सहज और सेहतमंद खाना | Diet Planning

Now, food has become a problem area. Our traditional food,
the one of our grandparents, It no longer serves our purpose,
as it is too calorie dense. Our life has become sedantary, and we no longer burn as much energy. On other hand, so much time is
cooking the food that the new generation feels instead of cooking it is easier to order food from market. Market food is full of junk food, and the healthy options
like fruits and vegetables have too many pesticides. So it’s a daily issue,
what to eat? So today we will try to
approach a solution to this and propose a food plan which will be nutritious, time saving
and tasty and be in budget. Diet should have all these qualities. It is required for to be tasty and nutritious but it is also important
to be time saving and in budget otherwise life of many people
gets spent in kitchen and in organizing food itself. So first let’s talk about nutrition Nutritionally we need 5 things protein, as it is body’s building block then fibre fibre keeps our stomach clean and more importantly, fibre keeps the gut flora healthy. It is the food of the bacteria in our stomach. Third we need vitamins Fourth we need minerals Fifth we need energy, which we can get from carbohydrates or fats 1 gram of Carbohydrates
provide 4 kilo calories and 1 g of fat can give 9 kcal so our complete nutritional requirement can be filled by 3 bowls 1 bowl of oilseeds or nuts 1 bowl of peas
and 1 bowl of millets 1 bowl means 75-125 grams So 1 bowl of oilseeds or nuts are excellent source of protein and fats and it also has some vitamins and nutrional value of
1 bowl of oilseeds or nuts is equal to 1 litre of milk So after taking this you don’t need much animal food. But to do this you don’t have to take
expensive nuts like cashews or almonds or walnuts there are cheaper options Oilseeds like flaxseed, sesame, peanut and coconut These are not only cheaper
but nutrionally better than expensive nuts. So these oil seeds in 10 rupees
can provide nutrition equivalent to 50 rupees of
milk or meat 1 bowl of peas is a good source of protein and carbohydrates All peas are good, whichever
is locally available you can take that. Like mung beans, bengal gram,
green peas, red lentils, cow peas all these are good. But the best way to eat them
is not by making dal (lentil soup) but by sprouting them Sprouting increases their nutritional value
substantially For eg: Mung dal’s nutritonal score is around 30 whereas nutritional score of mung sprouts is 78 So a lot of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids get formed during sprouting and it starts acting like a fruit or vegetable In fact they become double powerful than fruits Nutritional score of mung sprouts is 78 whereas that of an apple is just 35. And one bowl of peas can make upto 500 gram of sprouts so 5-6 rupees of peas can give nutrition
equivalent to half kg of fruits or vegetable But one caution is that, the sprouts
should home-made market bought sprouts are not good enough. Millet is an excellent source of fibres and carbohydrates This is many times better than
wheat or rice and when you take millets,
you don’t need wheat or rice. So whichever millet is locally available, Sorghum, pearl millet, finger millet,
kodo any millet which is locally available,
you can take them And there are many ways to eat them,
you can make roti’s but you can also make sattu, page, upma, rabdi, there are many dishes to be made. These 3 bowls that we have talked about of oilseeds, peas and millets can cover 3/4 of your food. And if you take only 3/4 food then you will live quite long Because those who eat a bit less live longer and delay aging But if you want to eat full,
make it 100%, then you can do it. and for that remaining 25% add whatever you like and enjoy. whether junk or healthy. So we talked about
nutritional value and cost now let’s talk about taste and time Taste-wise, all these ingredients are tasty even solo but if you want to become more creative 1000s of dishes can be made and these dishes will beat any
traditional veg or non-veg dishes. About time, you can get done with daily
food in 1/2 hour and if you want it can be done
without kitchen also Like in Sehatvan, sometimes we don’t use fire for upto a week. we make a sattu(roasted flour)
of oilseeds and millets and sattu of one week
can be made in 1 hour Sprout making is 5-10 minutes daily In the last quarter segment of food if you want to eat something healthy, then i will suggest plant a mango or guava tree Even in pots you can put some spinach fenugreek leaves, basil , moringa grow some leafy vegetables like these. From market, you can get drumsticks jackfruit, pumpkin – these are good options Fruits should be local and seasonal Don’t get long distance fruits. Fruits from long distance are much processed like kiwi or apples Apple crops are sprayed 12-25 times. So don’t take apple at all. and forget,
an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Summary:
nutrition=protein, fibres,
vitamins, minerals and energy 1 bowl each – oilseeds, peas and millets Making mung dal is spoiling it,
make sprouts instead. reverse diabetes, high bp, and thyroidism

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Reader Comments

  1. Preeti2202

    I was really surprised to see our basic need that too at very low cost. Switching to this kind of diet will take some time. I have started mixing our regular food with this kind of food. So when I add oil to my food, it should be part of our oilseeds need. Right? Any suggestions on oil to be used?

  2. Preeti2202

    Also consuming sprouts is ok for pregnant women and new mother too? My moong sprouts went sticky and very lacy.. Any thing wrong? Can I consume it in that case?

  3. Zahra Shad

    Thanks a lot for this very informative vdo. Kindly guide me if flax seeds can be dry roasted or not. I made mukhwas of these seeds where I have dry roasted it but learned later that it is not supposed to be heated in any form. Please do clarify. Will really appreciate your guidance

  4. Saajan Kataria

    Hello Sir..This information seems the kind of what I was looking for… Can you please tell or show in video the perfect way of making Sprouts.
    And one more thing what are the best timings to consume these three foods.. yani Millets ka sevan kab kar sakte hain and peas and oilseeds kab ? Thank u 😄


    सर क्या अलसी के बीज़ हम रोज़ खा सकते है। क्योंकि कहीं लोगों ने कहा है कि इसको खाने से ख़ून पतला होता है। वजन कम होता है। क्या आप अलसी खाने का सही तरीका और इसको कौन कौन खा सकता है। थोड़ा विस्तार में समझा दे।

  6. khatta Meetha

    Hello sir
    Me & my family are huge fans of you…
    You r doing a great job..
    Sir please tell me should we use stainless steel utensils for cooking

  7. Hemant Bhatt

    Sir ये 3 कटोरी पूरे दिन में लेनी है या 3 समय के खाने में 3 बार यानी कि 9 बार?

  8. Megha Kumari

    sir apki vedios bhout acchi h PR apko nhi lagta h ki ajjj ek or harit kranti ki jarorat h .sir ye kranti honi chiye bde star PR .log kuch krna hi nhi chate h.


    Thanks Vipin sir for the precious information. Sir diabetes ka spaecialist doctor to chahega hi nahi ki type 2 ki bhi medicine band ho. Doctor to yahi keh kar talte hain kuch nahi hota ye sab diabities theek nahi hoti. Phir kiski observation mein fasting karen

  10. Vinay Sharma

    Sir, thank u so much for sharing such useful and healthy information. Could you please also share the schedule or a diet chart of how and when to consume thee food items. It will really help a lot further.

  11. Sumit Kher

    Sir jo sprouts lene ka aap bol rahe hai , unki halke oil mai thoda garam karna chahiye ki nahi , kyunki kuch log kehte hai bina pakaye sprouts mai fungus ho jata hai. Plz jawab dein

  12. kavita nair

    Very knowledgeable videos..but i have a doubt about sprouting…is it advisable to make sabzi of sprouted pulses ..like rajma,matar etc.coz eating rajma or matar raw is somewhat weird for me..plz guide me on this topic


    एक कटोरी दाल का अंकुरित 0.5 किलो एक दिन में खाना है ?? मेरे लिए बहुत ज्यादा है । क्या करें ?

  14. Ajit Tawde

    Sir, please share Sattu recipes of oilseeds and millets.As I'm from mumbai ,Maharashtra, we don't know about Sattu.I hope u will guide me. Thanking u in anticipation.

  15. Kulwinder Parihar

    I am surprised why there are so less views and subscribers on such amazing channel… Sir aap really life changing person hai… Please keep up the good work… Youtube ko aap jaise logon ki jarurat hai jo hamen jina sikhyen… You are really teaching us the right way to live our life ♥️♥️👏👏👏👏

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