🍽️ Intermittent Fasting Increases Growth Hormone – SCAM! – by Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, When it comes to losing weight and getting
in shape, we keep recycling the same diet plan every few years. Right now, it’s super cool to be doing intermittent
fasting and also a ketogenic diet. Both of which I did over 25 years ago. Trust me, there’s nothing new going on. But today, I’m going to focus on intermittent
fasting and the increase in Growth Hormone. A subscribed asked me: “Dr. Sam – what’s the best way to do intermittent
fasting to really increase my growth hormone levels? I’ve heard that fasting is awesome for boosting
GH. I want to increase muscle mass and really
get super lean and ripped and I know GH is the secret.” Umm… okay, first of all – there are NO “secrets”
to losing weight. There are better strategies based on YOUR
body type, genetics, food preferences, life-style, goals and so forth. But trust me, NO secrets other than the fact
that genetics aside, it’s ALL about optimizing and balancing out key hormone levels that
allows maximum fat burning, appetite suppression and preserving muscle mass. And I’ll talk about these hormones in a
minute. Additionally, below this video in the description
area, there’s a link to my website which shows you a specific, scientifically researched
formula that you can utilize, that helps optimize your primary fat burning hormones – without
any change in your diet or exercise. Now, in regards to the GH and intermittent
fasting … There’s a study that many people who promote intermittent fasting, reference,
which shows how fasting can increase your growth hormone levels by a massive 1,250%.1
Which is really impressive, right? But they leave out the part that the study
involved people who fasted for over ONE WEEK! I don’t know about you, but I’m not going
to stop eating for an entire week, so I can brag about how much my GH levels shot up … while
I’m starving to death and all my muscle mass is dissolving. The truth is that STRESS causes an increase
in growth hormone. Thus, not eating, low blood sugar and physical
stress will all increase GH. However, this doesn’t not mean you’re
losing fat and gaining muscle. This is very different than the GH released
with a growing baby and teenagers, which is NOT stress related. Or the growth hormone released with deep sleep. These are all positive, non-stress mediated
growth hormone release. Just know that there are many hormones involved
and looking at ONLY the growth hormone during fasting is elementary and idiotic. Nobody takes into account other hormones during
times of stress – such an increase in stress hormones, decrease in testosterone, increase
in insulin levels and dozens of other hormonal imbalances. Additionally, other intermittent fasting promoters
who fast for 18+ hours daily say it’s this increase in GH that’s causing the fat loss. NO IT’S NOT people – it’s the fact that
most people who do intermittent fasting and not eating for 18+ hours, are eating less
total calories. THIS is the primary reason for the weight
loss. It’s also due to less insulin secretion
and improved insulin sensitivity. But trust me, the higher HGH levels is NOT
the primary cause – not even close. I deal with lots of athletes and also older
people that take high dose exogenous GH daily and trust me, they are not burning fat like
crazy and walking around at 5% body fat, eating anything they want. Also, if your goal is to build or preserve
muscle and lose fat. … And if you are exercising with weights
– please don’t fast for 18+ hours. That’s way too many hours to go without
eating anything, especially protein. Your body can use stored glucose and fat from
your body – but the only “stored” protein is from your MUSCLES, which need to be replenished
often. If go to too many hours without consuming
some protein, your body will slowly catabolize and eat away your muscles for the amino acids
to help repair the body. You may not notice it right away, but over
the next few months, you will most certainly start to lose muscle mass if you’re not
eating for 18 hours daily. The MOST I tell people to fast, is maybe 12
hours daily. That’s it. Also, don’t go to the gym fasted and lift
weights – your performance will be poor and you’ll again eat away at the muscle cells. Make sure you eat at least once before exercise. If you’re interested in the optimal way
to fast, while still building muscle and/or losing fat, let me know below in the comments
section and I’ll do a video series about this. In the meantime, if you want to burn fat long
term and help preserve or even gain muscle at the same time, then your goal is to optimize
specific hormones that control fat burning, such as Increasing Adiponectin, Leptin and Thyroid
Decreasing Cortisol, Ghrelin and Insulin As you can see, GH is not on this list. Not because it doesn’t work or it’s not
important, but because it’s lower on the priority list. Now, below this video in the description area,
I’ve got two important links I want you to take a look at. The first is a list of natural ingredients
that helps improve these 6 fat burning hormones and a couple other ones. The second is a proven, 20 year formula that
causes these hormones to be optimized together, at the same time for maximum fat burning. Give it a thumbs up! Thanks for listening and have a healthy and
happy day!

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Reader Comments

  1. NeverBackDown

    One must keep fasting for a day once a month. My grandmother says… Keeps digestive system good, helps in reduction of cancerous cells and many more benefits as per ayurveda. Is it true ..??? I am a Hindu and i have to do it anyhow into my rituals.


    Bro from our heart we do appreciate for looking out for us that don’t know much , keep up the Great work , and I cannot wait to order my medicine 💯🔥 can you ship New Zealand?

  3. Cameron Taharah

    Hi, Dr. Robbins. You recommend fasting for 12 hours,tops? Could you give some details on autophagy? My understanding is that you need to go 16 fasted in order to get that benefit. Not true?

  4. Charan Bhargav

    hello doctor sam,
    u r videos are awsome..its heard that milk causes an increase in estrogen levels in males.its beacuse of the harmones or steroids injected into milk giving animals….is it true?
    i tried drinking milk half a litre per day to get my daily protein intake..i have noticed some changes too…could u clarify on the same?
    Thankyou doc..

  5. Matthew Blackbear 318

    I mostly do intermitting fasting for more than a year now, but I also have a no sugar, low carb diet. It depends on how you break your fast. You can still make gains. Lil rice, steak, lots of vegetables and blueberries. Good fats too. Coconut oil, avocado and nuts.

  6. 影Shadow TFEWar YT

    Are there certain workouts to do to prevent hairloss without any equipment?
    And I'm gonna fast in Ramadan so it's religious to fast from about 3AM to 7PM

  7. John Wick

    Hey Dr.Sam so those both negative hgh relased from stress and positive relased from sleeping and relaxing contribute to my height grownth ? Great video btw

  8. Truth Be Known Revolution

    Starving yourself for 1 week does Boost growth hormone 1250% but there is an equal increase in the amount of stress hormone called cortisol.

    This is the body's natural way of providing a little extra energy, aggression, and strength while you're starving increasing your testosterone thus increasing your chances of catching prey.

    Meanwhile the increase of stress hormone called cortisol allows the body to store fat more massively at a time which allows the body stored energy during times of no food.

    In the end stress is not good for the body no matter what!

    I intermittent fast 16 hours a day and I burn lots of fat. But this was not because I was in a calorie deficit. My calorie intake did not change. I eat massive amounts of food in 6 hours to get the calories I need for my 1.5 hour a day workouts.

    I'm not going to pretend like growth hormones is the reason for this because it's not. It's all down to insulin sensitivity. My protein intake didn't change during fasting either. I weigh 160 and I consumed 160grams each day.

    And on this fasting program I went from 135lbs to 160lbs while losing fat and gaining muscle. Ex: My bench increased from 125lbs max to 240lbs max. My deadlift went from 185lbs max to 320lbs max. Which is absolute PROOF there was no muscle loss. Btw, this was after 2years of this routine.

    And yes I lifted weights everyday while in a fasted state, not eating a single calorie until after my workout. But I consumed massive amount of calories the day before. I do not use fasting to stay in a calorie deficit because that is counterproductive to growth.

    The real reason I use intermittent fasting is for insulin sensitivity and cellular regeneration which is proven to extend your life span.

  9. Andy Leibrook

    Very interested in a video about muscle building, fasting, meal timing, workout timing and how they all work with hormones rolled into one.

  10. gta4life man

    With the numerous studies other trustworthy YouTubers have presented im going to have to keep up my current fasting regimen. Studies also show that HGH does increase roughly 2000% after a 2 day fast, not a week. If we occasionally do a 2 day fast then we can see substantial benefits of this hormone. I will agree with you that most of the benefits are due to increased insulin sensitivity as well as decreased insulin secretion. Intermittent fasting is an amazing tool with numerous benefits to not just muscle and fat, but all processes of the body. It literally causes you to be the best you possible.

  11. Purvang Pandya

    Intermittent fasting is really good but it results in excessive hairloss and slows down healing processes. I am writing this based on personal experience.


    I been working out for 2 years lost 65 LB
    Still not building much Muscles I just look skinny fat did a scan 2 times to see muscles mass I been losing muscles
    I eat around 2200 calories i am now 172 lb do the pass year
    Just feeling tired and bad moods
    So did blood test For my testosterone
    I was 9 so Dr told me for my age 33 that’s too low she want to give me some pills but I said no
    I order your natural pills for that yesterday I hope that will help
    Love your videos any Suggestion you can give me
    Thank u

  13. Khaled Alkhdour

    Hi Dr. Sam. Thanks always for your great videos. I am a big fan and I am consistently using your products, specifically AlphaViril, Blood Flow Optimizer, & Lean Optimizer. Recently, I have changed my eating style to One Meal A Day, so i am fasting for 22-23 hours daily. I am also working out while fasting, specifically before eating. So i break my fasting after working out. I am doing this thinking that my body will start using the stored fat after fasting for all these hours. Now after watching your video, I am confused and worried that my body will burn muscles not fat. I feel great fasting every day and I am eating only 1300 calories a day and lifting weight perfectly without any problems.

  14. MJDM TV

    Thank you doctor for this video. I've been doing Intermittent Fasting for 4 months now. My fasting time is 16 to 18hrs daily and I workout lifting weights 5 – 6 times per week. Im losing all the body fats and Im wondering why Im not building muscle. Now I will adjust to 12 hrs daily

    Your video really answered my concern. Thank you so much

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