कॉफ़ी और केले का शेक II How to make Coffee Banana Shake by Chef Jyotshna Singh

Welcome to F3 Recipes, Myself Jyotsna and today i am going to make Coffee banana shake , so let’s have a look at the ingredients required. for this we require 2 chopped bananas 1 spoon Coffee powder 1 Cup Milk chocolate syrup for the decoration 1 Spoon of ice-cream which we have kept in the fridge And plus ice. So let’s see how to make this first of all will take the bananas and will mash them I am mashing with my hands but you can mash them with the help of mixer but in mixer it will become very thin and that doesn’t taste well but in case the small pieces are there then it will not only enhance the taste but you will surely like them kids may not like milk but they surely like the shakes so as adults will also like it and its very healthy its very good for kids & their healtlh so whenever you want you can make banana shake at home and that also very easily. see we have mashed it but it still have some small pieces now we will add milk in it see 1 spoon coffee powder mix it well See, here we have mixed Milk, Coffee powder & banana all together. its almost ready But now will pour it into glass, before that we will decorate the glass We have decorated the glass now will take out the ice and ice cream firstly will add crushed ice. will put it into glass now from the top we will add 1 scoop of ice-cream Will decorate it more by adding some chocolate syrup So, here we have our coffee banana shake is ready As much as its beautiful to see its more delicious to drink Will meet again with a new recipe till then take care of yourself and stay healty

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