✨BOOK FLIP THROUGH AND REVIEW ✨ Raw Food/Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis 💥

hi everybody welcome to my channel I’m
Eleni and this is my new emoji face today I am going to do a book flip
through review on a beautifully colored book called raw food real world by
Matthew Kenny and Sarma Melngailis if that’s pronounced correctly Sarma sorry
if i botched up your last name and so without further ado let’s get on with
the review raw food real-world Matthew Kenny and
Sarma Melngailis this book is just a beautifully colored book even the pages
of full of color just like the raw food itself colorful gorgeous gorgeous and
delicious food there’s a lot of information here in the beginning they
talk about Matthew and Sawa talk about their story in how they became raw vegan
food Asst and how they came to own a restaurant in New York currently I think
Sarma owns the restaurant alone I don’t think that Matthew owns the restaurant
with her anymore so there’s a lot of detail information
about the ingredients to stock up in your pantry as a raw vegan all the
ingredients that you will use most of the time so note on supplements sweeteners good
the bad and scary equipment and techniques of course you do not need to
use all the equipment they suggest here they always work around some of that
equipment but it would be nice if you could have it many years ago I had a
liver problem because I used to take a pill for every ill and I was feeling
awful I had a lot of pain and whatever the the enzymes are and the liver were
elevated extremely elevated and the doctor I went to wanted to put me on
medication which was pretty ironic you know putting me on medication and the
reason I got had that problems because of medication so I refused and I decided
to do some research and in my research I came across a raw vegan diet which I
decided to try on my own at that time I was not vegan and I did that for six
months and completely healed my liver problem so a raw vegan diet you
know is still has all the wonderful enzymes and you know nutrition a lot of
times when we cook things we kill all of those living enzymes and the very
delicate nutrition that’s in fruits and vegetables the majority of my diet is
raw but I do cooperate cooked food as obviously there’s some things that you
cannot eat raw you have to eat them cook as you can see this book has some
beautiful colorful recipes colorful pictures a lot of these recipes are not
difficult to make at all some of them are a little more complicated and
require you know days of you know of knowing what you’re going to do it in
advance especially when you’re dehydrating dehydrating takes 12 hours
or more 24 hours and so a lot of the recipes that have like crepes or some type of cracker that requires
dehydration you can use your oven to dehydrate as long as it has a very very
low setting and of course you can still enjoy champagne and wine wraps are so
easy to make and is so delicious when you have the right dressing this type of
cracker here would require dehydrating but you know you spend a weekend
dehydrating a bunch of crackers and crepes and you just save them in the
refrigerator for the next time when you make a dish that requires that type of
thing is a crepe that would require two hydrating as well sometimes a lot of
times you can buy these things like them this is a rice paper you could buy that
from a store you don’t have to meet you as long as its raw and not cooked and
also if you don’t feel like investing in a dehydrator or spending so many hours
dehydrating you could a lot of these things you know you can purchase from
Whole Foods or or even Amazon I mean this even looks like the rice but of
course it’s not rice because rice would have to be cooked from the cauliflower
of just some delicious gorgeous looking recipes this would require a dehydrator
definitely I made this when I tried my the raw
vegan diet and in although it was time consuming it was so delicious it really
was and I love this type of food you know noodles look at that thick green
sauce in there it looks fantastic there’s some wonderful raw vegan food
restaurants in Los Angeles if you live here I live in the San Francisco Bay
Area and we do have probably a few but Los Angeles definitely beats the Bay
Area as far as vegan restaurants and raw food restaurants desserts so many
absolutely delicious desserts that the raw vegan diet has course if you’re
trying to lose weight you don’t want to be eating too many desserts you don’t
want to be eating too many desserts you don’t want to be eating too many nuts
and seeds and oils if you’re trying to lose weight lime mousse ice cream of course you make ice cream
with like frozen fruits frozen bananas I tried these macaroons delicious
absolutely delicious and then you have breakfast and brunch
ideas and you know french toast but of course it’s raw it’s not actually bread
that you would buy you would you know make that and probably you know put it
in the dehydrator chutneys sour cream juices juices is a
big part of the raw vegan diet and they’re lots of different types of
juices it’s best if you can add more vegetables than fruit if you want to
lose weight cocktails martini frozen grapes champagne I mean
that sounds so delicious and then just some you know information
about you know what different people have said. detoxing and that’s true eat raw live long live
long strong healthy and then just a bunch of you know different this just
tells you their different sources different what everything is for example
you know great phrasing seeds and it tells you gives you more detail about
those and also places where you can buy different online stores where you can
buy these things. recommended reading which is always great. an index, and that’s it. its a fantastic book. it’s beautiful,
it’s colorful and I highly recommend it.

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