🎆BOOK FLIP THROUGH AND REVIEW ✨The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for your Instant Pot by Kathy Hester ✨

hi everybody this is a Eleni’s emoji
face today I’m going to introduce you to a fantastic cookbook by Cathy Hester
called the ultimate vegan cookbook for your instant pot I’m also going to put a
link to the instant pot that I use to make recipes out of this book
there’s absolutely yummy so without further adieu let’s check out the book
review The Ultimate Vegan cookbook for your
instant pot this book is great for using an instant pot has lots of fantastic
recipes beautiful color pages as you can see it lists everything you need to know
about your instant pot why pressure cook has so many different features
I love the yogurt feature I make soy yogurt all the time now this is the
instant pot that I use and I will put a link below in the description below so
that you can get one if you don’t have one it shows you different ways to
release the instant pot the pressure reliefs tells you how to use it as a
slow cooker if you want has special diet considerations for either lower or no
salt or oil and then it has a few recipes to start out with steel-cut oats, jackfruit ragu so Jack
Ford as you can see this little piece hair
imitates pulled pork or you know meat that’s kind of string like that doesn’t
really have a flavor it just absorbs the flavor of everything that you all the
flavors that are in there already and who would have thought that you could
make a cake in an instant pot here’s the your good recipe I actually use Eden soy
milk yogurt I can put a link below to the kind of yoga I use and it makes a
really nice thick yogurt and then I put it through a fantastic strainer that I
haven’t actually leave it in one and it gets really thick and fantastic I’ll use
it for everything and I’ll put a link below to that strainer that I that I use
as well stocke is a great place to make
vegetable or mushroom stock in an instant pot marinara sauce you can make your own spices mix early
blends have cooking times and beings and different delicious recipes really
really good and hearty recipes you won’t go hungry after eating that it’s like a
homeless Thai red curry chickpea spread and here’s a cooking chart for different
grains by the way quinoa is very high in protein vegan sushi Bowl I love these breads are so delicious and
there’s a not no oil a no editorial option plus it’s gluten-free own bread vegetable cooking chart tells
you how long to cook veggies in a baked potato well not really baked but in an
instant pot baked sweet potato as you can see this book is full of
really good delicious recipes with wonderful color pictures and who would
have thought that you could make a vegan cheese with cauliflower mmm YUM
we so soup winter meals one part Mills I love making one part meals they’re so
easy you just throw everything in the instant pardon you know leave it in for
however long is necessary and you have a fantastic meal gado-gado is one of my
favorite things it’s an Indonesian recipe and it’s made
with peanut it looks so pretty in-game dinner and then you have
desserts healthy desserts now if you’re trying to lose weight you know you
should obviously limit yourself on desserts although some of these are more
oil added and they’re very healthy but I would still limit myself until I lose
the weight and then you can you know include them in your diet every now and
then here are some suggestions of different items that you can buy for
your kitchen and some resources here recommended reading Facebook groups as
well and here’s your index so overall I think this is a great book, the ultimate
vegan cookbook for your instant part

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