually feel fuller longer if you sip on this before your meals so another added bonus right there and you know again it’s it’s not going to necessarily like burn calories like foods don’t burn calories necessarily but if you feel fuller longer theoretically you’re going to eat less at that meal and then at the end of the day at the end of the week at the end of the month you’re in that deficit and that’s what really causes the fat loss good now the last ingredient in this fat burning tea is lemons and got a whole bunch of lemons here stock up on lemons guys use fresh forget that bottled squeeze stuff I’ve got half a lemon that’s what I want you to use in this recipe so I’m going to add that in there ities I already pre squeezed ice closed I don’t not to say that but anyway and we’re putting in just four just to make it look pretty we’re adding in those slices right in there so there is the fat burning green tea right there you’re going to make this batch ahead of time bring it to work with you sip on it throughout the day it actually is really delicious as far as sweeteners I’m not adding any into that if you wanted to stevia would be an okay option forget the honey you’re just adding calories a lot of people ask me max you know what about adding hunting I heard that’s like a miracle food too and I think it’s baloney guys you’re just adding sugar and we’re on a fat loss plan any calories that we can kind of reduce that aren’t doing much for us go ahead and take those out so honey it’s up to you can have whatever sweetener you want but we’re looking to really up the fat burning create that daily deficit so every calorie we add in should count and honey’s just not one of them so stevia will be a good option there or just hardcore like I did adding nothing to it and then as far as will this tea actually just just a real heart-to-heart here guys if you’re counting on this tea to just melt body fat and you’re sitting on the couch after work and that’s pretty much your activity level it is not going to help you so the best way that this tea this fat burning tea is going to serve you is in combination with proper exercise plan eating clean and overall caloric deficit and so this tea will help you with that absolutely for sure so anyway if you guys are in the Danbury Connecticut area and you want to come train with us at the boot camp go ahead and fill out an application at our website at maxsbestbootcamp.com otherwise we would love to see you guys here on the channel post any of your comments or questions in the comments section below we’d love to have you subscribe if you haven’t already be sure to hit the thumbs up thank you for tuning in have an awesome day!

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  1. Akilah Babb

    Fat burning tea
    4 tea bags
    Fill jar all the way up
    Synergy builds your metabolism
    Sip on it during the day
    Ginger (fresh/tea spoon of ground ginger,fresh is always best)
    Cinnamon sticks (fresh)
    :Can regulate our blood sugar
    Sip on tea before your meal
    Lemons:Use fresh

  2. Fritz Bergmann

    Nice video. It remebers me of Red Tea Detox. Tea really can burn your fat!!!
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  3. Joyce Braun

    Max!! You just saved me 37.00!! I was about to pay Mr. Lamb for the tea recipe when my ad blocker cut him off! I went to search for his website and found you! Thanks a million! Joyce in Phoenix.

  4. Kyla Crush

    Can you use Matcha green tea? I realize the consistency is different from tea leaves or tea bags, but apparently it has more antioxidants than your run of the mill green tea…

  5. anyarina

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  6. Rebecca R

    Thank you for your honesty, friendly manner and humor! It’s so easy to get duped by people pretending they “understand” what we’re going through and “just wanna help” ( for a price ). But any “get great and miraculous things with no effort” scam only sets you up to fail, and inevitably feel worse about yourself – I’m so dumb for believing, I wasted money, How could I be so gullible – AND I’M STILL FAT! I’m gonna give this tea a try – and get off my butt – and be more cognizant of what I eat. And see how I feel. I’m 54 years old and I work full time, commute 2 hours every day, have a desk job, and get home at about 6:30 every night – and hit the sack by 9 cause I’m exhausted. But starting tomorrow I’m gonna drink this tea – be proud of myself for the extra 10-15% boost I’m giving myself – and maybe go spend the 37 bucks I just saved on something fun!

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  8. ArmorInPlace

    Thank you so much not just for the video but for having hope for people that struggle with belly fat like I do.
    I'm ready!
    I will take before and after pictures and keep up with you to let you know how it's worked I believe in what you're doing will work for others to.
    I thank God for natural ingredients for "natural results"

  9. draghynmystress

    Oooh saved me some money lol
    Thank god I came here, gonna add my apple cider vinegar too.
    Already working out & clean eating.

    Has anyone used this? How were your results????

  10. Raju Moses

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  11. Carol Thomas

    I just spent my time listening to Mr Lambs spill to spend $37 for his secret tea receipe. Before I ever spend my money on things like that I always look for reviews. That's how I found you. Thank you Max I need to lose about 20 lbs. Maybe this will help. I am already going to the gym a few times a week and have cutting back on calories, maybe this will help me lose the lbs I need to lose.

  12. Adam Flint

    Dont recommend stevia to sweeten, its disgusting, it has an aweful after taste. A better sweetner is xylitol or erythritol, which taste just lime sugar with no after taste. They are made from corn cobs or birch tree and are also good for certain ailments in the body, unlike stevia.

  13. Luis Mosley

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  14. Becky Chestna

    Sounds good…have question tho…can it be used as an "iced tea" as well? also can you make it up ahead of time and store the few jars in fridge? How long does the "tea" need to steep or is it ready fairly quickly? Says two min in video then steep, but Max says leave stuff in jar, no problem…so I guess after 2 min the herbs and spices are mixed well enough to be of use

  15. Allen Tax

    As to cup. You mean the small dainty cup sizes like in 1950 black and white movies? I wonder also that if you drink to 4 cups, but in 1 or 2 drinking times. Is it equal benefit?

  16. jaja love

    Hello! I know this was posted a while ago so no one will probably reply but, will it be fine if I don’t add ginger? I can’t stomach ginger, when I tried it with ginger I kept gagging. So I was just wondering if it would still work without it

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  18. Cathy McDonough

    I'm wondering if the same benefits can be achieved by using my home made green tea kombucha with essential oils for the cinnamon, Ginger and lemon to also get the kombucha benefits. It is pretty delicious, at least.

  19. The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Informer

    I was just looking for this. I am very satisfied with this presentation. Thanks for this great informative video.

  20. Veronica Caro

    This tea really works, i used to drink it in the morning and evening. I got results in 3 days. My tummy deflated quite a bit in just those 3 day.

  21. Lucky banana man

    Guys I'm gonna try this out, I'm 13 and I weight 70 kg Im trying to lose weight, I'll try to keep you up on the deets if I will remember to! Good luck for me!

  22. Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program

    Question! Is this the same tea that Mr. Lamb sells (as some people here are saying)? I thought his had capsasin in it — I think he talks about that being the main ingredient — do you know anything about that? Thanks in advance!

  23. DR. KM Kay

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  25. Yucatan Cenote

    Do I drink this cold or do I heat it up for hot tea? Can I substitute limes for lemons? Where I live it is difficult to find lemons.
    This is an excellent recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  26. roxjender fernando

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