Буженина с овощами в мультиварке-скороварке. Вoiled pork with vegetables in a pressure cooker

Butsfilm is presenting Homemade cold boiled pork with vegetables in a pressure cooker Hello, friends! Now I will tell and I will show you to, how prepare a tasty boiled pork with vegetables at home The first stage – preparing for filling and marinating of a meat For this purpose it is necessary to cut carrots long slices. Teeths of garlic to divide on 2 – 3 parts Prepare onion gruel. Garlic, black ground pepper and salt are added on gruel The filling of meat – carrots, garlic, onion gruel and, if wish, bay leaves Need add salt at our a meat, lubricate it onion gruel and adding seasoning for meat We send meat to the refrigerator on 6-8 hours for marinating The second stage – the preparing of meat for loading to pressure cooker Pickled meat is lubricated by soy sauce. Add seasoning for meat and need lightly it fry in vegetable oil 3-5 minutes on each side Wishful form to a meat make by a twine or gauze bandage The third stage is the loading of the pressure cooker The carrots, à beets and onions are cut into circles with a thickness of about 5 mm Lubricate the bowl of the pressure cooker by a vegetable oil We load in the pressure cooker
at first vegetables, and on top of the meat Pour water – one glass 160 ml We turn on the pressure cooker and set the mode: Stewing, high pressure, time 45 min After this time, turn off the pressure cooker and expect a natural kink of pressure – approximately 15 minutes Cooling of meat at air. Then we put it in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 hours and only after that we take off the gauze bandage It is a ready-made very tasty boiled pork Do not forget to put LIKE and to subscribe for my channel at YouTube! Will be more many interesting! The end

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